Your cat’s character revealed: Which one of the five cat personalities does your kitty have?

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According to Natusan, there are five different cat personalities that cats are likely to possess. Read on and find out which one is the best match to your cat.

Professor Peter Neville, an Animal Behaviourist, believes that understanding your cat’s personality can really help with their health and wellbeing, as it allows you to create an environment that meets their social and emotional needs.

Just like with any social interaction, whether that be with friends, family, or your four-legged feline friend, knowing what makes them tick and how they behave, can help you tailor your interactions with them for the best possible outcomes.

So which personality does your kitty most suit? Check out all five of the common cat personalities below to find out…

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1. Agreeable Alfie

If you find your kitty to be super chilled and often relaxing or not taking much notice of you, then they’re an Agreeable Alfie. These cats get on well in families and with other pets in the house too. This type of cat is great to have around children and younger cats, and you’ll rarely have any problem behaviour from them.

An Agreeable Alfie is the perfect companion for pet owners with busy lifestyles too, as they are very independent and will simply get on with things.

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2. Bossy Bella

Is your cat a little bit sassy? A Bossy Bella is the type of cat who knows how to get what they want. They can use their manipulation skills to get treats and cuddles from you, but will just as quickly turn their nose up at food you give them if they don’t like it.

These cats can be very dominant and will assert that dominance around other cats, especially when it comes to food. If you have multiple cats and one is a Bossy Bella, consider having two feeding stations to ensure the others eat enough, and remember, you can always use treats as leverage if they’re being particularly resistant to you.

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3. Nervous Nala

This is the quiet kitty that is often shy around others. If your pet is a bit of a scaredy-cat, then they’re likely a Nervous Nala. They are sensitive souls and will need a lot of reassurance, especially if they are young. They’ll enjoy lots of love and cuddles, and as they get to know you, you’ll see their confidence grow.

They’re usually better off as the only cat in the house until they feel safe, so remember to provide them with their own safe spaces that they can retreat to when they are feeling anxious.

Cat walking on windowsill

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4. Outgoing Oliver

Does your feline friend get excited when you walk through the door? Do they vocalize their hellos? Outgoing Olivers are the most extroverted of cats, they will let you know when they’re happy and when they’re not, and most of all, they love playtime.

Make sure you give Outgoing Olivers lots of playtime and attention as they can have a tendency to be a bit naughty and mischievous when bored. Cat-proofing your home is essential, and giving them plenty of toys and distractions will keep them happy. You can also find out more about what your cat is trying to communicate to you in our article on why do cats meow?

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5. Spontaneous Simba

Is your cat impulsive, making you feel like you never know what they’re going to do next? Well according to Natusan, around 20% of all cat owners believe they have a Spontaneous Simba with loads of energy that never seems to end.

This cat is likely to jump on your head during the night or dart around your house like they’ve just eaten a whole bag of Haribo. The best way to handle their spontaneous episodes is to engage in lots of interactive play (check out our round-up of the best interactive cat toys), and try to give them as much routine as possible.

Which personality does your cat have? You can find out by taking the personality quiz over at Natusan.

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