Is the Cane Corso the ultimate canine bodyguard?

The Cane Corso attacks an intruder
(Image credit: Beastly)

The Cane Corso dog represents joy for those who are disappointed at the disappearance of ancient breeds.

Thanks to breeders Confidential Kennels, based in Riverside, California, they are making a comeback, and are here to stay, 

“The Cane Corso is bred to fight through pain and fear. We’re talking about a dog that’s more like a bodyguard,” said Confidential Kennels co-owner Angela, whose family have been dog breeders going back three to four generations, and has been breeding Cane Corso since 2006.

The dogs weigh between 100 and 150 pounds and include among their number six-year-old Hanna (recently revealed to be pregnant); two-year-old Yakare, seven-month old Kapu (who Confidential Kennels co-owner Jesse reveals can take commands in English, French and Portugese), four-year-old Xerxes (“a very sweet boy”, according to Jesse) and eight-year-old Bella.

“A good Cane Corso can go sit and play with children, and five seconds later be told to attack an assailant,” said Angela. 

The dogs are sold for purposes of protection, and can cost up to £10,000. Additionally, Confidential Kennels operates a program called 'Reuniting Warriors With Warriors', which sees them donate trained Cane Corsos to wounded war veterans.

Having originally served as protectors to Roman soldiers, it’s fitting that some of their number have ended up working with a more recent generation of fighters.

The crew at Confidential Kennels is all-female in a primarily male-dominated industry, a fact that Angela is proud of. "I want women to feel safe and secure and empowered, them being a part of preserving the Cane Corso makes them feel strong".

Having seen the dogs in action, they certainly fit the bill in this regard, looking suitably jovial when trotting down the street, but utterly fearsome when facing off against an assailant in the various training scenarios set up by the team. We certainly wouldn’t want to mess with them!

Steve Wright

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