Pecute Dog Nail Grinder with LED Light review

The Pecute Dog Nail Grinder with LED Light is PetsRadar’s top choice, if you’re after a fully-featured grooming device to keep your pooch or puss’ paws perfectly manicured

pecute dog nail grinder
(Image: © Pecute)

PetsRadar Verdict

A fantastic option to trim your best furry friends nails with no qualms


  • +

    Powerful enough for pets of all sizes and breeds

  • +

    LED light to aid grooming accuracy

  • +

    Generous 14-hour battery life


  • -

    Fast charge takes two hours

  • -

    Relatively heavy

  • -

    Not suitable for smaller animals

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The Pecute Dog Nail Grinder with LED Light should be the top choice of product to keep your pet’s paws in tip top condition this autumn. This quality device offers all the must-haves you need in a nail grinder including a rechargeable battery that lasts an impressive 14 hours between charges. Since the grinding process takes only a couple of minutes per nail, this PetsRadar Best Buy model effectively only needs charging every few months. As with most other nail grinding products, this one is mainly aimed at dog owners – perhaps because most cats either roam free outdoors and wear down their claws there, or they have scratching posts or furniture they can use.

Grinding sounds rather grim, but for domestic pets it’s often a preferable experience to having their nails clipped. This is because it’s all too easy to accidentally trim down the nail too far and cut into the quick (a painful experience that can cause bleeding). 

Pecute Dog Nail Grinder with LED Light: Features

Pecute makes several nail grinding products. This one tops the tree because of that all-important LED light. It can be tricky to distinguish between nail and paw, especially if your pet is less than keen to undergo a pedicure; the LED makes it easier to see what’s what and avoid grinding soft skin. 

Pecute equips this nail grinder with a 1800mAh battery and a choice of precision grinding at 7200rpm or a speedy 8000rpm setting if there’s a lot of neglected nail to file down. Other nail grinders offer power and speedy roughly two-thirds this amount, often with a much less generous battery life too. 

Another pleasing aspect is that operational sounds top out at 50dB. Much noisier than this and the device can seem rather intimidating to a nervous pet that probably won’t welcome the approach of something loud and whirring near their sensitive paws. As with some of the better nail grinders featured in our recent round-up of those to shortlist, the Pecute device is based around a brass shaft that helps dull vibrations and minimize sound. Although it’s not particularly ergonomically shaped, the solid shaft is quite comfortable to hold and operate. 

A choice of four grinding ports make this grooming device suitable for cats and dogs of all sizes, but the amount of power it wields suggests it’s less suited to use on guinea pigs and other small pets. 

Pecute Dog Nail Grinder with LED Light: User reviews

As you’d expect of PetsRadar’s Best Buy nail grinder, users are very happy with their purchase. Comments such as “I wish I’d bought this sooner” and “I thought it would be a waste of money but I highly recommend it” pepper customer feedback pages. Typical purchasers have researched nail grinders and been sceptical about their effectiveness, but have taken the plunge as they were unhappy with using nail clippers on their dogs. 

A number of pet grooming professionals have also given the Pecute Dog Nail Grinder with LED Light glowing reviews. The powerful motor proves efficient – a real plus in a commercial environment such as a pet parlour.

Other customers comment on the money-saving aspect of being able to trim their pets’ nails at home rather than having to fork out to get a pro to perform what should be a routine grooming task. Users suggest trust is established by getting the dog or cat gradually accustomed to the Pecute’s presence and then switching it on so the gentle whir becomes familiar. After this, nails can be ground a few seconds or a minute at a time with breaks in between. 

Customers with larger dog breeds comment that nail clipping may still be needed to get rid of long nails before grinding and filing electronically. This saves a rather lengthy nail grinding session on a pet with hard nails.

Overall, this excellent device gets a big thumbs up from most dog owners who’ve used it, with praise for how quiet it is and comments such as “fantastic” and “I love this machine.” 

Should you buy the Pecute Dog Nail Grinder?

Dog owners (and to a lesser extent cat owners) should have no hesitation in choosing the Pecute Dog Nail Grinder with LED Light for its reassuring power and gentle operation. If you’ve given up on clippers and need a failsafe option for keeping your pet’s nails manageable, this is the go-to device to buy. 


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