Meet Aftermath, the superstar Merle Bully whose puppies sell for over $10,000

merle bully dog
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It’s not very often that your dog becomes a global sensation but Aftermath, the 130lbs Merle Bully is a legend in his own right. 

Bred by Eric Gray and his wife Natasha, who both run Mega Built Bullies in British Columbia, Canada, the four-year-old beast is the first exotic XL Merle Bully in the world. 

These carry the rare ‘merle’ or tri gene that produces a unique coat pattern, and can also result in a dog having blue or odd-colored eyes. The couple describes him as a “street legal snow leopard” due to the mottled patches of color on his body making him entirely unique. 

“Aftermath was born a singleton, meaning he was the only puppy born in the litter,”  his owner Eric explains, “he is strictly one of a kind.” 

He also states that as soon as they posted a picture of Aftermath on social media, they were flooded with offers for $30,00, and his photos have been shared over a million times on Instagram. It was at that point that his owners knew their rare canine would become a superstar.

Since then, he has produced 15 puppy litters, his semen has been frozen and transported around the world, and his puppies sell for $10,000. 

What’s more, fans have even offered a grand price for Aftermath himself. However, no amount will ever be tempting for Eric and Natasha, who vow they will never give up their beloved canine. 

“We have had people offer us big money for Aftermath,” shares Eric. “but he’s too special to us, he’s literally priceless”.

Cynthia Lawrence

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