Snow sledding dog learning to sleigh for the first time goes viral

snow sledding dog takes to the slopes in TikTok viral video
(Image credit: TikTok / @lanatzuelke)

You think you may have seen it all before but we bet you’ve never seen a snow sledding dog quite as cool as this canine.

Christmas may officially be over but that doesn’t mean the snow has stopped falling and that can only mean one thing: we get to enjoy playing in the snow and sledding over and over again, just like this playful pup!

TikTok user,@lanatzuelke, shared a video of her Chocolate Lab, Nola, to her 10.4K TikTok followers with the caption “When you bring your duck dog snow sledding”.

In the clip, which (at the time of sharing this story) had been viewed more than six million times, the adorable pup can be seen waiting patiently on her red sled.


♬ original sound - lanatzuelke

Turning her head round as if to say “I’m ready!”, the canine is given a gentle nudge before whizzing off down the super snowy slope.

As another dog chases after the Chocolate Labrador with excitement, the pair veer off into some nearby trees. But, all is well, and the dynamic duo can be seen emerging with their tails wagging in delight.

Shortly before the clip ends, the Chocolate Labrador heads back into the forested area to retrieve the red sled and begin the ascent up the slope for round two!

In a more recent clip, which was uploaded a day or so later, this pup’s love of sledding is evident. 


♬ original sound - lanatzuelke

The caption for the new clip reads “Y’all wanted more videos of Nola sledding! This was a 2-3 hour ordeal! She just kept wanting to go again”. 

Clearly, Nola has no plans of giving up her sledding anytime soon!

Chloe Petrylak

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