Arlo Pro 3 Camera review

The Arlo Pro 3 Camera lets you keep an eye on your furkid when you're away from home, but is the price tag for that peace of mind too expensive? We find out

Arlo Pro 3 Camera duo
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PetsRadar Verdict

The Arlo Pro 3 Camera has a sleek and stylish design and plenty of features that will let you keep a watchful eye on your pet while you're away from home. It's not cheap, but its features are more impressive than its predecessor, which makes it worth the money.


  • +

    2K Ultra HD

  • +

    12x zoom

  • +

    Color night vision


  • -

    No free 7-day Cloud storage

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The Arlo Pro 3 Camera is a wireless security camera that will keep watch over your home and furkids whenever you’re out and about. One of the best pet cameras on the market, this sleek device lets you stay connected to your pet no matter where you are.

Stylish and sophisticated, this self-installed camera has powerful 2K HDR video recording, color night vision, and up to 12x zoom. The two-way audio lets you hear and speak to your pet and the wide 160° diagonal viewing angle, meaning that you can keep tabs on your furkid no matter where in the room they are.

Alongside the best pet trackers, security cameras like the Arlo Pro 3 are a great way of making sure your precious pooch or much-loved moggy is always safe and sound. But this little beauty doesn’t come cheap, so is it worth the price tag, or would a cheaper camera get the job done just as well? Let’s find out.

Arlo Pro 3 Camera: Design

We have to admit, we love the look of the Arlo Pro 3 Camers, but we promise it’s not all style and no substance. The exterior has a sleek and high-end appearance, which we’d expect from a device at this price point, but it has plenty more going for it too.

Being wireless and water-resistant, you can easily mount this camera in your backyard to keep an eye on your pets when they’re outside and it has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to six months. The full recharge time is impressive too, coming in at just under three hours.

The device itself measures approximately 3.25 x 3.25 x 2 inches, and is attached to the wall using a magnetic mount. The lens, speaker, and microphone are all found on the front of the camera, and there’s also a 6500K spotlight that’s motion-activated.

When it comes to the lens and the quality of the images, the 2K 1440p resolution is a step up from Arlo’s earlier models, and combined with the 12x zoom, you’ll get clear and sharp video footage of your pet. You can set up five activity zones per camera, so that should allow you to fully monitor the room you’ve set the camera up in.

The Arlo Pro 3 has also been designed with a mandatory two-factor authentication process, so the only person who’ll be able to see your videos is you.

Arlo Pro 3 Camera mounted on wall outside in the rain

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Arlo Pro 3 Camera: Features

While the Arlo Pro 3 Camera won’t toss out treats or play with your pet like the Skymee Owl Robot, we like that this device focuses on doing one thing well: making sure your home and pet stay secure.

The feature that’s likely to prove one of the biggest draws is the two-way talk system, which many pet parents find is a great way to help them reduce separation anxiety in dogs and cats. Your furkid will be able to clearly hear your voice, enabling you both to stay connected when you’re away from home.

Working with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, the camera sends you instant alerts to your phone when motion is detected, and thanks to object detection, the Arlo Pro 3 can tell the difference between your pet and a person.

If there’s a problem, the intelligent alert system lets you quickly dial 911, phone a friend, or sound the alarm straight from the app on your phone with the included Arlo Smart trial. To continue on with this at the end of the three-month trial it’s $2.99 per month for one camera or $9.99 a month for up to five.

We like the night vision feature, which sets itself to color automatically, but allows you to easily toggle back and forth between that and the more traditional infrared grayscale. The integrated spotlight does a great job of helping you to identify unique details too, so you’ll quickly be able to spot if your pet is up to mischief during the night, and what the target of their mischief is! 

In terms of storage, Arlo Smart gives you access to 30-day Cloud storage for each video, and for local storage, you’ll need to get a USB storage device. It’s worth pointing out that there’s no remote access to your video history with the Arlo Pro 3 Camera, which means you need to physically connect it to a computer if you’re wanting to skip back. 

Arlo Pro 3 Camera: User reviews

The Arlo Pro 3 Camera has remained a favorite among pet parents since it launched in 2019, with 70% of buyers giving it 5 stars, and 83% of reviewers awarding it 4 stars or higher. 

Peace of mind comes out near the top of why many pet parents chose to invest in this device, with many reviewers praising its ease-of-use and crystal-clear image quality. The simple installation and its accuracy in differentiating between people and pets have also received frequent praise.

When it comes to drawbacks, the price is the major sticking point, but that’s not the only thing that’s got former Arlo fans up in arms. Unlike previous versions that offered free 7-day Cloud storage regardless of whether you subscribed to Arlo Smart, the Pro 3 eliminates this, meaning you have to sign up if you want that benefit.

Those things aside, the rave reviews far outweigh the negative ones with most pet parents being really happy with the Arlo Pro 3 Camera's ability to keep their furkids safe and sound.

Should you buy the Arlo Pro 3 Camera?

The Arlo Pro 3 Camera is a significant improvement on the Arlo Pro 2, offering both a spotlight and siren and having a higher resolution and closer zoom, all of which are great additions for pet parents. It’s also the perfect (and cheaper!) alternative to the Pro 4, which offers very little advancement, except that it’s hub-free.

As far as we’re concerned, that makes the Arlo Pro 3 Camera the perfect compromise - you’ll be spending more than on the Pro 2, but getting more features and not wasting money on the Pro 4 for few additional benefits. While the lack of the free cloud storage plan does mean you’re forced into signing up for Arlo Smart, investing in a USB storage device can help you get around this. 

Overall, while not perfect, we feel the Arlo Pro 3 Camera is worth the money if you want peace of mind that your pet is safe when you’re apart. You’ll be able to check-in whenever you want, keep an eye on your furkid day or night, and the cherry on top is that this little beauty won’t just protect your pet, it’ll protect your home too.

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