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Hugo the dog sings White Christmas and delights the internet

Hugo the dog sings White Christmas in front of the T.V.
(Image credit: BestDogsLifeUK)

Hugo the golden retriever has been delighting online fans with his hilarious rendition of White Christmas. The video, originally posted on YouTube by BestDogsLifeUK, was shared on Twitter recently by @bestrecipesUK and has since had over 20K views.

Obviously not content with just listening to the first ever Christmas song for dogs, Hugo joins in with a televised performance of the festive hit by The Three Tenors in his own enthusiastic and inimitable style. Although we’re not entirely sure if he’s actually enjoying it or not, his viewers most certainly do, with fans leaving some glowing reviews. 

“Hugo, you are a beautiful beacon of light during dark times. Thank you!” commented Dana from Canada. Another fan remarked, “Merry Christmas, our talented Hugo. Love your wonderful performance every time.”

In what will be for many, a challenging Christmas under Covid conditions we’re truly grateful to Hugo and his owners for raising a much needed smile! We think he deserves a great Christmas dinner for dogs along with a few outrageous presents for pets at the very least!