Best anti-scratch cat pads

Cat scratching sofa
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Even when you’ve purchased your kitty the best scratching post in the land, sometimes they’ll still decide they prefer your carpet or furniture more. In those cases, where a little bit of tough love is required, an anti-scratch cat pad can be just the ticket to stop those vigorous claw attacks from destroying your doors or claiming the life of your sofa.

Top pick

Anti-scratch cat pads

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PetSafe ScatMat Indoor Pet Training Mat

Train your pet to stop scratching

Scratching will be a thing of the past thanks to this touch-sensitive mat that trains your cat to avoid areas you don’t want them sinking their claws into. This battery-operated training mat can be used anywhere inside your home and can be customized to suit your pet’s temperament. When your kitty steps onto the mat, a small, static pulse goes through their paws to gently remind them to keep off. A blinking indicator light will show you how many times your furry friend has stepped onto the mat and tried to cross the barrier, and it rolls up for easy storage when not in use.

Best for large surfaces

Anti-scratch cat pad on sofa

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IN HAND Furniture Scratch Guards

So transparent you’ll forget it’s there

Durable and flexible, this transparent vinyl scratch guard is thick enough to deter scratching to keep your furniture in one piece. Almost invisible, it blends in well on all furniture and will not cause damage. Measuring 18" L x 12" W, it’s large enough to cover a good section of your sofa, chair, or carpet, and secures easily using the provided screw pins. Available in handy four, six, or eight packs, these pads offer your furniture great no-trace protection from your furkid’s claws. 

Best heavy-duty pad

Anti-scratch cat pad

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Navaris Cat Scratch Mat Sofa Shield

Protect your furniture and let your cat play

You’ve got to love a product that does more than one thing, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with this affordable shield. Protecting the arms of your sofa from being torn to shreds, the sisal scratch mat attracts your kitty and their claws, keeping them away from your precious furniture. Eco-friendly and non-toxic, this safe and long-lasting material provides sufficient resistance for a satisfying scratch session. This sofa guard will cover the entire left side along with the armrest and a small part of the front using a hook and loop fastener to keep it securely in place.

Best customizable adhesive

Anti-scratch cat pad on sofa

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FOCUSPET Furniture Protectors

Cut this anti-scratch pad to your desired size

This tape is perfect for a variety of surfaces from furniture to floors, and won’t leave any sticky residue when it’s removed. Each pack comes with three 17” L x 12” W sheets and three 17” L x 10” W sheets that can either be applied whole or cut and customized for the perfect fit. They’re transparent and thin, so you won’t notice them, and feature an easy-peel design. The sheets are non-toxic and offer excellent scratch resistance.

Best tape

Anti-scratch cat pads

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Panther Armor Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape

So sticky your kitty’s claws won’t stand a chance

These double-sided adhesive sheets feature five large and five extra-large options in each pack. Super-sticky, this non-toxic tape will deter your cat from ever wanting to scratch your furniture or other surfaces, and it’s residue-free so it comes away clean when you remove it. Easy to apply, the sheets are 100% transparent and will work on almost anything.

Best door protector

Cat scratching anti-scratch cat pad on door

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KEBE Door Scratch Protector

Destroyed doors are a thing of the past

Say goodbye to damaged doors with this durable and industrial-grade vinyl door protector. The pressure-sensitive adhesive backing can hold up to even the most vigorous scratching attacks, and its transparent design means it blends in seamlessly to be almost unnoticeable. You can cut to size for the perfect fit, and it will work on a variety of surfaces, including metal, wood, or glass.

How to choose the best anti-scratch cat pad

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Anti-scratch pads can be a great way of protecting important surfaces from your kitty’s unexpected claw attacks. Our favorite is the PetSafe ScatMat Indoor Pet Training Mat, which uses gentle sensory pulses to keep your cat and their claws away from your furniture. To cover large surfaces, we recommend the IN HAND Furniture Scratch Guards that are big enough to cover a good amount of your sofa or carpet and offer great, no-trace protection.

If you’re looking to kill two birds with one stone, you’re going to love the Navaris Cat Scratch Mat Sofa Shield, which not only protects your sofa but offers great scratching resistance for your kitty. And if you are looking to keep your doors free from damage, the KEBE Door Scratch Protector is the one to go for.


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