Everything you need to know about Ellen DeGeneres’ dogs

Ellen Degeneres' dogs snuggle up with her on the couch
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As we approach the final episode of her talk show, there’s no better time to introduce you to Ellen Degeneres’ dogs. After all, the comedian is a massive animal lover and when it comes to which ones are her favorites, canine companions are at top the list. 

Well known for being a devoted doggy mom, Ellen and her wife, actress Portia de Rossi, will certainly have plenty to keep them busy when the comedian leaves our daytime screens later this week. 

An ambassador and spokesperson for many animal charities, animal-loving Degeneres is also the founder of the Ellen Fund that supports global conservation efforts for endangered species and the creator of her own doggy pet line. 

Since 2003, Degeneres has beamed her way into our homes five days a week as the host of the popular talk show that bears her name. In honor of the more than 3,000 episodes that spanned 19 seasons and her tireless efforts to protect the animals of this world, here’s everything you need to know about Ellen DeGeneres’ dogs.

How many dogs does Ellen DeGeneres have?

Ellen and Portia are currently the proud pet parents of three rescue dogs - Kid, a Poodle-Maltese mix who they adopted in 2016, Augie, a Beagle mix who was also adopted in 2016, and Mrs. Wallis Browning, a Poodle who they adopted in 2019. Thankfully, she simply goes by the name Wallis! 

Rest in peace Wolf

While Ellen adores all of her pups, she always had a special place in her heart for Wolf, a Poodle-Maltese mix who she rescued in 2007 and who posed with her and de Rossi for one of their wedding photos the following year.

After being by her side for 13 years and bringing her and Portia ‘so much love and joy’, Wolf died in 2020. Describing him as the ‘craziest, sweetest dog’, Wolf was in bad shape when Ellen adopted him, but went on to become a total love machine who was never happier than when he was with his humans and fur siblings.

Augie is number one

While Wolf held the top spot in Ellen’s heart, it’s little Augie who is the firm favorite with her wife Portia, who describes him as “the best dog she’s ever had - don’t tell the others!”. Augie adores his sister Wallis and loves nothing more than snuggling into her soft fur at the end of a long hard day. 

All you need is love

Ellen attributes so much of her ability to get through Covid as being down to her huge family of pets, who were always on hand to give her a cuddle during those long lockdowns when connection with the outside world was so difficult. As well as her three beloved pups, Ellen is also mom to two rescue cats - George and Chairman.

Social distancing

Taken just before Wolf died, this adorable shot of the fur family of four shows that social distancing in the Degeneres-de Rossi household during lockdown extended to pets as well! 

That time we all tried to meditate

Another hilarious snap featuring Wolf, Ellen beautifully captured a moment that will resonate with parents around the world - the struggle of trying to carve out relaxing couple time when you have so many fur babies who want your attention! 

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