The Furbo Dog Camera is now on sale for the best price

furbo dog camera sale
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If you've been toying with buying the Furbo Dog Camera, then now might just be the perfect time to snap up a bargain.

The gadget is one of the best Amazon Prime Day pet deals you can pick up in the online retailer's two day event, lasting from June 21-22.

The all-in-one camera and treat dispenser is frequently voted as one of the best pet cameras you can buy, and offers peace of mind to pet parents who have to leave their beloved companions at home. 

The Furbo Dog Camera is jam-packed with smart features. Its treat-dispensing function actively fires 1cm treats a full metre away, with a randomness to its launch method that should keep your dog interested.

It also works with Amazon’s Alexa, and you can set up dispensing routines in order to keep your canine on its toes during the day.

Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera

| RRP: $169.00 | Now: $118.00 | Save: $51.00 (30%) at Amazon

See, talk, toss treats and receive Barking Alerts with the Furbo Dog Camera.

The Furbo Dog Camera also features bark alerts. It'll send a message to your phone when your pup is bothering the neighbors, the idea being that you can then open up the app and use two-way talk (or even pop out a little treat) to placate your pet. 

These alerts are adjustable, meaning you can tweak them to only trigger at a certain volume level and choose to only be notified when your dog is really raising the roof.

The Furbo Dog Camera doesn't only hang its hat on smart features, though. It's no slouch as a camera, carrying effective black and white night-vision capabilities, a perfectly decent Full HD hi-res camera sensor, and a 160-degree lens that should help you cover as much of your main room as possible. You can zoom in via the app too.

With over 23,000 high ratings on Amazon, the Furbo Dog Camera is praised for being easy to set up, is great for dogs who are undergoing crate training and is a bit of a saving grace in helping dogs who suffer from separation anxiety

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