Best GPS trackers for pets

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There’s nothing worse for a pet parent than having your furkid go missing, but with these great GPS trackers, you no longer have to worry about where your beloved pet is. With a range of features that let you pinpoint their whereabouts, view their location history, and set up safe boundaries, these durable and compact gadgets will help you sleep soundly at night knowing your four-legged friend is safe.

Top pick

Pet tracker

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Tile Pro High Performance Tracker

Perfect for pets who rarely leave the neighborhood

This incredibly compact and water-resistant unit is ideal for keeping track of your pet with the easy to use finder and free app. Simply attach the powerful Tile Pro tracker to your pet’s collar, and the Tile app will help you find them within a 400ft range, or when outside the Bluetooth range, the app will show their most recent location. Water-resistant and with a one-year user-replaceable battery, the device can be synced with Alexa and is great for pets that don’t tend to wander too far from home.

Best lightweight tracker

Pet tracker

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Tracki Small Portable Tracking Device

Your pet won’t even know they’re wearing it

If you don’t fancy weighing your pet down with a bulky tracker, then you’re going to love this option from Tracki. At ¼ the size and a ⅓ the weight of many trackers, this compact and lightweight device has a built-in SIM card that allows you to track your pet in any country around the world. Requiring a monthly subscription, the Tracki’s location is accessible on any computer or Android or iPhone apps. It has a one-month battery life when put in battery save sleep mode, and comes with a clip to attach to your pet's collar.

Best waterproof tracker

Pet tracker

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LandAirSea GPS Tracker

Keep tabs on your pet in even the worst weather conditions

Rain, sun, wind, and snow are no match for this tracker that can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. Durable and tough, this discrete tracker features real-time tracking and geofencing with boundary alerts to let you know where your pet is at all times. Easy to use with customizable settings, it’s lightweight and compact enough to not bother your furry friend when it’s on. The SIM card is included and the monthly subscription plan gives you access to historical playback so you can check to see if there are any patterns in where your pet runs off to.

Best for activity monitoring

Pet tracker

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Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker

Your furkid will stay fit and safe with this feature-packed tracker

If keeping your four-legged friend safe doesn’t feel like quite enough, then you’re going to love this GPS tracker that has built-in activity monitoring. Keep track of how much exercise your pet has done and the number of calories burned while also ensuring you know where they are at all times. Live tracking and location history let you pinpoint where they are and where they’ve been, and the virtual fence lets you define a safe area and get a notification if your pet leaves. The subscription plan allows for worldwide tracking, and the battery lasts two to five days, with only a two-hour charge required.

Best for cats

Pet tracker

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BARTUN GPS Tracking Collar Device

Pinpoint the exact location of your feline friend

With real-time tracking and location history, you can tell exactly where your little outdoor adventurer is and where they’ve been. The tracker allows you to set a designated safe area and to be notified if your mischievous moggie steps outside the boundary. With LED lights to help you spot your kitty easily, the unlimited range means you can track your cat no matter how far they wander. Waterproof and featuring good battery life, this tracker is perfect for the cat who loves exploring.

Best for dogs

Pet tracker

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Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar

Track your hound up to 9 miles from home

Tough enough to run wherever your dog runs, this device has the ability to track your pooch as far as nine miles away. Top-mounted with high-sensitivity, the T5 uses LED beacon lights that can be activated from its compatible handheld device. The lights work beautifully in all weather conditions and are visible up to 100 yards away. Water-resistant with a battery life of up to 40 hours, the tracker has a one-inch blue collar strap with replacement straps available in different colors.

How to choose the best GPS tracker for pets

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A GPS tracker can offer you great peace of mind for knowing where your precious pet is at all times. Our favorite is the Tile Pro High Performance Tracker, which is compact, water-resistant, and easy to use. It’s great for pets that don’t tend to wander too far from home. For a tracker that’s smaller and more lightweight than many options on the market, we recommend the Tracki Small Portable Tracking Device. Light as a feather, your pet won’t even know they’re wearing it.

A great option for keeping your dog safe and ensuring they stay active, the Tractive LTE GPS Dog Collar will count the calories they’ve burned while also showing you where they are at all times. And when it comes to your feline friend, the BARTUN GPS Tracking Collar Device gets two paws up for its unlimited range tracking ability, which can pinpoint where your kitty is no matter how far away they’ve wandered.


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