32 easiest cat breeds to train

Cat sitting at owner's feet
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Cats may not be the first animals you think of when thinking of training a pet. But it is certainly possible to train a cat and it could even be beneficial for them and you. You can train everything from using the litter box to getting in and out of the carrier or even coming when called. 

Training also gives your kitty a good mental workout which can help make sure they don't get bored or simply make them tired enough to sleep at night. You'll want to be sure that you're prepped with all of the essentials when you begin, things like the best cat treats are a must when training a cat. 

Some cat breeds are quicker to pick up new skills, and we've rounded up a list of these breeds here for you. Let's see which cat breeds have made the cut. 

32 easiest cat breeds to train

1.  Abyssinian 

Abyssinian cat

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The Abyssinian is known for their high energy levels. But they are not just super athletic, they are also very intelligent and get bored easily if left unstimulated. They will certainly enjoy a training session to give their brain a workout. 

2. Bengal

Bengal cat

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The fact that Bengals are highly trainable is just one of the fascinating facts about Bengal cats. Bengals are super smart and very curious, making learning new tricks and skills a favorite hobby of theirs.

3. American shorthair

American shorthair cat

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This clever cat is known for being quite smart and also very athletic.  Stocking up on some of the best interactive cat toys will give this kitty both a physical and mental workout. 

4. Maine coon

Maine coon cat

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Gentle giants of the cat world, Maine coons are large cats and require plenty of exercise to stay feeling their best. Luckily, training can take on the form of exercise and provide these cats with both the physical and mental exercise they need. 

5. Japanese bobtail

Japanese bobtail cat

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This intelligent breed loves to play and is a very social cat. The Japanese bobtail also loves interacting with its pet parents, so will definitely enjoy a training session with you. 

6. Pixiebob

Pixiebob cat

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With their large muscular bodies, you may think this breed is all about physical activities. While it's true, that you would benefit from having one of the best cat trees in your home, the pixiebob also craves mental stimulation.

In fact, doing some training sessions on different heights such as having your cat sitting on top of their tree or scratching post is just one of our top tips for training your cat

7. Ocicat 


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One of the high energy cat breeds, the ocicat has endless levels of energy and also requires plenty of mental stimulation during the day. This breed is very smart and will enjoy the challenge of learning a new trick or two. 

8. Somali

Somali cat

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Somali cats are very intelligent and keeping them stimulated, can help curb any unwanted behaviors, you may see if they get bored. This is just one of the reasons to train your cat.

9. Siamese

Siamese cat

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Siamese cats for known for their curious nature, which makes them easy cats to train as they are always ready to learn something new. In fact, knowing how to leash train a cat could be very helpful with this breed as well as having one of the best cat harnesses.

10. Turkish van

Turkish van

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Turkish van cats are very energetic and love lapping up attention from their pet parents. Since they are eager to please, they can be easy to train. 

11. Savannah 

Savannah cat

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Savannah cats are bursting with energy and have a high need for mental stimulation as well. They are also one of the cat breeds that prefer being outdoors, so you may want to try a training session outside with them. 

12. Persian

Persian cat

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Their gorgeous coats are just one of the reasons to love Persian cats. However, they are also very intelligent felines. If you're going to begin training as a kitten, you will want to stock up on the best kitten treats, to keep your kitty engaged. 

13. Cornish rex

Corinish rex kittens

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The Cornish rex loves being the center of attention. They enjoy playing with their pet parents and will certainly enjoy a training session with you. 

14. Russian blue

Russian blue cat

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Russian blue cats attach very strongly to one particular person, but they are still warm and engaging with the rest of their family. Training a Russian blue can be a breeze as they are very clever cats and enjoy spending one-on-one time with their pet parent.

15. Egyptian mau

Egyptian mau cat

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Egyptian maus like to be perched up high, and are known to be very athletic. They also need plenty of mental stimulation as well, which is good because this can be worked into playtime with some of the best cat toys.

16. Korat

Korat cat in carrier

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As they are very inquisitive and eager to learn new things, Korats can be easy to train. They also enjoy spending quality time with their pet parents, and a training session can be one of the ways to bond with your cat

17. Burmese

Burmese cat

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Since Burmese cats love getting attention from their pet parents, they are generally good with training and learning new skills. 

18. Bombay

Bombay cat sitting on cat tower

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Bombay cats are very social and attach strongly to their pet parents. They will enjoy spending one-on-one time in a training session with you. However, because they are so social, separation anxiety in cats can be a problem with this breed. 

19. Havanah brown

Havanah brown cat

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If you are on the hunt for one of the best cats for introverts, this may be the breed for you. They attach strongly to one person, and while they do enjoy playing with their pet parent, they are just as happy playing on their own.

20. Singapura

Singapura cat

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One of the best cat breeds for hot climates, the singapura is also very clever. They can quickly pick up new tricks and will thrive by spending quality time with their pet parents.

21. Scottish fold

Scottish fold cat playing with toy

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One surprising fact about Scottish fold cats is that they are very intelligent and easy to train. Whether you're teaching them to use the litter box or respond to their name, they are quick to catch on to any new skill. 

22. Tonkinese

Tonkinese cat

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Tonkinese cats are very active and smart. They are known to get into mischief if left to their own devices. It is a good idea to have regular training sessions with this breed to help keep them out of trouble.

23. Balinese

Balinese cat

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This slender and elegant kitty is clever indeed. They are very social and enjoy spending time with their pet parents, which makes training them that much easier.

24. Sphynx

Sphynx cat sitting in window

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This is a breed that needs a lot of stimulation. They are very smart and tend to get bored quickly. Sphynx cats are known for their hairless appearance, but that doesn't mean they won't enjoy a good snuggle session with their loved ones.

25. Oriental shorthair

Oriental shorthair cat

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The Oriental shorthair is just one of the white cat breeds that will melt your heart. They are very intelligent and active, so keeping them busy with regular training sessions is a good idea.

26. Domestic shorthair 

Domestic shorthair cat sitting on rug

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Lovingly called 'Mutts of the cat world,' due to their mixed backgrounds, the domestic cat is very adaptable and smart. While they don't require super high levels of mental stimulation, they do need an outlet for their kitten-like energy. This is where training can really help.

27. British shorthair

British shorthair cat

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British shorthair cats are a more low energy cat breed. While they are happy just hanging out, they do still require enough mental stimulation throughout their day. Their easy-going nature means that they will generally be up for a training session wherever you are. 

28. Siberian forest cat

Siberian forest cat sitting on couch

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The Siberian forest cat is quite clever and loves problem-solving. Along with their normal training sessions, you may want to invest in one of the best cat puzzle feeders, to give their brain a great workout too. 

29. Chartreux

Chartreux cat sitting on couch

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A very low-maintenance breed, the Chartreux enjoys spending time with their loved ones. Short bursts of playing while still having enough time to nap is what this cat is all about. 

30. Snowshoe

Snowshoe cat with owner

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A very intelligent breed, the snowshoe cat thrives on getting attention. They will happily work on new skills and behaviors if that means you're giving them plenty of positive reinforcement and some of the best DIY cat treats.

31. American wirehair

American wirehair cat

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The American wirehair is said to be both intelligent and very independent. Spending quality time working on new skills a few minutes a day can go a long way with this breed. This is just one way to raise a happy and healthy kitten

32. Manx

Manx cat sitting in the grass

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Don't let their independent streak fool you. While they are happy to do their own thing, they still benefit from and enjoy spending time with their pet parents. They are also pretty even-tempered, so working on new skills shouldn't be too hard with this breed. 

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