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National Cat Day: When is it and how can you celebrate?

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If you’re like us and believe that cats rule the world, then get ready to celebrate because National Cat Day is almost here! It may fall just once a year, but this magical day is all about going big and celebrating all that’s wonderful about our feline friends.

Whether you’re looking to adopt a kitty, spoil your current fur baby, or just adore cats and want to join millions of other people in singing their praises, National Cat Day has something for you.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about this special annual event, including what’s involved, when it is, and how you can join in the festivities. So, without further ado, let’s paw our way through all those important details.

What is National Cat Day?

Colleen Paige is a Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, Author, Artist, Conservationist, Animal Welfare Advocate and founder of National Cat Day, an event that aims to celebrate cats and help find them forever homes.

The crew that run National Cat Day believe every kitty should have a forever home where they are safe, loved, and cherished as member of the family. Instead of buying a cat from a pet shop, Paige believes in adoption to help reduce the number of cats that are sitting in shelters around the country.

National Cat Day is a day to spoil your fur baby a little more than you usually would, perhaps by buying them one of the best cat toys, giving them a few extra treats or indulging in extra cuddles. It’s also a day to donate to shelters around the country that support cats and to be aware of the great advocacy work that Paige and her team do throughout the year. 

When is National Cat Day?

Launched in 2005, this year marks 16 years since National Cat Day got underway and in 2021 this all-important date falls on Friday October 29th so make sure you get it marked on your calendar!

How can you celebrate on National Cat Day?

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1. Adopt a cat from your local shelter

One of the best ways to get involved this National Cat Day is to adopt a feline furkid from a shelter or cat rescue organization in your area. You can search for an available pet by using the Shelter Pet Project or pop in and have a chat to the friendly shelter staff in your neighborhood. 

Adopting a pet is a big responsibility and requires a commitment for the life of the cat, so make sure you feel you’re in the right position financially and lifestyle wise before bringing home a new forever friend.

2. Volunteer at a shelter

If you don’t quite feel ready to adopt but are desperate to have some kitty love in your life, why not sign up to be a volunteer? Animal rescue shelters are always looking for people to play with cats that are up for adoption and to clean cages and litter boxes.

3. Bake up a storm

Love hitting the kitchen and whipping up tasty treats? Why not turn your love of baked goods into a fundraiser. You can either make things designed for human consumption or do something a little different and sell your own DIY cat treats. After you’ve sold out (and you will!) you can donate the proceeds to your local shelter.

4. Get snap happy

One of the simplest ways to get involved in National Cat Day is to spend some time taking photos of you and your fur baby and then posting them on Facebook or Instagram with the tag #nationalcatday.

5. Treat your kitty to a new accessory...or two!

Whether it’s splurging on one of the best luxury cat beds, getting a new cat scratching post or treating your kitty to a few new toys, there are plenty of amazing accessories on the market that can bring your feline friend tons of joy. National Cat Day only comes once a year, so spoiling your companion is the purr-fect way to say I love you!

What's the difference between National Cat Day and International Cat Day?

International Cat Day is celebrated on the 8th of August each year and was created by the International Fund for Animal Welfare as a way to raise awareness for cats and learn about ways to help protect them.

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