32 reasons to love Siberian huskies

Huskies standing with sled
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Siberian huskies are one of the most famous dog breeds around and it's easy to see why people fall in love with them. Huskies are full of energy and love playing around. But they're not just about fun and games, they're often used as working dogs. They can pull sleds, and herd animals, and can even be used as service dogs. 

They have thick double coats that require regular grooming with one of the best dog brushes to stay looking their best. Siberian huskies are pack animals by nature, making them great pets for families. 

These are just a few of the reasons to love Siberian huskies let's check out which other reasons made the list.

32 reasons to love Siberian huskies

1.  They are full of energy 

Siberian husky running outside

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Siberian huskies are definitely one of the high energy dog breeds that are perfect for active pet parents. Huskies require plenty of physical exercise each day to stay feeling their best. If you have a husky, you should aim for around three to four hours of exercise each day. 

2. They have beautiful coats

Siberian husky sitting in the grass

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The Siberian husky's coat is one of their defining features. They have thick double coats to keep them warm while they're out in freezing cold temperatures. While huskies do shed on their own, they still require regular grooming. 

3. Beautiful eyes

Siberian husky eyes

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Blue eyes are common in huskies and they are certainly captivating.  But having a husky with two different color eyes is also just as common. This is known as heterochromia. 

4. Very friendly

Husky being held by owners

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Maybe due to the fact that they are used to working in packs, Siberian huskies are very social animals. They love spending time with their pet parents and are well-suited to homes with families. 

5. Huskies have a lot to say

Woman with husky howling in the park

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Huskies are a very vocal breed. While they are not big barkers, they are known to howl. So, if you are looking for a pup that is always down to have a chat, this is the breed for you. 

6. Bred for sledding

Huskies on sled

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It is said that huskies hail from Eastern Siberia and then were imported to Alaska in the 1900s. It was in Siberia that they were used for pulling sleds, and then when they went to Alaska they were used for sled racing. 

7. War heroes

Siberian husky dog

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Siberian huskies were used during World War II as search and rescue dogs in the US Army Arctic Division. Huskies were able to track and go to many places that motorized equipment couldn't. 

8. Very intelligent

Siberian husky on a walk

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Siberian huskies are super smart and need plenty of mental stimulation. It is well worth having some of the best dog puzzle toys to give their brain a workout as well. 

9. Thrive with company

Siberian huskies sitting together

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As we said, this is a super-friendly breed. They do best when around other people and do not like being left on their own for long periods. If you have a husky, it may be worth reading up on how to reduce separation anxiety in dogs as this breed can be prone to it.

10. Big runners

Siberian huskies running with sled

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If you're looking for ways to workout with your pet, running can be one option with this breed. As huskies were built for pulling sleds, running comes second nature to them. 

11. Can have a mind of their own

Husky puppy hanging over fence

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Huskies are known to have a mind of their own, which can make training tricky business sometimes. One of our top practical tips for training a dog on your own is to be consistent and create a solid routine. These simple things will go a long way with this breed. 

12. They are powerful

Siberian husky dogs on sled

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It may be obvious but to be able to pull a sled you need to be strong. Huskies are powerful indeed and will need the best dog food around to fuel their bodies. 

13. Expert escape artists

Husky puppy playing outside

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Huskies have a natural prey instinct which means they are likely to go chasing after anything that catches their eye. They are also excellent diggers, so digging a hole under a fence is no problem for these dogs.

If your husky is going to be spending time in the backyard, we recommend making sure your pup won't be able to escape by creating secure boundaries around the yard. 

14. Don't have the best recall

Siberian husky walking outside

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While this may seem like a negative thing, it is certainly one that can be worked on. As huskies can have a one-track mind they are not easily distracted if they've caught the scent of something more exciting.

It is for this reason we recommend keeping your pooch on one of the best dog leashes while out and about.

15. Hard workers

Two Siberian huskies sitting next to each other

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Siberian huskies are not afraid of getting their paws dirty. They like being busy and having jobs to do. Along with winter activities, huskies could also be listed as one of the best dog breeds for life on the farm. They have been used for herding animals and guarding livestock. 

16. Can control their own metabolism

Siberian huskies on sled

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Impressively, huskies can run for hours in cold temperatures without needing food or drink. They are one of the few species, that can control their metabolism to keep them going for long periods of time. 

17. Come in a range of colors

Two Siberian huskies next to each other

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Huskies can come in a range of beautiful colors. Different patterns of black, copper, sable, tan, white, red, and gray can be seen in husky coats. 

18. Not great guard dogs

Siberian husky and owner in the woods

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Huskies certainly would not make the list of best guard dog breeds. Their friendly nature means they would be just as likely to invite a burglar into your house than try and scare them away. 

19. Almond shaped eyes

Close up of husky eye

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Their almond-shaped eyes are not just for show. They are created this way to help keep the snow out. Who knew? 

20. Great family dogs

Siberian husky walking with owners

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Due to their pack mentality, huskies are great for homes with families. Huskies are known to be especially good with children. Just with any other dog breed, you'll want to ensure children are not left alone with your dog.

21. Are said to guard the gates of the afterlife

Close up of husky eye

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Siberian huskies were bred by the ancient Chukchi people. While they were used as sled dogs, the Chukchi also believed that huskies guarded the gates of the afterlife.

22. Adaptable

Husky walking with owner

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While having a home with plenty of space to run around is ideal for this breed, they are also comfortable living in smaller spaces such as apartments. As long as they are still getting enough exercise each day they will be perfectly happy. 

23. Very clean

Husky sitting in the grass

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Huskies are said to have cat-like grooming habits. You will often see huskies licking their coats to keep themselves clean.

24. Have long lives

Husky sitting on the bridge

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Siberian huskies have a lifespan of up to around 15 years, which is considered to be a long time for large breed dogs. 

25. Easy eaters

Husky eating from dog bowl

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Maybe it's due to their nomadic history, but huskies are known to be versatile eaters. They are used to their food changing up and generally are pretty easy when it comes to switching food. 

It could even be beneficial to them to offer them a variety of the best dry dog food or best wet dog food. 

26. An outdoorsy breed

Huskies outside on sled

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Huskies will definitely be at the top of the list of best dog breeds for cold climates. They thrive being in the outdoors, so if you like outdoor activities it is worth taking these pups along for the adventure. 

27. Can also live in warmer climates

Husky sitting on the beach

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Siberian huskies are not limited to only living in colder areas. They can also happily live in areas with higher temps. You will want to ensure they are not out in the direct sun for too long and are given plenty of time to cool down. 

28. Have a fun sense of humor

Husky playing with owner

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Huskies are playful pups and can carry this energy well into adulthood. They will always be up a for game or two, with their pet parents, so you'll want to be sure you are always stocked with the best dog toys for your pooch. 

29. Best for owners with active lifestyles

Siberian husky playing with owners

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If running, hiking, and even swimming are regular activities in your life then this pup may be the perfect companion for you. Huskies like to be busy, and even more, they like spending time with their families. 

30. They have amazing endurance

Siberian husky standing on the sidewalk

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Siberian huskies have incredible levels of endurance. This is a must for the typically hard work they do hauling sleds across the snow. This means that it is essential that you are offering your husky enough time to burn off their energy. 

31. Generally healthy breed

Siberian husky at the vet

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While you should still be aware of the symptoms of the most common illnesses dogs can get, you'll be happy to know that huskies are generally healthy breeds. 

32. Will keep you on your toes

Husky playing with owner

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Whether it's making sure they can't escape from the backyard, or taking them on enough walks, Siberian huskies are busy, playful pups that are no match for the pet parent that just wants to chill. 

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