Pets at Home Foxglove Guinea Pig and Rabbit Hutch review

The Pets at Home Foxglove Guinea Pig and Rabbit Hutch has a cool coastal vibe and an impressive two-tier interior that will keep your furry friend warm and dry

Pets at Home Foxglove Guinea Pig and Rabbit Hutch
(Image: © Pets at Home)

PetsRadar Verdict

A beautifully designed chalet-style hutch, the Pets at Home Foxglove Guinea Pig and Rabbit Hutch has everything your pets need to live in comfort and style; from cozy sleeping quarters to airy rooms and plenty of windows to gaze out onto lush grass.


  • +

    Attractive design

  • +

    Tons of space

  • +

    Feet to keep hutch dry

  • +

    Good features


  • -

    Requires assembly

  • -

    Latches may need upgrading

  • -

    Could feature a better quality of wood

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The Pets at Home Foxglove Guinea Pig and Rabbit Hutch won our hearts pretty with a seriously stylish decor that would look right at home in the Hamptons! With its laidback beachy vibe and spacious interior, there's a lot to love about this little beauty.

The best rabbit hutches come in as many different shapes and sizes as there are bunnies, but this one from Pets at Home sets itself apart from the rest for a number of reasons. The sleeping quarters manage to be both roomy and cozy and the mesh windows allow for shelter while still letting in lots of natural light. We also love the two-story layout which offers a great deal of space for stretching and sleeping and the solid construction of this hutch ensures your pocket pets will get years of use out of their durable home. 

And while substance is important, there's no compromise on style here with the adorable blue and white coastal design ensuring this hutch will be a chic addition to your backyard. You'll also easily be able to attach one of the best rabbit runs if you find you'd like to offer your pocket pet a little more space to exercise and play in. 

It's clear the Pets at Home Foxglove Guinea Pig and Rabbit Hutch has a lot going for it, but is it really as good as it looks or is this a case of appearances being deceiving? Let's take a closer look to find out...

Pets at Home Foxglove Guinea Pig and Rabbit Hutch: Features

The Pets at Home Foxglove Guinea Pig and Rabbit Hutch lets your pets roam over two stories, with the upper level high enough for your pet to stretch or stand on their hind legs thanks to the pitched roof. The upper story includes a warm and dry covered sleeping area for napping and snuggling away in, perfect for hiding away from the elements if the hutch is located outside.

Your pet pals access the lower level by ridged ramp, which not only helps them keep fit, but it’s good for helping keep their claws under control too. This story has loads of room for snuffling around in and has plenty of space for toys.

Both the top and bottom floors have two doors each, secured by latches. The only slight worry for owners wanting to keep their hutch in the garden is that there is no enclosed area on the bottom floor to give pets somewhere to hide if a cat, dog or fox comes near.

However, owners needn’t worry too much about the elements as the hutch is made from weatherproof wood with a pitched roof, which will stop water pooling and leaking into the hutch. Pets at Home says it’s designed to house pets outside all year round, although you might want to shelter your bunnies and guineas inside in harsh winter weather, or pop the hutch in a shed for extra warmth and security.

Of course, the only downside of doing so is that you won’t be able to show it off, because this hutch is one of the most attractive out there, with its cute round windows and New England styling. There’s even a choice of colors: blue and white, or natural wood. 

Pets at Home Foxglove Guinea Pig and Rabbit Hutch: User reviews

Customers pretty much unanimously agree that this is a good-looking hutch, but some have found that it can be a matter of style over substance.

While the hutch comes with an asphalt roof and is made from weatherproof wood, some have found its construction to be a little flimsy, which is not great if you’re housing your precious pets outside. One user reported poor locking latches, as well as gaps in the wire mesh and floors, but others have found it more solid than comparable models. 

Most hutches are made from quite rough wood and there often tends to be a few gaps, but it is worth checking they are safe for your pet – it is not unusual for customers to put their DIY skills to use to fill gaps and smooth corners, among other handy tweaks. For those worried about rotting wood and leaks, a plastic cover is available to give the hutch extra protection, although at around $50 you might want to factor it into your costs.

One common complaint is that the latches are a bit flimsy. This can be easily remedied, and some owners have swapped them for tougher versions or have even added padlocks without too much trouble. However, this may be worth some consideration if this hutch is at the top of your budget.

Finally, it might be worth considering the agility of your pets, as some small guinea pigs and elderly rabbits have found the ramp problematic. However, you will know if a two-story hutch is best for your pets.

Should you buy the Pets at Home Foxglove Guinea Pig and Rabbit Hutch?

If the way your hutch looks is a priority, then the Pets at Home Foxglove Guinea Pig and Rabbit Hutch is a perfect pick. It provides tons of room for your pets and has lots of features that will please you too. But, just with many houses, it may need some home improvements. 

If you’re looking for a hardy design and need your hutch to be a fortress from inclement weather and local wildlife, you might want to give the Foxglove a miss. But if you’re going to keep it in your shed and love to pamper your pets, this is a little bunny mansion that will have your pets living like animal royalty.

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