32 types of large breed cats

Maine coon cat lying in the grass
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Looking for a gentle giant to welcome into your family? Well, we have good news! With so many types of large-breed cats around these days, you really are spoiled for choice if you’re after a massive kitty to love. 

While large cats can at first glance look intimidating, they’re really just big-hearted softies who adore their humans. Although some are low-energy breeds who will be quite content to snuggle up on a cozy lap and snooze the day away, others are much more energetic and will happily tear around the house in pursuit of the best interactive cat toys

There are so many reasons to adopt a cat, but we understand that it’s a big decision. To help you decide on the best breed for you, here’s a roundup of our favorite large-breed cats — and there are a few surprise entries on this list you might not have heard of before! 

1. Maine coon

Maine coon cat

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The gentle giant of the cat world, the Maine coon has a sweet nature and playful personality, making it one of our favorite high energy cat breeds. A solid and rugged kitty who’s super affectionate and loves being with their humans, the Maine coon is one of the largest cat breeds in the world, reaching lengths of up to 40 inches and weighing anywhere from eight to 18 pounds. Sturdy and muscular, they’re not only big-boned but come with an impressive amount of fur but don’t let their imposing size fool you, they are big softies who have little concept of personal space — so don’t be surprised if your Maine coon follows you from room to room throughout the day. 

2. Norwegian forest cat

Norwegian forest cat

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An adorable big ball of fluff, the Norwegian forest cat is one of those cat breeds that prefer being outside — and they’re definitely built for it! A muscular and friendly cat who once roamed wild in the forests of Norway, the Wegie (as it’s affectionately known) grows to around 12 inches in height and can weigh up to 16 pounds. They have a dense undercoat and a long, water-resistant top coat that enables them to fully submerge themselves in water and dry off within seconds. 

As you’d expect with all that fur, they require a lot of brushing, but we have a feeling you won’t mind one bit once you see what a calm and gentle addition these sweet and cuddly kitties make to your home. Their cuddly and friendly personalities are just one of the many reasons to love Norwegian forest cats

3. Himalayan

Himalayan cat

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Is it a fluffy Siamese or a color-pointed Persian? Well, the truth is — a bit of both! The Himalayan is a cross between both of these breeds and the result is striking good looks mixed with an easy-going and laid-back personality. One of the best cat breeds for cold climates, the Himalayan has a long, creamy coat with points that can come in a wide range of colors. 

While they’re not as large as the Maine Coon or Norwegian forest cat, they can still reach weights of up to 12 pounds and all that fur makes them look a whole lot larger. Lazy little logs who are happiest when snoozing the day away on a nice, warm lap, this breed is gentle, loving and super intelligent. 

4. Siberian 

Siberian cat

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Lovable and devoted family companions who get along beautifully with people of all ages and stages, the Siberian is a solidly built cat with a body designed to help them survive the long, harsh winters in their native Siberia. Their coat is long, triple-layered, and water-resistant, and their muscular bodies make them appear heavier than they actually are — although they can still reach weights of up to 15 pounds! 

Affectionate and playful, this is a breed that will appreciate having some of the best cat toys to zoom around the house after. But don’t worry, while they do love burning off some energy, they’ll quite happily curl up on your lap at the end of it all for a good snooze.  

5. Persian

Persian cat

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One of the sweetest low-energy cat breeds, the Persian makes a wonderful companion for anyone in search of a calm, affectionate, and loving feline friend. The Persian has a peaceful and tranquil nature and carries themselves with a dignified and noble air. Undemanding and docile, they thrive in quiet homes where they can relax and live by the motto that there is no such thing as too much love and attention! This is just one of the many reasons to love Persian cats.

They grow to around 15 inches in height and tend to weigh approximately 13 pounds, although we’re not quite sure how much of that is them and how much is down to their impressively fluffy coat. Persians need daily brushing to prevent their coat from becoming matted and tangled, but as long as you don’t mind that, these elegant beauties will reward you by staying utterly devoted to you throughout their lives. 

6. Savannah

Savannah cat

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Looking like they wandered straight out of the jungle, the Savannah is one big cat indeed, reaching weights of up to 25 pounds. They have a pretty impressive lifespan too, living for an average of 20 years if they’re fed a diet of the best dry cat food or best wet cat food and just generally looked after well. 

Tall and elegant, the Savannah is the result of breeding a Siamese with a wild serval and while they certainly look wild, they’re real velcro cats who are super social and never happier than with their family. That being said, we don’t recommend them for first-time cat owners. The Savannah is highly active and does require plenty of training and socialization as they can be very suspicious of strangers. 

7. Turkish van

Turkish van

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The Turkish van is an energetic, large-bodied kitty that loves to climb, jump and explore. Active and athletic, they’re one of the few cat breeds that like water, so don’t be surprised if they try to join you in the shower! Reaching lengths of up to 30 inches and weighing as much as 20 pounds, they’re friendly, outgoing, and affectionate, and because they tend to have a calm and even-keeled temperament, they’re a good choice for families with children and other pets. 

They’re also easy to train thanks to their high intelligence level and it’s worth knowing how to teach a cat a trick as not only do they adore learning new things but they have a reputation for being amazing at playing fetch — which is sure to impress all of your visitors. 

8. Ragamuffin

Ragamuffin cat

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What do you get if you cross a ragdoll with another long-haired cat breed like the Himalayan or Persian? Why the too-cute-for-words ragamuffin of course! Gentle giants that love being held and stroked, this breed is a wonderful choice for people of all ages and stages looking for a big-hearted and super patient kitty.

 With a long, soft, and voluminous coat, the ragamuffin requires daily brushing to help keep their fur looking fabulous and tangle-free. They’re real teddy bears who adore being in the presence of their humans and while they’re generally very calm, that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy a good game or two with the best automated cat toys

9. Ragdoll

Ragdoll cat

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A placid, docile and affectionate little love muffin, the ragdoll has a beautiful personality and a super soft coat. One of the world’s most popular and beloved breeds, the ragdoll is a trusting, relaxed, and playful kitty who enjoys interacting with children and does well in busy households. 

They like getting involved in the day-to-day activities around the house and they’re real attention-seekers, so expect to be gently and lovingly head-butted if they feel you’ve not given them sufficient strokes! A fun fact about ragdolls is that they are dog-like in nature and they bond closely with their human family. They are a joy to have in the home. 

10. Chausie

Chausie cat

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Never heard of the chausie? Don’t worry, neither had we until recently! Originating in Egypt, the chausie is the result of breeding several different kinds of domestic cats with a few non-domestic jungle cats. The result? One very intelligent, active, playful, and social kitty that needs a lot of attention and mental and physical enrichment, so you’ll definitely want to learn how to play with a cat if you decide to adopt a chausie.

Big cats that reach lengths of 22 inches and weights of up to 25 pounds, this breed has a very amiable and even-tempered nature that makes them a wonderful choice for families with children. Oh, and if you’ve always wanted to go hiking with cats, this breed loves being outside on a leash and they’re easy to train. 

11. American bobtail

American bobtail

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The American bobtail is a relatively rare breed with a wild appearance but don’t let that fool you — this kitty is all heart and forms very tight bonds with their human companions. Generally quiet (they communicate mostly through soft and gentle chirps), they’re very social and get along beautifully with people of all ages. 

They’re one of the best emotional support animal breeds thanks to their easy-going natures and clown-like antics, which never fail to put a smile on people’s faces. Active with a love of play, they adore playing games like fetch and hide-and-seek, and they’re always up for an adventure — which has seen them become a popular choice for long-haul truckers in search of a front-seat companion!

12. Bengal

Bengal cat

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An intelligent and active breed with a boldly patterned coat, the bengal is a striking kitty who looks a lot like a wild leopard! Hugely popular, they are lithe and agile and their spotted or marbled coats are super soft to the touch. Bengals look wild on the outside but inside they are real little sweethearts who are chatty, gregarious, and adore spending time with their humans. 

They get on famously with children, other cats, dogs, and anyone happy to indulge their love of play. If you’ve ever found yourself asking the question ‘Can you train a cat?’, the answer is a definite yes when it comes to the bengal. This breed is incredibly smart and because they need so much mental and physical stimulation to stay happy and healthy, training them and teaching them tricks is a great way to tick that box. They also love outdoor adventures and will be more than happy to accompany you on hikes and camping trips!

13. Ocicat


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The ocicat is a combination of the Siamese, American shorthair, and Abyssinian breeds and while they’re a completely domestic breed, they certainly have a wild appearance. Muscular, athletic, and strong, they form strong bonds with all their human family members but tend to choose one special person to whom they attach deeply. 

Because they’re so energetic and intelligent, it’s important they have lots of toys to play with and activities to keep them occupied — things like puzzle games and window perches where they can watch the world go by are both great choices for this breed. 

14. Selkirk rex

Selkirk Rex

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With their curly coat and curly whiskers, the selkirk rex is both adorable and very unique. These loving and lively cats make wonderful additions to any family and while they definitely have their playful moments, they’re also very laid-back and love a good snuggle session on a warm and cozy lap. 

While not a demanding breed at all, separation anxiety in cats can be an issue with the selkirk rex due to their love of human interaction, so if you tend to be out a lot, we highly recommend opting for a more independent breed of cat. Oh, and believe it or not, their coat isn’t as high-maintenance as it looks, requiring just a weekly brush to keep it looking its best. 

15. Highlander


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A cross between the chausie and the desert lynx, the highlander is a muscular and athletic kitty with a short tail, curled ears, and tons of energy. A relatively new breed (they were developed in the 1990s), the highlander is a tall cat that measures around 22 inches and can weigh up to 20 pounds. 

If you’re torn between getting a cat or a dog, many say that a highlander is the perfect solution, offering up the best traits of both animals — they’re brilliant at playing fetch, will happily greet you at the door, and will be more than content to have a leash put on them and be taken on a walk. They are very affectionate and love to be the center of attention, so if you’re looking for a loyal and loving companion, the highlander may well be the cat for you. 

16. British shorthair

British shorthair cat

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One of the many fun facts about the British shorthair is that they are one of the oldest cat breeds. The British shorthair looks like a real-life teddy bear thanks to their rounded body and plush coat. While they aren’t fans of being cuddled or carried around, they are very fond of their humans and have an easy-going nature, and are active and playful without being boisterous or too full on. 

Affectionate but not needy, they get on well with all family members, including other cats and dogs, and make for sweet, laid-back, and loyal companions. 

17. American shorthair

American shorthair

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One of the easiest cat breeds to train thanks to their high level of intelligence, the American shorthair is easy-going, adaptable, gentle, patient, and tolerant — all qualities that make them wonderful family companions. A go-with-the-flow kitty who is rarely demanding attention, they are sweet-natured, super affectionate and they have an independent streak which means they’re quite happy to amuse themselves when you’re too busy to play.

A fun fact about American shorthairs is that they’re a versatile breed that will be perfectly at home in any environment. Be mindful that they started their life as ratters and because of that they have a high prey drive — something to bear in mind if you plan on letting them outside! 

18. Birman

Birman cat

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The birman is hands down one of the sweetest and gentlest cats around, so it’s no wonder that this fluffy feline with their bewitching blue eyes and soft and silky coat is such a firm favorite with everyone from singles and couples to families and seniors. 

An interesting fact about birman cats is that they were bred to be companion animals. They are social yet calm and while they enjoy chasing a favorite cat toy around the house, they’re also super affectionate and love a good cuddle. Kind, easygoing, curious, and clever, the birman makes a wonderfully loyal and friendly member of the family. 

19. American wirehair

American wirehair

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Looking for ways to be the best cat owner? Well, when it comes to the American wirehair, you’ll be their friend forever if you provide them with a window perch or two. These curious kitties love nothing more than to watch what’s going on in nature’s big backyard, and they love to play games too, remaining full of spunk and energy well into their senior years. 

Because they started off life as farm cats, they’re outstanding hunters, so if you plan on letting them roam around outdoors, be prepared for them to bring you back a gift from time to time! This breed is very people-oriented and their gentle and patient nature makes them a fantastic choice for families with young children. 

20. Exotic shorthair

Exotic shorthair

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An absolute joy to be around, the exotic shorthair typically reaches weights of around 12 pounds and has the looks and personality of a Persian — just without the high-maintenance coat! Easy to please, these warm and loving felines are affectionate, laid-back, and like to be involved in everything their family does. 

The perfect mix of active and chilled, they enjoy a good play session just as much as they love snuggling up on the couch with their humans. Known to be loyal and devoted to their humans, they can be aloof with strangers until they get to be well acquainted with them. 

21. Chartreux


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A French feline who weighs in at around 16 pounds, the Chartreux has strikingly bright copper eyes and a coat that has an almost wooly texture to it. If you’ve ever met a Chartreux before, you’d likely describe their demeanor as pleasant and refined.

This is a cat that knows how to be personable and friendly, without being demanding or needy. They are typically quiet and calm but are also known for their bouts of silliness, and while they will follow you from room to room some days, on others they are delightfully independent and happy to do their own thing.

22. Pixiebob

Pixiebob cat

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A bold, vocal, and active kitty with a large body, heavy limbs, and a short tail, the pixiebob looks a lot like the American bobcat. Fearless and devoted companions, this breed is highly intelligent and loves learning new tricks. You’ll find leash training to be a walk in the park and they’ll happily accompany you on family adventures in the great outdoors — which makes them one of the best cats for extroverts

While they have quite a wild appearance, they are total sweethearts and although they love to play, they’re not high-energy, making them a solid choice if you’re after a chilled-out feline friend. 

23. Manx

Manx cat

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A cat without a tail? Surely not! While the idea of a tailless cat seems strange, the manx manages to carry it off with style — and their sweet disposition means that nobody seems to mind nature’s mistake one little bit. Hailing from the Isle of Man where they’re somewhat of a national treasure, the manx is a gentle and unassuming kitty with outstanding hunting abilities. 

They have a round appearance and a thick double coat which means they tolerate cold weather well. While they do have a strong independent streak (this is not a cat that needs you to fuss over them 24/7) they are very devoted to their family and enjoy socializing and playing with them. 

24. Somali

Somali cat

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Sporting a body covered in luscious locks, the Somali with their stunning gold, amber, or green eyes is one of the most beautiful cats you’ll ever come across. A long-haired version of the Abyssinian, the Somali is gregarious, tirelessly active, and filled with never-ending curiosity. 

This breed is very extroverted and demanding of attention, so they’re not recommended for those in search of a quiet life. However, if you’re not worried about having a lap cat and would prefer a super engaging companion who’s as close to a dog as you’ll get in cat form, then the affectionate and playful Somali is well worth considering.  

25. Abyssinian

Abyssinian cat

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They may be lean and muscular, but the Abyssinian is still a big cat, reaching weights of around 12 pounds and heights of approximately 10 inches. Super high energy, they’re sociable, spirited, and get along famously with just about everyone — including other cats and dogs. 

Deeply curious creatures, Abyssinians adore their humans, so if you’re looking for ways to bond with your cat, simply let them follow you around all day and they’ll be happy. Natural explorers, this breed loves getting into every nook and cranny in the home, so we highly recommend protecting any precious items you don’t want them to have access to. They’re natural climbers and jumpers, so a good-sized cat tree is a must-have if you have an Abyssinian in your home. 

26. Siamese

Siamese cat

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If you’re after a quiet, chilled life, you’ll want to steer clear of the very vocal siamese! An affectionate and devoted companion who adores following their people around and chatting away, this is the breed for you if you want a feline friend who will always engage in conversation. 

Playful, energetic, and dog-like in nature, they require a lot of physical and mental stimulation to ensure they stay happy, healthy, and out of mischief. They tend to have big appetites and can be quite demanding of food, so you’ll need to resist their charms to avoid overfeeding them. 

27. Scottish fold 

Scottish fold

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Did you know that these little cuties are born with straight ears? Just one of many surprising facts about Scottish fold cats that we’ve learned recently! These good-natured, sweet-tempered kitties have become super popular in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. 

Calm and affectionate, they tend to be quiet, easygoing, loyal, and adaptable, which makes them a good choice for pretty much any living situation or environment. They love their families and are very social, but they’re not demanding and tend to enjoy sitting quietly beside you as opposed to being picked up and cuddled. 

28. Burmese


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There are so many reasons to love burmese cats — their endless curiosity and sensitive natures being two of our favorites. Burmese have a reputation for winning over absolutely everybody (including those who swear they hate cats), and we’re not surprised. A delightful breed with huge eyes and a dog-like personality, the Burmese tends to reach weights of around 15 pounds, although thankfully they’re real little dynamos and burn off a lot of energy tearing through the house in hot pursuit of their favorite toy. 

They are real velcro cats and attach very strongly to their humans, so they don’t do well when left alone for long periods. One of the cat breeds most likely to suffer from separation anxiety, you’ll want to be home most of the time if you plan on welcoming one of these sweethearts into your family. 

29. Egyptian mau

Egyptian Mau

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A relatively rare kitty, the Egyptian mau has an impressively long history with the breed dating back some 3,000 years. With a spotted coat and gorgeous green eyes, this is one pretty kitty and their temperament is just as lovely. Intelligent cats that are loyal to their family unit, the Egyptian mau can be quite shy and aloof around strangers but they soon warm up once they get to know people. 

Because they love to play, they get on well with children, and as long as they’re socialized from a young age, you’ll find they can co-exist very peacefully with other cats and dogs. While not as chatty as the Burmese or siamese, they’re still quite vocal and they have a wonderful sense of humor, so they’re guaranteed to make you laugh. 

30. Toyger


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If you’ve never heard of the toyger before, rest assured, you’re not alone. Developed in the United States in the 1980s, the toyger is one of the newest cat breeds on the block and they remain super rare. Named because it looks like a toy tiger, the toyger reaches lengths of around 18 inches and weighs in at roughly 15 pounds. 

They have a beautiful temperament — easygoing, friendly, and affectionate, they make wonderful companions, but they do require a big time investment as they need a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Highly trainable, they have a sweet disposition and get on well with other pets. 

31. Russian blue

Russian blue

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Easy to groom and easy to train, the Russian blue is known for its sweet but cautious nature. They are very loving and yet at the same time they have an independent streak which means they’re not clingy or needy. 

One thing to know about Russian blues is that they thrive on stability, predictability, and routine, so they’re best suited to homes that can offer them this. Although shy with strangers, they bond deeply with their humans and tend to greet them at the door whenever they return home. Calm and sensitive, they enjoy a good cuddle and while they can be vocal, they're very softly spoken.

32. Shelter cat

Ginger cat

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Thinking of adopting a kitten or an older cat? Getting one from your local shelter can be a great choice and when it comes to large cats, you’ll find plenty to choose from! There are always lots of pedigree and non-pedigree shelter cats in desperate need of safe and loving homes and if you have a particular fondness for fuller-figured felines, perusing your local shelter is the perfect way to guarantee you find the kitty who’s right for you. 

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