Pet parent shares genius cat-proof laptop keyboard tip

cat-proof laptop keyboard
(Image credit: L&QQ)

Pet parents, prepare to rejoice; this clever cat-proof laptop keyboard tip might just save a work document or two.

Shared by cat mom @deathcabforkatie on her TikTok channel, the recommendation involves just one very handy product.

Called the L&QQ Clear Acrylic Keyboard Cover Protector, it works not by distracting or sending your kitty away, but by allowing them to sit on a clear table above the keyboard.

Made from thick acrylic that can withstand a weight of up to 35 lbs(16kg) without cracking or bending, the cover both protects the keyboard from unwanted footsteps and keeps your kitty close by. 

Explaining her decision to seek a solution to her office troubles, the savvy mom reveals she bought the table for her feline friend who liked to hide out in her office because she didn't like to be with her other cats.   


Reply to @detroitwrangler if you search for “keyboard cover,” this will come up! Doesn’t prevent all the cat hair on my shirt though 😓

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"She's very happy in here but she kept walking across my keyboard when I was trying to work," she explained. 

Shocked by the amount of comments and views the original video received, the mom said in a later update: "I really did not expect the response this video has gotten."

So, the next time your feline friend decides to trample across the keys, they'll instead be greeted by a place to hangout with their favorite human that doesn't involve ruining important work emails.

Cat owners can simply keep typing underneath the transparent cat bridge while your kitty chills. It's so simple, you won't believe you've never thought about it.

We have to wonder whether Joe Biden's office cat would appreciate it?

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