Pet Tech Week: Saturday is pet photography day

Pet Tech Week
(Image credit: Amy Davies)

Everyone always knows when a friend or relative brings a new pet home, as their social media soon starts to fill up with cute snaps of the new furry friend. Be it a rat or rabbit, cat or dog, all owners love to capture and share the precious moments they have with their pets.

But getting great pet pics isn’t always as easy as it looks, so we’ve dedicated the sixth day of our inaugural pet tech week to improving your pet photography skills. For instance, our guide on how to buy the best camera for pet photography will give some great advice on serious kit for the more ambitious photographers among you, and the list of 10 inspiring pet photographers to follow online will provide a good benchmark to aim for too.

But even if you’ve no ambitions beyond smartphone snapping we can still show you how to take great pet photos and even great dog action photos, or even how to mount a GoPro on a dog for a canine-eye view of the world.

So we hope the guides below will help and inspire you to take some great pet pics. If you do be sure to share them with us on Twitter and Instagram.

Dave Harfield

Dave has over 20 years experience in publishing during which he launched many successful magazine titles including How It Works, All About Space and All About History. He’s also pet parent to a retired police dog called Rebel, who can’t work anymore due to a health condition. When’s not busy trying to amuse a boisterous, three-year-old German Shepherd, Dave's the Editor on PetsRadar.