Meet Bob the dog: TikTok's latest sweetheart who's searching for his forever home

Bob the dog TikTok
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Meet Bob the dog: TikTok's latest superstar pup who's sweet video showing him searching for his forever family has wracked up more than six million views since it was posted to the site at the end of October.

In the clip, Bob, a three-year-old white terrier, is seen attending an adoption event hosted by Brooklyn's Badass Animal Rescue. All of the other dogs have potential parents interacting with them, but Bob is completely overlooked with only a volunteer to keep him company.

The heartbreaking footage of the adorable pup missing his chance to be adopted quickly went viral, with people all around the world falling head over heels in love with the courageous canine.


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"How did this five second clip make me burst into tears?" wrote one netizen, with another adding "Look. I don't cry a lot. But even a vaguely sad story around a dog and I cannot control my tears. I'll hyperventilate 😂"

But while Bob may have been frequently passed up by prospective pet owners, the unexpected popularity of his video has seen the offers to adopt him come rolling in, with the animal rescue organization saying that they received more than 40 applications to adopt the adorable scruffy pup after their post went viral. 

"We did not expect that it was going to blow up," explains Andrea Caceres, a volunteer at the event. "But I'm so happy that people connected to him through the video."

Krista Almqvist, executive director of the rescue that brought Bob from Vidalia, Georgia, to New York, says that Bob's TikTok moment was "well-deserved fame."

"He's very cute. He's good with other dogs … He's very sweet, cuddly and playful."

According to further footage posted to TikTok yesterday, Bob is still looking for his forever family, but the rescue organization believe it's only a matter of time before they find him a match. 


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"Bob has tons of applications but hasn’t find his home yet. He is a very timid dog and will require lots of patience! But as his foster says, he is ready to love!"

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