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Let’s face it, most canine’s love nothing more than chowing down on anything and everything that comes their way. But as a pet parent, you likely want them eating a little less of that bacon that gets slipped to them under the table and a little more of a food that’s formulated with their health and wellbeing at the forefront. Our pick of the best dry dog food does just that, and even better? It tastes pretty darn good too. 

Top pick

Dry dog food

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Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Formulated for your dog’s vitality

Jam-packed full of wholesome whole grains, garden vegetables, and fruit, this real chicken recipe is high in protein to build and maintain healthy muscles. With Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for a sleek and shiny coat, and healthy, hydrated skin, this natural formula is free from poultry by-products and other potential allergen-aggravating ingredients. Including Blue Wilderness’ exclusive LifeSource bits to help support immune system health, this high-quality kibble features a rich and meaty taste your canine won’t be able to resist chowing down on.

Best budget buy

Dry dog food

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Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition Grilled Steak and Vegetable

Bag a bargain with this 33lb bonus bag

If you have a hungry hound on your hands, then you’re going to love this value bag from Pedigree. This grilled steak and vegetable kibble will have your dog salivating as soon as you open the packet. Including zinc to nourish the skin and coat, and a crunchy formula to make that smile sparkle, this complete and balanced kibble has everything your dog needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With whole grains and fiber to keep the digestive tract in tip-top shape and free from added sugars and artificial flavors, this makes a great tasting and affordable meal that’s sure to please your pooch and your wallet.

Best for small dogs

Dry dog food

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Purina One Smart Blend Small Breed Formula

The perfect choice for the petite pooch

For the more dainty and discerning of diners, may we introduce these succulent lamb and rice bites that are formulated for the needs of adult dogs under 20lbs. This highly digestible, real meat dog food is nutrient-dense and is designed to support small dogs during their typically longer lifespan. An antioxidant blend delivers plenty of immune support alongside glucosamine for healthy joints, and Vitamins A and E for eye health. These tender and meaty morsels are highly digestible, meaning all that nutrition can get to work immediately.

Best natural formula

Dry dog food

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Rachael Ray Nutrish Chicken and Veggies

A winner of a chicken dinner

With real chicken as the first ingredient, there’s nothing fake about this premium natural kibble that provides a satisfying savory chicken crunch. Made with simple and wholesome ingredients, the high-quality protein from farm-raised chicken supports the growth and maintenance of lean muscle, while the veggies add fiber to aid digestion. Free from corn, wheat, soy, and gluten, this gentle formula is great for dogs with allergies, and the best part? A portion of your purchase goes to the Rachael Ray Foundation, which helps animals in need get the food and medical care they need.

Best grain-free

Dry dog food

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Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Recipe

Dry dog food with nutrient-rich novel proteins

You’ve got to love a recipe that deviates from the norm, and this roasted bison and venison dish does just that. Forgoing the usual chicken or beef, this kibble contains novel proteins that are less likely to irritate sensitive stomachs. It’s also grain-free, which is an added bonus for those dogs who suffer from allergies and it comes with probiotics to soothe the digestive tract. Packing a protein-punch at 32%, this energy-rich blend will power your pooch through the day, and the rich and meaty taste from the pasture-raised bison and venison is sure to put a smile on your doggy’s dial.

Best for senior dogs

Dry dog food

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IAMS Mature Adult Chicken and Whole Grains Recipe

Ward off arthritis with glucosamine for healthy joints

Made for the mature dog aged 7+, this veterinarian-recommended formula provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition for your canine companion. With DHA Gold for healthy cognition and visual sharpness, and essential nutrients to support strong bones and joints, this kibble also contains beet pulp to aid digestion. Omega 6 acids from the chicken fat keep your dog’s skin and coat looking lustrous, and the crunchy texture will scrub their teeth clean.

How to choose the best dry dog food

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Give your hound a hit of flavor and a dose of daily vitamins by choosing a high-quality dog food that delivers on taste and nutrition. We love the Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula because it’s jam-packed full of the best ingredients to help your furkid thrive. Another standout choice that uses novel proteins to pack a nutritional punch is Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Recipe. Grain-free and protein-rich, it’s a wholesome pick your pooch will love.

If you love a bargain, then it’s hard to go past Pedigree Adult Complete – coming in an impressively sized 33lb bag. A winner if you have a voracious eater on your hands! And for the smaller dog with a more restrained appetite? We highly recommend Purina ONE Smart Blend Small Breed Formula, designed to meet the nutritional needs of the more petite pooch.


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