Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed review

Reward your pooch with a good night’s sleep on the luxurious Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed

Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed
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The Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed features a two-layer memory foam construction and supportive design that perfectly cushions your pup’s joints, leaving them feeling like they’re sleeping on a cloud.


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    Durable and supportive two-layer foam construction

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    Machine washable cover


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The Casper Memory Foam Dog bed is a cut above anything else we’ve seen on the market when it comes to offering a supportive and comfortable night’s sleep. The best luxury dog bed that money can buy, this pressure-relieving orthopedic bed is ideal for older dogs or any pup suffering from achy joints.

Made from durable and chew-resistant bonded microfibers, the bed features raised bolsters for your hound to rest their head against and creates a safe and sheltered sleeping space that will leave your furkid feeling secure. 

As you’d expect from one of the best dog beds on the market, the Casper Memory Foam Dog bed has an easy-to-remove machine-washable cover and a concealed zip that won’t scratch your floors. Plus, it’s been designed not to sink or sag, offering outstanding longevity.

There’s no denying the Casper Memory Foam Dog bed has a lot to offer, but all that quality doesn’t come cheap, so put your feet up, get comfortable, and let’s find out if this luxury dog bed is worth the expensive price tag.

Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed: Features

Engineered by the same team behind the Casper mattress, this luxury dog bed features a two-layer foam construction composed of Visco Elastic Memory Foam and Polyurethane Support Foam that work together to create a pressure-relieving structure that will support your dog from head to tail.

The nylon, polyester and olefin cover consists of some of the strongest bonded microfibers available making it incredibly durable while also mimicking the sensation that dogs get when pawing at loose earth. It easily zips off for washing and can be popped in the machine on a gentle cycle and tumble dried if required.

We love the bolsters on this bed that provide extra support for your dog’s head and neck and the bed gently hugs their muscular-skeletal system, making it an excellent choice if your pup suffers from arthritis or the aches and pains associated with getting older.

The fortified construction of this bed means it won’t sink, sag, or slump over time, so while the bed is certainly more expensive than almost all others on the market, you do make up for the initial cost over time with outstanding longevity.

And it’s not just the needs of your dog that have been taken into account with this bed. Aside from being easy to clean, it’s also been designed with sewn-in pockets that hide the metal zippers, so you don’t need to worry about your floors being scratched. 

The Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed is available in small through to large sizing, so breeds up to 90lbs will fit on here comfortably. If your dog is a bigger breed, check out our guide to the best large dog beds which contains plenty of great options.

Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed: User reviews

Following a string of success with their mattresses, Casper have struck yet another home run with their memory foam dog bed with users across multiple sites raving about everything from the strong material to the supportive design.

One happy customer writes: “Great bed! Our Weimaraner is 10 years old and has had leg and hip issues. This bed is super supportive and we can definitely tell a difference when he gets up in the morning. He seems to sleep more soundly and he can get up more easily. Definitely a worthwhile investment for the comfort of our pet.”

Another buyer reports: “We have a 4 month old Siberian Husky. We purchased this bed for her as a way to get her out of our bed. She loved it from Day 1. We have tried other beds, but they were either too hot or too squishy or too flat... It seems very durable, very soft, and cooling for her. She is able to sleep through the night without any issues and usually we have to wake her up in the morning.”

There are thousands of similar glowing 5-star reviews, but as with all products, some customers note a few drawbacks, with one stating the cost simply can’t be justified: “Not worth the price. Probably the best quality dog bed on the market but no dog bed is worth this. Purchasing confirmed that. Dog loves it though, memory foam is decent and the upholstery is good quality. Not very soft but strong.” 

A few other reviewers feel the bolsters don’t sit as highly as they should and that impacted their dog’s ability to get comfortable. These sorts of less favorable reviews are few and far between for the Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed though and given that the company does offer a 30-night risk-free trial, we think it’s worth taking this beauty for a spin.

Should you buy the Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed?

The Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed is well worth considering if you have a senior dog, a pup who suffers from arthritis or joint pain, or you simply want to give your hound a luxurious sleeping experience that will leave them feeling like they’re floating on a cloud.

While the Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed is definitely not the cheapest model on the market, we feel the quality construction, health and sleep benefits, and durability make it a worthwhile investment if your budget can stretch to it. And if it can? Well, we’re pretty sure this bed will get two big paws up from your pup!

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