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Best fish tank stand: Stylish and sturdy aquarium stands to show off your fish collection

best fish tank stands
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Investing in the best fish tank stand for your situation will make all the difference to your set-up and ensure your aquarium or fish tank has the right stability.

Of course, the type of stand you go for can complete the look of your fish tank in your home. Fish tank stands are similar to TV units and come in all shapes and sizes to suit different styles of aquariums.

Some may come with storage so you can keep all your best fish tank accessories tucked away. Or, if you’re short on space, you can also get much more basic stands that can give your fish tank a stable place to sit even in the smallest of homes.

Whether you simply want something that will keep your fish tank secure, or you’re looking to make a feature piece in your home, we’ve picked out some of the best fish tank stands for aquariums of all sizes.

1. Fluval Roma Cabinet: Best overall fish tank stand

best fish tank stand

(Image credit: Pets At Home)

Fluval Roma Cabinet

A stylish and functional unit for large aquariums

Color: Walnut | Tank Size: 125L | Storage: Yes | Dimensions: 71.5 x 80 x 35cm

Suitable for large aquariums
Hidden storage
Gorgeous color
A little pricey
Not suitable for tropical tanks

This large Pets at Home fish tank stand is gorgeous and would look great in any home, especially if you want to make your aquarium a feature. Made from sturdy wood, this fish tank stand can hold aquariums up to 125 litres, and it’s the perfect height for admiring your fish when sat down.

We love the warm walnut finish that contrasts nicely with a lit-up tank. For an aquarium of this size, you are likely to want lots of accessories to go with it. This fish tank stand has storage space underneath for any products, fish food and accessories, which can be hidden away nicely by the double doors. Overall, this is a quality product that is built to last.

2. Wave Coated Wood Cabinet: Best budget fish tank stand

best fish tank stand

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Wave Coated Wood Cabinet

A great budget buy for medium to large tanks

Color: Black | Tank Size: 60L | Storage: No | Dimensions: 60 x 32 x 70 cm

Great value for money
Minimalistic design
Fits medium-sized tanks
No storage

The Wave Coated Wood Cabinet is sturdy in construction, looks good and – best of all – comes at a reasonable price for those on a budget. Owners have said they’re impressed with the quality of this fish tank stand.

It can hold up to a 60-liter rectangular aquarium and some even use it for 70-liter tanks, although they tend to overhang slightly. It has a small shelf in the middle but no large storage space like some other brands have. This stand is great for those who want to make a decorative feature out of their tank, and its shape and size make for a convenient fit in the home.

3. Tetra Starter Line Cabinet: Best for design

best fish tank stand

(Image credit: Amazon)

Tetra Starter Line Cabinet

A minimalist stand for medium-sized tanks

Color: Black | Tank Size: 80L | Storage: Yes | Dimensions: 36 x 60.5 x 72.5 cm

Discreet storage
Simple, sleek design
Adjustable shelves
May need an anti-slip pad

If you’re not looking for anything too comprehensive, then this black fish tank stand from Tetra is simple and reliable. Black suits almost any home decor and this stand is sturdy enough to hold a tank of up to 80 litres.

While it looks fairly small, this fish tank actually has a generous amount of concealed storage in the middle, with height adjustable shelves so you can tailor it to your liking. Here you can discreetly tuck away fish food and other accessories.

Users found this product easy to assemble, but recommend putting some cushioning under this fish tank stand to provide stability and protect your flooring.


4. Biorb Aquarium Stand: Best for biorb fish tanks

best fish tank stand

(Image credit: Amazon)

Biorb Aquarium Stand

This sturdy stand turns your biorb tank into a feature

Color: Black/Silver | Tank Size: 60L | Storage: No | Dimensions: 74 x 37.6 x 4.6 cm

Easy to assemble
Compact design
Not suitable for humid tanks

This fish tank stand is designed for classic biorb fish tanks, and while it might seem simple, users say the stand is super sturdy and really makes their biorb a feature in their home. It doesn’t have any storage space, but this would be the perfect size for supporting your fish tank in smaller spaces such as bedrooms or kitchens.

The stand is made from MDF and users found it easy to assemble. However, this stand may not be suitable for saltwater tanks due to the temperature, which could make the wood damp.

5. Aqua One Aqua Zone 28 Walnut/Black Gloss Cabinet: Best for storage

best fish tank stand

(Image credit: Pets At Home)

Aqua One Aqua Zone 28 Walnut/Black Gloss Cabinet

This single unit stand makes any small tank look the part

Color: Black/walnut | Tank Size: 28L | Storage: Yes | Dimensions: 74 x 38 x 25 cm

Reversible design
Suitable for cold water or tropical tanks
Hidden storage
Only for small tanks

For those with smaller tanks, this is a sleek and stylish cabinet that can make your tank look the part. It looks high quality with its walnut wooden sides and top, and a contrasting black gloss cabinet door.

However, if you prefer to mix it up, the door is reversible so that the entire unit becomes matching walnut. This product comes flat packed and is easy to assemble and will hold a tank of up to 28 liters. It’s suitable for coldwater tanks, but if you add a heater to this stand, it can become suitable for tropical fish tanks too.

6. Fluval Flex Floor Unit: Best for small fish tanks

best fish tank stand

(Image credit: Amazon)

Fluval Flex Floor Unit

Functional yet stylish single unit for small tanks

Color: Black/white | Tank Size: 57L | Storage: Yes | Dimensions: 41.5 x 77 x 42 cm

Compact design
Sturdy, thick materials
Comes in black or white
No hidden storage

The curvy and compact design of this fish tank stand makes it a stylish addition to any room. It has a wide and sturdy top surface with a thickness of 1.5cm. This stand can hold a tank of up to 57 liters, but of course, you can place smaller tanks on this unit too.

The four feet keep it sturdy on any surface and its shelf makes two large open compartments at the front, which can either be used for fish tank storage or any other type of storage. This single unit design would suit smaller rooms and comes in both black and white to suit your style preferences. 

How to buy the best fish tank stand

So what do you need to look out for when buying a fish tank stand? Depending on the size of the tank, the material you choose for your fish tank stand is important.

Most stands are made from MDF, plywood or metal. Most wooden stands are ideal for pretty much any size tank, but it’s important to check the durability of the material if you have a saltwater fish tank. Some woods may not be suitable, as the humidity in the tank can erode wood over time.

You should also think about the size and height of the fish tank stand depending on where you want to put it. Wider and shorter stands are great for living rooms as the fish will be at eye level when you are sitting down, while taller, narrower stands are great for bedrooms or kitchens where you may be short on space.

If you don’t like clutter, we recommend choosing a fish tank stand with plenty of cupboard space beneath for discreet storage options.