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Six great Cyber Monday cat food deals: save cash on kitty kibble!

best cyber monday cat food deals
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With our Cyber Monday cat food deals you can ensure your cat food cupboard is never bare while making some massive savings in the process.

There's some great Cyber Monday pet deals to be had right now and cat food is no exception, so if your cat favors the best dry cat foods or the best wet cat food take a look at some of the great deals below to start saving money.

Keep checking back as new deals are landing by the hour and are likely to do so beyond the Cyber Monday event and into the week about. If you can't find what you're looking for here be sure to check out our other Cyber Monday deals pages:

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Wellness Complete Health Kitten Formula Grain-Free Canned Cat Food, 3-oz, case of 24
| RRP: $31.92 | Now: $23.44 | Save: $8.48 (27%) at Chewy (opens in new tab)
With chicken as the first ingredient, this nutrient-dense, grain-free recipe contains all the protein your pal needs to support his growing muscles and energy to fuel all his adventures.

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Wellness CORE Grain Free Canned Cat Food, Chicken & Chicken Liver Indoor Recipe, 5.5 Ounces (Pack of 24)
| RRP: $63.84 | Now: $44.69 | Save: $19.15 (30%) at Walmart (opens in new tab)
This high protein grain free CORE Pate wet cat food contains wholesome ingredients that are free from carageenan, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. This protein focused diet gives your cat the energy it needs to thrive.

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Friskies Gravy Wet Cat Food  with Chicken & Tuna and Scallop 5.5oz x 24
| RRP: $12.62 | Now: $10.09 | Save: $2.53 (20%) at Walmart (opens in new tab)
Tender shredded chunks made with real chicken and tuna deliver the tastes cats love, and the irresistible flavor of scallops combined with a mouthwatering gravy balances out this recipe for added yum.

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Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult, Chicken Recipe
| RRP: $26.99 | Now: $19.99 | Save: $7.80 (29%) at (opens in new tab)
Hill's Science Diet Adult dry cat food is made with high-quality, easy-to-digest ingredients and is specially formulated to fuel the energy needs of cats during the prime of their life. 

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Felix Cat Food Favourites Selection 12x100g
| RRP: £4.49 | Now: £3.00 | Save: £1.49 (33%) Pets at Home (opens in new tab)
Felix Adult Pouch As Good As It Looks Favourites Selection Cat Food is a delicious new cat food made with succulent steaklets for a dining experience that even you will think looks good enough to eat.

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Hill's Science Plan Oral Care Dry Adult Cat Food Chicken Flavour 1.5kg
| RRP: £14.99 | Now: £9.00 | Save: £5.99 (40%) Pets at Home (opens in new tab)
Hill's Science Plan Oral Care dry cat food provides clinically proven technology to reduce plaque and tartar build-up.

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