Petmate Two Door Top Load Cat Carrier review

The Petmate Two Door Top Load Cat Carrier beautifully blends style with substance and even better? It's super affordable!

Petmate two door top load cat carrier
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PetsRadar Verdict

The Petmate Two Door Top Load Cat Carrier offers outstanding durability and ventilation plus its thoughtful ergonomic design makes it a winner for anyone with reduced hand dexterity.


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    Excellent ventilation

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    Airline approved


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    No mat inside

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Sturdy and built to last, the Petmate Two Door Top Load Cat Carrier is the purr-fect way to safely get your kitty from A to B and back again. The best cat carrier that money can currently buy, this little beauty ticks all the boxes.

Air travel approved, this carrier is ideal for transporting your feline furkid on both short and long trips and it has an ergonomic comfort-grip handle and easy-squeeze door latches to make your life a breeze. 

Managing to be both functional and fabulous, the Petmate Two Door Top Load Cat Carrier has been built to last and is available in four pearlescent color combinations. There’s plenty of ventilation and it will comfortably accommodate cats up to 20lbs.

It’s clear that the Petmate Two Door Top Load Cat Carrier has a lot going for it, but before you hand over your hard-earned cash, let’s take a peek inside and make sure this cat carrier really is as good as it claims to be.

Petmate Two Door Top Load Cat Carrier: Features

We’re not going to lie, we’re pretty sweet on the Petmate Two Door Top Load Cat Carrier and while at first glance it may seem basic, it has all the features you’d want in a top-notch carrier.

First up, it’s worth pointing out how incredibly well ventilated this carrier is, which is super important, especially if you’re going on longer journeys with your fur baby. The grated steel doors and vented top and sides allow for ample air to flow through and provide your feline furkid with excellent visibility.

When it comes to how to get a cat into a carrier, you’ve got two great options here with both the top and the front being easily accessible, so you can choose which method of loading best suits your kitty. The wingnut and bolt design of both entranceways means you're also able to fasten the top and bottom securely.

The durable steel front door has an easy-squeeze latch that you can comfortably open with one hand and all of the latches have been designed for maximum security, so you can rest assured your kitty will stay safe while they’re traveling.

Measuring 24” long and 15” high, this carrier can comfortably accommodate cats up to 20lbs and it’s airline approved, meeting cargo specifications, which is great if you’re wanting to travel across the country. You have a choice of four pearlescent colors too, so you can opt for both style and substance.

Perhaps the best feature of this carrier is how well designed it is for pet parents with easy-squeeze latches and an ergonomic handle making it comfortable to carry for longer periods. 

Petmate Two Door Top Load Cat Carrier: User reviews

The Petmate Two Door Top Load Cat Carrier is proving to be the must-have kitty accessory amongst pet parents with 84% of the 14,000 Amazon reviews being 5-star. So, what exactly is it that’s causing all those rave reviews?

Most happy customers praise the mixture of durability and attractiveness with the low price getting its fair share of mentions too. The loading options also get a big tick with one reviewer writing: “The top loading and side loading is great. The screw-together format for the top and bottom keeps the carrier together much better compared to the 'clip' together that other carriers have.”

Another huge plus for this carrier is how easy it is for those with mobility issues to put together and transport, as this customer explains: “I am 70 years old and not at all adept at putting things together. But I believed others’ reviews and went for it. They were correct. Despite brain fog, a closed head injury and nerve damage that has weakened my hand strength I was able to figure out how to assemble it. I even enjoyed myself while doing it! I bought a cushion to fit and then it was ready for its first voyage...getting my cat’s claws trimmed. It is fairly lightweight for a carrier that size. If I could carry my 12 pound cat in it, then you can too!”

As with any product, the Petmate Two Door Top Load Cat Carrier does have a few negative reviews and these are mainly from pet parents with larger cats who can’t fit into the carrier. It’s worth pointing out again that this carrier is only suitable for kitties under 20lbs, so if you have a large breed, like a Maine Coon, you’ll want to look for a carrier with more space.

Should you buy the Petmate Two Door Top Load Cat Carrier?

The Petmate Two Door Top Load Cat Carrier offers outstanding value for money with a range of great features on offer at a very competitive price. It has ample ventilation and visibility, two loading options, and a thoughtful ergonomic design that’s going to be particularly appreciated if you struggle with weakness or pain in your hands.

While this isn’t the carrier for you if you have a kitty over 20lbs, for all other cats this airline-approved beauty from a well known and reputable brand is well worth considering. 

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