Best Pet Water Fountains

Cat drinking from water fountain
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You always want to make sure your pets are properly cool and hydrated and are getting as much water as they desire exactly when they need it. You don’t want dogs and cats drinking dirty contaminated liquids with potentially harmful bacteria causing them health problems, so it’s crucial they get clean water from a sanitized source. Fortunately, a decent pet drinking fountain comes equipped with filters for more healthy water, so here are our top recommendations.

Best stainless-steel fountain

Pet water fountain

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WONDER CREATURE Pet Water Fountain 2.5L

Robust long-lasting stainless-steel water fountain with accessories

The Wonder Creature fountain contains high-grade, unbreakable stainless steel, which is very hygienic, easily cleaned, and corrosive resistant. This is the ideal choice for pet owners seeking a drinking surface known to be both long lasting and more sanitary. All the accessories you need come included: a mat, brushes, 2 spouts providing 4 different drinking modes, and a foam filter as well as the triple-filtration system.

Best budget water fountain

Pet water fountain

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CLEEBOURG Multiple Pet Water Fountain 2L

An affordable pet drinking fountain with exceptional features

For those on the smallest budget, you won’t find anything of better quality at this entry price than the CLEEBOURG. Coming with 3 different water flows and an impressive 2-liter capacity, you can easily check the current water level via a transparent window. You also receive a safety mat and 2 replacement filters with your purchase. Be assured that a budget price doesn’t compromise on hygiene or safety, as the Cleebourg is constructed with pet-safe materials and an upgraded filtration system.

Best small capacity fountain

Cat with pet water fountain

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NPET WF050 1.5L Automatic Pet Drinking Fountain

Space-saving water fountain for one-pet households

Should you be looking for something on the smaller scale due to minimal space or only having the one pet, the NPET WF050 offers 1 and a half liters of capacity, complete with faucet. The transparent design permits owners to see exactly when to refill or clean the fountain, or if there is any dirt or contamination. The non-toxic and odorless design means that you can store water for up to a week. Easy to install and maintain, the activated carbon filter enables consistent hygienic water flow. 

Best large capacity fountain

Pet water fountain

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KASTTY Pet Water Fountain 3L

Large capacity drinking fountain for multi-pet homes

Having numerous pets, or one very large thirsty animal should point you in the direction of a fountain boasting higher storage capacity. With a replaceable coconut-shell-activated carbon filter ensuring all 3 liters are properly filtered and clean, the KASTTY Pet Water Fountain comes with an LED light that tells owners exactly when to refill. The silent pump runs on low power and the 2 settings “flower waterfall” and “gentle fountain”, create visuals that attract your pets to drink more water.

Best ceramic water fountain

Pet water fountain

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VINDOX Ceramic Cup Cake Pet Fountain

Novelty cup-cake shaped ceramic pet water fountain

Ideal for those willing to go that extra mile on aesthetics, the VinDox Pet Fountain is made from reinforced porcelain in a vintage waterfall style, available in 4 different colors. Dual filtration and 3 stage purification make this product just as hygienic as the alternatives. What’s more, the pleasing design means the VinDox wouldn’t look out of place in nature, possibly dissuading pets from drinking unclean rainwater outdoors.

Selecting the best pet water fountain

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Choosing the best water fountain for your pet can be dependent on personal preference and budget. For anyone who wishes to offer a safe drinking experience on a budget without compromising hygiene, the CLEEBOURG Water Fountain is the best option.

If you only have a small dog or cat or are limited on space then the compact capacity of the NPET WF050 Water Fountain is ideal. Those with a greater number of pets should consider the larger KASTTY Fountain which is double the size of our smallest recommendation. Owners wanting to quench their pet's thirst with something more robust, long-lasting and hygienic, can opt for our stainless steel top choice from WONDER CREATURE.


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