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6 super fun Cyber Monday dog toy deals

cyber monday dog toy deals 2021
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These Cyber Monday dog toy deals are well worth jumping on if you’re after a little something special to pop under the Christmas tree for your good boy or girl this year. 

Save anywhere from 40% to a mind blowing 65% on six of the best dog toys of 2021, including the popular festive version of Chewy's Goody Box, packed full of holiday dog toys, treats & accessories this season. Not to mention, great savings on bouncy balls that are sure to keep your canine on their paws!  

Whether you’re after a new chew toy for your buddy or an entertaining game that you can play together, these super fun Cyber Monday dog toy deals have got you and your canine companion covered.

PetsRadar's pick of the best Cyber Monday dog toy deals

Goody Box Holiday Dog Toys, Treats & Accessories
RRP: $42.76 | Now: $24.99 | Save: $17.77 (42%) (opens in new tab)
Make your dog’s holidays merry and bright with a limited-edition Goody Box. Your pup will get a cozy blanket, a festive bandana, a full-size bag of treats and two fun new toys to play with over the holidays. Ideal for medium and large dogs.

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Interactive Dog Bowl
RRP: $19.99 | Now: $7.99 | Save: $12.00 (60%) (opens in new tab)
Slow your pup down at dinner time with this meal-lengthening fun feeder that contains ridges and mazes your dog needs to navigate to get their food. Not only does it promote healthy eating but it helps prevent bloat and regurgitation and it has a non-slip base to hold it in place. 

Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball Tough Dog Toy
RRP: $13.99 | Now: $3.86 | Save: $9.25 (65%) (opens in new tab)
This is a fantastic deal on one of the most popular dog toys around and you don't just get one of these durable toys but two! With a high bounce and natural rubber material, these balls are great for both land and water and the bright colors make retrieval a breeze. 

Benebone Multipack Holiday Durable Dog Chew Toy
RRP: $48.80 | Now: $29.11 | Save: $19.69 (40%) (opens in new tab)
Packed with the irresistible scent and taste of 100% real bacon and maple wood, these four long-lasting durable chews are uniquely shaped to make them hold up well to super chewers and are the ideal festive treat for your furry friend this Christmas.

Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Tornado Puzzle Game Dog Toy
RRP: $24.99 | Now: $10.87| Save: $14.12 (57%) (opens in new tab)
Challenge your canine companion with this interactive toy that features four layers of rotating disks with compartments to hide treats. Pitched at a difficulty level of two, this puzzle is ideal for providing your pup with plenty of mental stimulation and is suitable for dogs of any age or size.

Nylabone Power Play Crazy Ball
RRP: $14.14 | Now: $4.89| Save: $9.25 (57%) (opens in new tab)

With an erratic bounce that will keep your canine on their toes with a challenging chase and fetch session, this crazy ball has six raised sides to create multiple grab points for easy pickup and can be thrown up to 125 feet. Made of heavy-duty rubber, this durable dog toy has a hollow core that makes a whistling sound as it soars to provide hours of amusement for you and your pup.

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