Wagg Complete Dry Dog Food review

With its range of tasty flavors, discover if the Wagg Complete Dry Dog Food is the right option for your choice

Wagg complete dry dog food
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PetsRadar Verdict

Wagg Complete Dry Dog Food is a good all-round staple dry dog food, especially for those without any particular needs, allergies, or requirements. It’s available at a reasonable cost, which is good news for your wallet, but it does use cheaper ingredients, such as cereals and meat derivatives, to make it such good value.


  • +

    No added sugars

  • +

    Range of flavors

  • +

    Good value


  • -

    Some recipes contain grains

  • -

    Meat derivatives used in recipes

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There’s lots of dry dog foods out there on the market, with plenty of brands competing for your attention when it comes to what’s best to feed your pooch. You can read more about them in our round up of the best dry dog food, where Wagg Complete Dry Dog Food is a contender, with a range of flavors and recipes designed to appeal to lots of different needs. 

Some of the recipes are good all-rounders, which are appropriate for most kinds of dogs, while some, like the best dog food for allergies, have been formulated to suit those with sensitive tummies. There’s also specific recipes used in the best puppy food, along with other for senior dogs and small dogs, so you should be able to find one of the blends which matches to your pet. 

Unlike some other brands on the market, Wagg uses grains in its recipes. Some dog owners don’t like to feed their dogs grains, and while there is a specific 'wheat free' recipe, it still contains rice, so it’s worth noting that if you’re looking especially for grain-free dog food. 

Wagg Complete Dry Dog Food: Features

Wagg has two main flavors in its range: chicken and veg, or beef and veg. It’s available in different types: adult, worker, and kennel. The latter two have extra ingredients to give working/particularly active dogs more energy than the standard adult variety. 

For sensitive dogs, there’s a wheat-free variety in chicken and rice flavor, while senior dogs also get a chicken and rice flavor to choose from. For small dogs, there’s chicken and veg, and beef and veg too.  

Each of the recipes is high in protein, claims to support digestive health and the immune system, and has no added sugar. There’s also the promise of 'reduced odor', thanks to yucca plant extract, which if you’ve got a particularly pungent pooch might be appealing to you. Lastly, there’s no added artificial flavors or colors in any of the recipes. 

The actual composition of the recipes depends on which type you go for, but all include cereals of some kind. As mentioned above, if you’re looking for a grain-free dog food, this is probably not the right brand for you. 

Additionally, all of the meat in these recipes is listed as “meat and animal derivatives”, which means they are essentially byproducts/surplus meats from the human food chain (such as heart, lung and muscle meat). Again, that’s not necessarily a problem, but some owners prefer to go with foods that don’t use this kind of meat in their food. 

A range of vitamins and minerals are included in the food, including Vitamin A, Iron, and Vitamin C. 

Wagg Complete Dry Dog Food: User reviews

Most customers of Wagg Complete Dry Dog Food praise it for being good value for the fairly good quality content of the food. Some customers have been buying it for the dogs for several years and report that their dogs love the taste of Wagg. A few users commented that their dogs seemed to like the size and shape of the kibble. 

Some who have dogs with sensitive stomachs also reference that the food went down well with their dogs and they didn’t report any problems back. A few users even praised the strength of the odor-reducing yucca plant extract, too. 

A few users specifically mention that they’d had trouble finding kibble that their fussy dogs had enjoyed, but seemed to prefer the Wagg option. One of the positive aspects of the food being relatively low in price means that it’s not too much of a cost investment to find out if your dog likes it, but if you can find it in smaller pack sizes, it’s perhaps worth going for the smallest first. 

Some reference that the kibble is very hard, and could do with being softened with water to help make it a little bit more palatable. Hot water is said to help bring out the flavor, too.

In terms of stronger negative feedback, customers mostly complained about the quality of the listed ingredients, particularly focusing on the addition of cereals/grains, and meat derivatives, but some do acknowledge that if you want higher-quality ingredients, it’s necessary to spend a greater amount of money.

Should you buy Wagg Complete Dry Dog Food?

There’s lots of choice out there on the market when it comes to dry dog food, and it’s easy to become bewildered with the different options. Wagg Complete Dry Dog Food offers a good value range of different products, and is especially recommended for dogs that don’t have any problems, allergies, or special needs to think about. While it’s available at a reasonable price, the trade off is that it’s certainly not the highest-quality dog food on the market. Grains and meat derivatives are included in the recipes – whether that’s a problem for you as an owner is down to personal preference, and is something that should be carefully considered. 

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