The most peculiar pet pairings that will have you believing friendship is magic

The phrase "fighting like cats and dogs" is commonly used, but that doesn't mean it's always true. There are many unlikely pet pairings out there that would surprise you – from cats and dogs, to dogs and rats, to a trio straight out of the Wizard of Oz. 

These peculiar pet pairings are sure to brighten your day, maybe even your whole week, and will have you thinking any type of friendship is possible. 

Check out the best unlikely animal pairings below, and let us know which one is your favorite.

Teddy and Albi – King Charles spaniel and Bengal cat


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Teddy and Albi are two unlikely siblings whose love will make your heart melt. Albi is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and when his owner Lana Boocock brought him home to meet her Bengal mix Teddy, it wasn't clear if the two would get along. 

Luckily, they became firm friends, and Teddy even carefully and constantly grooms Albi to make sure the pup stays clean. You can easily get lost in their Tik-Tok, which is full of adorable videos of them interacting, going on adventures, and taking naps together. 

Lundy and Herman – Chihuahua and pigeon

This bond is a very special one indeed, as Lundy is a Chihuahua who was born with a birth defect that makes it hard for him to move around, and Herman is a pigeon who can't fly. The two are the perfect match, cuddling in bed together constantly and being absolutely adorable. 

Their bond raised thousands of dollars for The Mia Foundation in Rochester, New York, a place where animals born with birth defects go with the hope of being adopted. Now that is a story that warms the heart.

Lando and Michael – rat and dog

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As a native New Yorker, the last thing I would expect to see is a dog and a rat pairing, but Lando and Michael are the best of friends. 

When Michael the rat first met Lando the pup, their parents were fine with the two of them existing separately, but Lando was obsessed with his new housemate, sticking his nose in the cage, or lying next to it if he got bored waiting for the little guy to emerge.

The two animals were discarded by former owners, so their mom and dad call them "their little trash brothers".

Baloo, Shere and Leo – bear, tiger and lion

The story of Baloo the bear, Shere Khan the tiger, and Leo the lion is a touching one – the trio of male animals have been close friends since they were rescued as babies from a drug dealer's house in 2001, where they were underfed, underweight and filled with parasites while living in cages that were too small for them. 

This sad story turned into a happy one when they were brought to Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary, where they initially clung together for comfort. However, this bond remained throughout their sexual maturity (which surprised caretakers). Their friendship lasted 15 years until Leo passed away in 2018. I'm not crying, you are.

Ginger and Moose – cat and moose

Ginger is a notoriously skittish cat, whose owner claims she's even scared of a stray sock on the floor. She may be a little jumpy, but she's completely unafraid of some hilarious yard visitors, including Moose. Ginger will wake up early in the morning to moose-watch, and will even try and get close to her pals as they lie in the grass.