All treat, no tricks! Chewy's spooktacular Halloween dog toy collection is frightfully good

chewy halloween dog toy collection
(Image credit: Chewy)

The spooky season is upon us, so it’s only right that you treat your pooch to some fun and festive Halloween toys to celebrate. Chewy, the go to online destination for pet supplies, has revealed this year’s Halloween toy collection for pooches.

We all know that Halloween is a time for watching scary films and playing lots of mysterious games, but what about your favorite four-legged friend?

Best sellers include one of the best one-off treat boxes for your pets, especially themed for Halloween and hand-picked by pet parents, the Goody Box Halloween Toys, Treats & Bandana for Dogs, that includes two squeaky toys, two pouches of tasty treats, and a spookily stylish bandana. 

Then there's the Frisco Halloween Dog Toy collection with an assortment of spooky Halloween characters so frightfully good you'll want your paws on them immediately and the best part? They're currently on a flash sale. 

bat plush toy for dogs

(Image credit: Chewy)

The bat plush features a built-in squeaker and crinkle-paper stuffed wings, just perfect for playing fetch, hide and seek, or simply being a snuggly cuddle buddy. 

While the Halloween Haunted Shack Hide and Seek Puzzle Plush Squeaky Dog Toy, with its super spooky design and squeaky toy inners, will help keep their mind sharp. Combining the best of both plush and puzzle toy types, your cool canine will have hours of fun with this ghoulish Halloween toy.

It’s important to also remember that trick or treat isn’t just for humans! Your pooch will love Halloween ever more with all of these fancy treats on offer. 

Chewy’s delicious range of Halloween treats includes lots of fall favourites from pumpkin-flavoured chews and apple cinnamon biscuits, to Greenies Scary Berry dental sticks, Blue Buffalo Boo Bits and Spooktacular Snacks from The Lazy Dog Cookie Co.

And no spooky season would be complete without a cool Halloween costume for your pet. From dinosaurs and lobsters, to the more traditional pumpkins and tarantulas, to more unusual looks such as famous TV characters and even hot dogs, it’s quite likely that your pet will outshine you with their outfit! 

To view the full Halloween toy sale visit Chewy's official website. 

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