New cat house subscription service will deliver unique cardboard houses to your feline

New cat house subscription service Habicats
(Image credit: Habicats)

If your feline friend can't get enough of cardboard boxes, then a new cat house subscription service might just be their idea of heaven.

Called Habicats, the company takes the trend for stylish, custom cat cardboard box houses to a whole new level. 

For when your cat looks to jump into the nearest drab box, while you, the pet owner, despairs at their refusal to use their luxury cat bed, the service's focus on design and material will please both parties.

Whether you love the thought of your kitty hanging out in their very own swiss chalet or looking cool in a juice box, Habicats will look to send your pet a new unique cat house monthly, bi-annually or annually.

The designs are created by entrepreneur Courtney Spens and graphic designer Allie Valdez; each house that arrives through your door will focus on a new design each time so you can be certain that you'll always receive a unique playhouse. 

Each house features high quality digital printing with non-toxic residues and is fully recyclable, simply pop it into the compost if it's eventually looking worse for wear.

If your cat loves to play a little rough, rest assured the playhouses are constructed with durability in mind and even contain a designated scratching place for your kitty.

Scratcher pads form the base of the house, a clever way to reduce unwanted scratching in your home if you've not yet invested in a quality cat scratching post or two. 

Love the idea? If you can't wait to treat your furkid to a fabulous new play home, you can be one of the first pet owners to try it out. 

At present, the idea is crowdfunding via platform IndieGogo alongside an official launch website, but pet owners will soon be able to order the playful cat houses by choosing a subscription plan and paying online.

Once the cat house has arrived straight to your door, you simply follow the easy-to-assemble instructions to set-up your kitty's unique playhouse.

If you'd like to pledge funds to receive early bird access in the meantime, or even get the opportunity to design your very own Habicats house that will be brought to life by the duo next year, simply visit the project's official crowdfunding page.

Ashleigh Gibbs
Digital Editor

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