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Royal Canin Hairball Care cat food review

Is your cat prone to coughing things up? Royal Canin Hairball Care could be just the food they need

Royal Canin Hairball Care
(Image: © Royal Canin)

Our Verdict

Providing a double bonus of both protecting your cat from discomfort and safeguarding your floors and carpets, Royal Canin Hairball Care’s positive health benefits make it a great food source.


  • Special blend of dietary fibers helps prevent vomiting and hairballs
  • High protein and fat content
  • Reduces plaque buildup


  • Contains wheat and corn

Royal Canin Hairball Care is aimed at doing exactly what its moniker suggests: making life easier for cats who regularly cough things up. While cleaning up after them can be a chore, ultimately that’s not the most important thing. You want your cat to be healthy and happy, and if there’s something you can do to help them then you should most definitely try it out. Featured in our guide to the Best Cat Food of 2020, here we will go into more detail on how Royal Canin Hairball Care actively works to make your cat both happier and healthier…

Royal Canin Hairball Care: features

For many cat owners, cleaning up hairballs from the floor is a fact of life. But it really doesn’t need to be. 

Royal Canin Hairball Care may well provide the means to both stop your cats coughing up fur, and safeguard your floor-based surfaces. Its formula helps move hairballs on through the body, and safely out of the stomach.

It achieves this feat thanks to its blend of insoluble and dietary fibers. Effectively, the former sweeps accumulated hairs through the stomach and into the bowels, so they can be excreted rather than vomited up. The latter helps stimulate healthy intestinal transit, with nutrients being absorbed as a result.

Moreover, this product’s balance of dietary fibers (including psyllium) and minerals contributes greatly to general and digestive health beyond simply preventing hairballs. The assorted health benefits include a glossier coat of fur, reduced inflammation, and better teeth through reduced plaque build-up.

Even so, it’s by no means perfect. Like a number of other types of cat food, this contains corn, which might not be ideal for cats with allergies. Also, it’s rather expensive compared to some other types of cat food aimed at hairball prevention, with a 6lb bag costing close to $30.

However, there’s a good chance that the issues mentioned above won’t matter to you all that much. In this case, there’s a lot going in its favor. Thanks to Royal Canin Hairball Care, your cat will be able to groom themselves until their heart’s content, without you both living in fear of the dreaded hairballs!

Royal Canin Hairball Care: User reviews 

Judging by the user reviews, Royal Canin Hairball Care certainly succeeds in its stated aim. Multiple cat owners (notably ones with long-haired breeds) have reported that hairballs greatly reduced.

One owner claimed that their cat had gone from vomiting up hairballs daily to only doing so once a fortnight, with a number of others saying theirs had stopped doing so completely. Clearly Royal Canin are being serious about this product’s mission statement.

It’s not just a matter of reducing visible discomfort, however. Cats seem happy to munch away on it, so it’s clearly enjoyable to eat as well as being beneficial to their digestive health.

It also appears that it comes recommended for cats with certain health conditions. One review reported that their cat suffered from blocked anal grands. After being advised to switch to this by a vet, this person did so. Hairball Care subsequently kept these glands working, thus helping the cat and saving its owner from excessive vet bills.

While the price has been brought up, people have indicated that they would rather stick with this due to its proven effectiveness, rather than switch to a cheaper alternative and potentially see the problem return. It’s hard to find a more emphatic affirmation of a product’s positive impact than this.

Even so, there were a few quibbles about the price (which one claimed had increased post-COVID), but these seemed to be in a minority. Most were happy to pay a bit extra for a product that was proven to work.

Should you buy  Royal Canin Hairball Care?

If you have a cat who suffers from hairballs, then we can’t recommend this enough. Royal Canin Hairball Care has the backing of numerous cat owners who can testify to both its effectiveness at eliminating a common issue faced by cats, and to the enjoyment that their cars get from eating it. It may be a tad more expensive than some might like, but sometimes that’s the price you have to pay for ensuring you receive the benefit of an effective product. With the backing of a well-respected brand like Royal Canin, this is the first place you should go to should your cat start coughing things up. 

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