Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave review

Give your cat a safe and comfy place to sleep with the Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave

A cat in the Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave
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PetsRadar Verdict

Incredibly comfy and easy on the eye, there’s every chance that you’ll find yourself wishing there was a counterpart for humans. If your cat likes being hidden away then they’ll love this.


  • +

    The handmade 100% natural wool repels odors

  • +

    Eco friendly and non-toxic

  • +

    Can be folded down


  • -

    The lanolin smell may not be to all cats’ liking

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The Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave has the best of both worlds: looking great, and providing your cat with a great deal of comfort, it ranked highly in our round up of the best cat beds. The ‘cave’ cat bed style has become quite a common presence in the cat bed market, so it’s handy having a bed like this available; one whose quality you can be sure of. It has been specially hand made, fits perfectly in any room, and is ideal for cats to sleep, nap, and play in. But there’s a lot more to it than just being a bed – read on to find out why we recommend this above similarly styled beds... 

Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave: Features

First off, the Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave is the beneficiary of a particular creation process. It is assembled in Nepal via a process called ‘felting’, in which soap and water are molded under extreme pressure until the desired texture is created.

As well as having been created in such a careful manner, we are also happy to report that the design is completely eco-friendly. These 100% wool beds are non-toxic, and can be washed via vacuum cleaner or handwashing; it all depends on your personal preference. The wool is also mold, mildew, and bacteria resistant, making it perfect for cats with allergies.

While these are great for cats who like to sleep in their own little hidey-hole away from the world, it can also be folded down, allowing for more padding and thus that bit more comfort. It’s effectively like getting two beds for the price of one; something we’re definitely on board with.

There’s also a great deal of choice and customization involved. At the time of writing this is available in four different colors, and while the version we have reviewed here is the medium version, there is also a slightly more expensive larger option on sale.

The only real negative we can think of is the slight lanolin smell, which some cats might not take to. Aside from that though, the Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave ticks pretty much every box when it comes to looking for the perfect bed for your cat.

Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave: User reviews 

For the most part, the user reviews for the Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave have been pretty glowing. Using the Amazon listing as an example, 80% of reviewers have given it full marks with 5 stars, 11% gave it 4 stars, and 4% gave it 3 stars.

A lot of the more positive reviews echoed the points we’ve already made in the review, talking about how their cat immediately took to it, often providing videos of them slumbering away, their seal of approval clearly provided. 

One piece of advice given was to tailor your choice of bed according to the color of both the bed and your cat’s fur, if they’re prone to shedding. After all, dark fur on a light-hued bed (or vice versa) will be all too evident.

Of the more negative reviews, cases are highlighted of cats initially taking to them, then getting bored after a while and abandoning them. Some owners have gotten round this by occasionally putting catnip in the beds, although if they still don’t take to it, you’re left with an expensive bed!

While being designed to be flattened into a separate, unenclosed bed, this isn’t always a good thing. Some cats will simply walk over the top of the bed, which by its very design is easy to flatten. This can be slightly annoying if you want to keep it in its regular position.

Should you buy the Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave?

The Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave has a lot of competition in the cat bed market, but considering the high volume of positive reviews, and our knowledge of the effort that has gone into making these, we can safely say that it deserves its place at the top end of the market. Both its versatility and the quality of its construction work in its favor, and the fact that it’s eco-friendly is also a plus point in its favor. Like all other cat beds, there’s a slight gamble as to whether your cat will actually use it, but if you’re willing to take the plunge then you’ve got your cat a great place to slumber. 

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