PetSafe FroliCat Dart Duo Interactive Dual Laser Cat Toy review

The PetSafe, FroliCat Dart Duo Interactive Dual Laser cat toy provides plenty of interaction and entertainment for excitable cats, and perfect for group play

Two cats playing with the Frolicat Dart Duo
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PetsRadar Verdict

If you’re after an automatic dual laser cat toy that will keep your felines entertained (and fit!), the PetSafe, FroliCat Dart Duo, Interactive, Dual Laser Cat Toy is ideal. Not only do the dual rotating lasers keep them active, but it has plenty of ‘play’ combinations that will provide endless fun for multiple cats.


  • +

    Dual rotating laser pointers

  • +

    Customise with adjustable speed settings

  • +

    Automatic shut-off

  • +

    Battery lasts for a good time

  • +

    Affordable price


  • -

    No manual timer

  • -

    Slightly noisy when turned on

  • -

    Prone to be knocked over during play

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The PetSafe FroliCat Dart Duo Interactive Dual Laser is an automatic rotating light cat toy with two lasers, offering an array of unpredictable movements for restless felines. The 360-degree laser patterns and 16 play combinations bring much variety to playtimes, and it also comes with four variable speed settings and convenient 15-minute timer. Check out our round of the best cat toys overall and see if it makes it in.

Designed to be practical, it is lightweight to carry around the home (or travel), and can be placed either on the floor or on higher surfaces if you have over-excited cats. 

It also operates on 3 AA batteries and comes with a handy two-year warranty if any issues arise.  You can find more inspiration on this product in our look at the best laser cat toys.

PetSafe, FroliCat Dart Duo, Interactive, Dual Laser Cat Toy: Features

The PetSafe FroliCat Dart Duo Interactive Dual cat toy’s stand-out feature is its dual rotating lasers. While many laser toys only have one, the randomized dual laser beams are great for excitable cats to chase, dart around and generally get them moving. 

Another impressive feature is the adjustable speed settings creating 16 play combinations, which can certainly make playtimes more exciting and stimulating. The lasers move well, changing direction when up against an obstacle, which will also provide much-needed exercise for your feline pals.  

Another plus is it doesn’t require a lot of floor space to work efficiently, even working well on carpet. And the three distance settings are easily adjustable for smaller or larger rooms.

Best of all, the dual lasers are perfect for shared/group play, so if you have multiple cats, they will particularly enjoy this toy. Also a great way to give tired owners a break from entertaining!

The PetSafe FroliCat Dart Duo Interactive Dual Cat Toy is easy to operate, and while it may not have an attractive design compared to others, it’s practical and versatile to move around the home. Do bear in mind that the lightweight design means it can easily be knocked over by excitable cats if placed on the floor. However, it can easily be placed on a table or up high on a surface.

Another handy feature is the automatic timer set to 15-minute intervals, which is great for giving excitable cats (and owners!) a rest from all that stimulation. This also saves on battery life so you can get the most out of the laser toy. The only downside here is that you don’t have the option to manually set the timer to your preferred time. Which could be an issue for busy owners doing chores or who need to pop out for a couple of hours or so. However, this is guaranteed to keep your cats entertained during short playtimes. 

PetSafe, FroliCat Dart Duo, Interactive, Dual Laser Cat Toy User reviews 

The majority of users were pleased with the product, stating how much their cats enjoyed chasing the rotating dual lasers during playtimes. Most liked the fact that it had a long laser range and variety of combination settings providing more fun. One owner went as far as to say that her ‘very fussy’ cat who doesn’t usually like laser toys, ‘cried’ when the play interval timer had stopped.   

While the dual laser toy is designed to offer twice the fun, some owners felt the lasers moved too fast for their feline pals. This meant that they easily lost sight of the red dot at times. However, the dual lasers proved to be a hit for owners with multiple cats, saying it kept them thoroughly entertained and happy. 

A few also mentioned they liked that the laser toy automatically turned itself off after 15 minutes, which meant their fur balls can have a break and owners won’t have to get up to switch it off. 

One common complaint that kept coming up was that the laser toy came with unsightly ‘caution’ stickers placed all over from the manufacturers. Many stated that they couldn’t completely remove the stickers or found them bothersome. However, this is relatively minor and didn’t discredit the laser toy’s function and features. A few also mentioned that the toy was noisy once switched on, but not enough to put active cats off during playtimes!

Should you buy the PetSafe, FroliCat Dart Duo, Interactive, Dual Laser Cat Toy?

If you have an active cat or multiple cats who constantly need entertaining, the PetSafe FroliCat Dart Duo, Interactive, Dual Laser Cat Toy is the ideal laser toy. The rotating dual lasers provide plenty of exciting chase, to ensure playtimes are more fun for our cats. For multiple cats, this is perfect for group play and prevents any cat fights (no pun!) over the laser beams. What’s more, the handy 15-minute intervals means that your tired cats can get a bit of a rest and also won’t wear down the battery lifespan. It’s easy to use and lightweight to carry around the home for endless fun.  

Perhaps a downside is the lack of a manual timer that you can set if you need to pop out for longer than 15 minutes. So, if you are a busy cat owner who is out for most of the day, this may not be suitable. However, it still runs much longer than other interactive toys and at such an affordable price, you can’t go wrong!  

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