TikTok dog star goes viral with speedy trench digging skill

sissysticks tiktok digging
(Image credit: Instagram / @sissysticks)


If you think your dog has lightning fast digging skills, then prepare to be challenged by Sissysticks on TikTok, also known as Sissy the farm dog who has won over the Internet with her ability to create trenches in record time.

With over 198,000 followers and 3.3 million likes on the social platform, the hard-working pooch’s boundless energy and love of digging has seen her become one of social media's favorite rising stars.  

In several videos posted to the @Sissysticks20 account, the clever canine shows off her prowess with just a bucket of water and a whole lot of enthusiasm.

Bounding in the air in response to the water, the pup immediately springs into action quickly tracking its flow and rapidly digging beneath her.

The cattle dog makes quite a splash, energetically whipping up a trench in a flash and clearly loving every moment.

Described as a "working dog living life one quirk at a time" and the "queen of the barn" by her owners, Sissy demonstrates just how helpful she is on the farm with her wide variety of skills. 

When she's not impressing social media with her trench-making ability, the dedicated dog can be also be seen scaling the heights of pine shavings, playing with her favorite hula hoop and occasionally stopping for a snooze or two. 

Watch her in action below and follow Sissy's skills on the farm via her TikTok and Instagram accounts. 



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