32 ways to workout with your pet

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Having a regular workout routine is super important when it comes to your overall health and well-being. The same can be said for your pet. Whether you are a proud dog or cat parent, each type of pet requires regular exercise to stay feeling their best. 

This list includes everyday workouts that can be done with your four-legged friend right beside you or even joining in on the fun. When you are thinking about exercise for your pet, just like yourself there are a few things to consider beforehand. You want to be sure to stay well hydrated, be mindful of the weather conditions if you are exercising outdoors, and pay attention to your pet to ensure they are not overdoing it. You will want to ensure you are stocked with the essentials, like the best dog leashes or some of the best cat treats to keep your kitty motivated. 

This list features everything from walks, agility training, and even surfing if you are lucky enough to live near the water. Let's check out all the different ways you can get in a good sweat session with your pet. 

32 ways to workout with your pet

 1. Go for a walk

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If you have a dog or even a cat, walks are most likely in your regular day-to-day. Walking is not just a great workout for your pet, but it has so many benefits for you as well. Walking can help you build stamina, burn calories and support a healthy heart according Harvard Medical School.

2. Yoga

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Yoga is great for increasing mobility and building strength. Another great thing about yoga is that it can be done anywhere and with your pet right alongside you. Roll out your yoga mat in the backyard while your dog runs around, or mirror you furry feline as your round and stretch your back in the house. 

3. Outdoor gyms

Man and woman exercising outside with dog

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Look for outdoor gyms or open gyms in your area. These types of gyms often allow dogs as they have the open space for your pup to run around. 

4. Swimming

Woman swimming with dog

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Swimming provides a cardio workout as well as builds overall body strength. There are many ways your dog benefits from swimming. Swimming is also a low-impact exercise that is easy on your pup's joints, so why not splash around together? 

5. Tug of war

Person playing tug of war with dog

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Should you play tug of war with your puppy? The answer is, yes! The good news for you is that the constant tugging and pulling can be a great arm workout for you. Make sure you are using one of the best rope dog toys and give this workout a try.

6. Hiking

Woman hiking with cat

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Dogs love to be out in nature. Hiking on one of the best dog walks in the US could be just the adventure they are looking for, especially is they are one of the high energy dog breeds. Some cats would even love to get a hike in, try one of the best cat harnesses to keep them safe while out exploring. 

 7. Obstacle course

Woman dog on obstacle course

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You can create your own obstacle course with plenty of opportunities for running, climbing, and jumping. Great thing about this, you can customize it to suit your pet and both dogs and cats will love it. You'll be surprised at how much energy you use yourself keeping up with your pet while this run this course. 

8. Running


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Running is a popular form of exercise that pet parents can do with their pets. There are some tips for running with your dog that are worth considering. Things like ensuring you start small and stay hydrated are important but this is certainly a workout worth considering. 

9.  Circuit training

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Circuit training can be done with your pet right in the mix. With each circuit of exercises you do, have your pet practice a trick that you are working on. This could be a great game if you have one of the high energy cat breeds that want to play with you to help them burn some energy as well.

10.  Agility courses

Woman running on agility course with her dog

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Agility training can include things like tunnels, weave poles and ramps. These are fast paced and are not only a great physical workout for your pup but also provide excellent mental stimulation for dogs as well. You will also get a workout in running the course with your pup. 

11. Fetch 

Woman playing fetch with her dog

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A good game of fetch will definitely get the heart pumping. This could also be a great way for your pooch to burn off some energy. Be sure to stick to short sessions and teach an "off" switch command to keep your dog from getting too hyper.

12. Climb stairs

Man running downstairs with dog

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Stair workouts can be done while on a walk or in your house. Stairs are also one of the everyday fears and phobias in dogs. So, regular practice and exposure can help your pup to feel more comfortable. 

13. Tennis

Dog running with tennis ball in his mouth

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Tennis is a fun workout that can be done with either the entire family or just you and your pooch. They will enjoy chasing balls around while you practice your swing. You can also try out one of the best ball throwing machines for dogs, if you need to take a break. 

14. Dancing

Woman dancing with dog

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Who doesn't love a good jam session? Dancing will increase your heart rate and burn calories. Don't be surprised if your pet wants to join in and bust a move with you. 

15. Hit up a dog park

Woman playing with group of dogs

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Dog parks are a great place to take your pooch to run around and socialize. They are also a perfect opportunity to get extra steps in while chasing your dog around. You can even do one of your own workouts while your pup plays.

16. Skijoring

Woman skiing with dogs

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Skijoring is a winter activity where a person on skis can be pulled by an animal, in most cases a dog. If your hound is all about winter activities they will love this, we would recommend this only for large dog breeds. We promise, even with your pup's help you will still get a good workout in here. 

17. Soccer

Dog playing soccer

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While your pet may not always abide by the game rules, they will have a blast running around and chasing balls with you. This game can also be done on a smaller scale for those with cats, especially if they are one of the best cats for extrovertsand enjoy spending time with other people.

18.  Kayaking

Dog sitting on kayak

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A great upper body strengthener, kayaking can be done with your hound either swimming in the water or sitting in the boat with you. While there are definitely some dog breeds that can't swim, they can be persuaded with patience and support from either you or professional lessons. 

19. Body weight training

Man doing push-ups with dog on his back

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If you have a cat that likes to be held, why not use them as extra resistance while you squat, lunge, or overhead press? Of course, you will still need to know how to pick up a cat correctly to ensure that they stay safe while you break a sweat. 

20. Resistance walking

Man walking on beach with dog

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Resistance walking will require more effort than a standard walk around the block. This can be done anywhere the terrain provides more of a challenge, like one of the best dog friendly beaches in the US

21. Surfing

Dog on surf board in the water

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Water sports are just one of the ways you can build more fun into your dog's routine. Surfing in particular, is a great way to build strength, and seeing your pooch on a board or just splashing around is guaranteed to make you smile. 

22. Cycling

Woman bicycling with dog next to her

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Cycling can be a lot of fun for you and your pet. You can cycle with your pup running alongside you, or have your cat ride along in one of the best cat backpacks for added resistance. 

23. Pilates

Woman doing Pilates with her cat

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Pilates is all about creating lean muscles and a solid core. This is usually a low-impact workout that can be done anywhere. So it's perfect to do at home with your cat playing on the mat with you. 

24. Pet friendly class

Group of people doing yoga with a dog

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You might've seen yoga classes with baby goats or pilates with puppies. Try and find a pet-friendly class where you can bring your furry friend.

25. Rollerblading

Woman rollerblading with dog

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One of the things you only know if you're a dog owner is that dogs love their zoomies. What better way to get that extra fast energy out than running alongside you while you rollerblade? 

26. Hide and seek

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Your cat or dog will love a game of hide and seek. You can either hide their toys and have them find them, or you can hide yourself. Dogs particularly, will have a blast using their nose to try and sniff you out. You will also get in some good cardio yourself, running around the house. 

27. Box jumps

Woman doing box jumps at gym

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Box jumps can be adapted to any fitness level. You can start with a lower-level box to jump on and then gradually build to higher ones. You can also train your dog or cat to jump on the boxes as well, ensuring they get a good workout in with you. 

28. Share the workout

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You can do your normal workout, and in between sets or during your rest period, you can work on training with your pet. Keeping training sessions short is one of our top tips for training your cat, so this could be a great way to work those into your day. 

29. Paddleboard

Dog on paddleboard

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Not only is paddleboarding an excellent workout, but it can also be a fun dog-friendly date idea. Your pooch will love the challenge of riding on the paddleboard not to mention all the fun they will have swimming around. 

30. Hula-hoops 

Dog jumping through hoop

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Hula-hooping can be a blast for you and your pet. You can have them chase the hoop around or practice jumping through. Hula-hooping is a fun way for you to get your heart rate up and move around. 

31. include them in your cooldown

Man laying on workout mat with dog

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If you know how to massage a dog, this can be a good time to do so. While you are stretching or just winding down after your workout, why not give your pooch some extra love as well? Of course, this can be done with cats too. 

32. Meditations

Cat sitting on a woman's lap

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An important aspect of overall wellness includes the mental just as much as the physical health. Meditations are a great way to stop and reset and give yourself the time to strengthen the mind. You can combine meditation time with a dog walk, grooming your feline with one of the best cat brushes or just sitting peacefully for a moment with your pet. 

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