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Cat peering through cat flap or pet door
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Let’s face it, sometimes being a pet parent feels like it’s only a few steps below parenting a tiny human, right? Restless, curious, or active pets are often wanting in and out of the house what feels like every five minutes, so installing a pet door can be a great way of letting them do this independently.  These great pet doors are all easy to install and will let you focus your time and energy on more important things than playing door person to your furkid.

Top pick

Pet door

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PetSafe Plastic Pet Door

Give your pets the freedom to come and go

With four sizes available, this pet door with a durable plastic frame will accommodate pets up to 220 pounds. The flap is soft and flexible, and the paintable plastic frame allows you to customize it to suit your door’s existing color. Designed to keep drafts out of your home, the flap has a magnetic bottom to help it stay closed when not in use, and the snap-on closing panel allows you to control your pet's access. The door comes with do-it-yourself installation instructions and a cutting template to ensure you get the perfect fit.

Best interior cat door

Cat walking through cat flap or pet door

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PetSafe Interior Cat Door

Give your cat independent access to their food and litter tray

An interior cat door is a great option if you want to grant your kitty 24/7 access to their food or litter box without having to leave the separating door open. With a transparent flap that allows your cat to see what’s on the other side of the door, and a lock and unlock function, this door can accommodate cats of up to 15 pounds. It easily fits any interior wood, PVC, paneled, or metal door, and the setup is simple and quick. Super-affordable, this interior cat door is the perfect way of giving your fur baby unlimited access to their area while keeping food and waste odors out of your home.

Best for dogs

Pet door

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BarksBar Original Plastic Door

A heavy-duty and chew-proof door

For dogs up to 100 pounds, this door from BarksBar is a winner thanks to its bite and chew-proof tested frame and flap. With sleek aluminum edging and a sturdy thermoplastic impact-resistant frame, this door has been designed to go the distance. It features a heavy-duty vinyl weatherproof flap with magnetic closure that won’t warp over time, and a sliding, self-locking door panel that’s tamper-proof. Stylishly designed, it’s the perfect door for aggressive chewers or restless dogs who like to come and go. 

Best for cats

Pet door

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Depets Large Cat Door

Control your kitty’s movements with four switch modes

This thoughtfully designed cat door features a transparent flap to let your kitty see through it and a brush strip to reduce the noise from the door closing. It has four independent switch modes, so you can choose whether the door swings out only, in only, both in and out, or is fully locked. Suitable for installation on doors and thin walls, it will accommodate weights of up to 17 pounds and is easy to fit. Made of ABS plastic, the door is weather-resistant with a smooth and durable surface.

Best value

Pet door

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Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Plastic Pet Door

A durable and affordable door that’s easy to install

Designed for pets up to 120 pounds, this plastic pet door can be installed in 20 minutes and has a flexible vinyl flap with patented edges that won’t warp with extreme temperatures. The impact-resistant frame adapts to doors ranging from 1¼ inches to 2 inches in thickness, and the floating bottom threshold gives a perfect seal. The pet door comes in a variety of flap sizes and features a strong molded ABS lock-out slide to restrict your pet's movements when necessary.

Best screen door

Pet door

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Namsan Pet Screen Door

Strong enough to withstand the sharpest of objects

This sturdy screen door is made of quality ABS material and features a magnet that secures the door shut when not in use. Reinforced by screws to make sure it won’t come loose, the screen itself offers UV protection and is knife-resistant, making it a strong and durable option. Incredibly versatile, the door can be installed into a window or screen door and is great for small to medium-sized pets. It has a lockable door bolt so you can prevent your pets from going out at night and is easy to install and use.

How to choose the best pet door

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For pet parents, it’s always great when you discover something that makes your life easier - installing a pet door is one of those things. Our top pick is the PetSafe Plastic Pet Door, with its durable frame that can accommodate up to 220 pounds, it’s a great choice for pets of all sizes. If you have a screen door and want something sturdy that blends in well, then the Namsan Pet Screen Door is a winner.

For all you cat owners out there, it’s hard to go past the thoughtfully designed and very affordable Depets Large Cat Door featuring four switch modes to help you control your kitty’s movements. And for pooch parents, we highly recommend the chew and bite-resistant BarksBar Original Plastic Door that’s been designed to last the distance.


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