Pet Tech Week day seven: Christmas gifts for pets

Pet Tech Week
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It’s the final day of Pet Tech Week, so we thought we’d look to the very near future and give you some ideas on what you can get your furry friend for the festive season ahead. You can find a stocking-full of ideas in our round up of top ten tech gifts for cats and dogs, which covers all manner of bases, including beds, bowls, toys, and trackers.

PetsRadar have also had a look at how the other half live, and created a list of seven truly outrageous Christmas gifts for pets to cater for any pet-crazy millionaires among the readership, or for those who just like to dream. So if you think your dog or cat might like it’s own mini-mansion for a cool $100,000, go and have a look now.

Finally, we’d just like to thank you for your support during our first ever Pet Tech Week. It has been a great success, and we’re already looking forward to the next one in 2021.


There’s still time to win a Microchip Pet Feeder Connect with Hub worth $253 – and an Animo dog monitor worth $78! Competition closes on Monday 26 October.

Dave Harfield

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