32 ways to build more fun into your cat's routine

Woman walking her cat in the park — which is one of the best ways to build more fun into your cat's routine
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Are you looking for ways to build more fun into your cat’s routine but aren’t sure where to begin? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve done all the hard work for you and compiled our favorite engaging activities and ideas in one place — so all you need to do is implement them!

While the best interactive cat toys are a good place to start when thinking about adding more fun and variety into your feline friend’s days, there are so many other exciting things you can do that you may not have thought about before.

In fact, we have a confession to make. Until we started really delving into ways we could spice up our own kittie’s lives, we had no clue that there were so many activities out there that would be viewed by our cats as being fun. And now that we do, we’re delighted we get to share them with you.

So, without further ado, here are a bunch of brilliant ways to build more fun into your cat’s routine — and your feline friend is sure to give them an enthusiastic paws up.

32 ways to build more fun into your cat's routine

1. Schedule twice-daily play sessions

Woman playing with her kitten

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Do you know how to play with a cat? If not, it’s a skill well worth learning. Play is super important for a cat’s mental and physical wellbeing — not to mention that it’s super fun and is a great way of strengthening the bond the two of you share. Aim for two 15-minute sessions a day using a mix of the best cat toys

2. Teach them a new trick

Woman teaching her cat a trick

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While it’s often something we associate with our canine companions as opposed to our feline friends, learning how to teach a cat a trick is well worth doing if you’re looking for ways to inject more fun into their daily routine. Cats are incredibly intelligent and many breeds love learning new things. So teaching your kitty to do some basic tricks, like rolling over or giving you a high five, provides them with that all-important enrichment — it will impress any guests you have over, too! 

3. Play hide-and-seek


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There are so many great games to play with cats and hide-and-seek is one of our favorites. Now, we’re not suggesting you ask them to hide while you count to 10 (that may be asking a bit too much!) but hiding a portion of the best dry cat food or a few treats in different locations around the house and then getting your kitty to find them can be super fun. 

4. Use a snuffle mat

Snuffle mats

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While snuffle mats are a popular item to use with dogs, they’re also brilliant for cats as well. Simply hide treats or kibble in the various compartments and let your kitty use their nose to sniff them out. 

5. Rearrange the furniture

Bengal cat in bookcase

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A really simple way to add more fun into your cat’s routine is to rearrange the furniture. If you lay out your furniture strategically, your kitty will be able to reach new heights. For example, placing a cat tree next to a couch that’s near to a bookcase will enable your cat to seek out different views of the same room. This works really well for curious and active breeds, like the Abyssinian and Bengal, however if you have a shy breed and notice they seem anxious about the changes, move your furniture back to its original position.

6. Take them on a walk

Woman walking cat in park

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Is walking a cat on a leash cruel? Not if your cat enjoys it. Outgoing and active breeds who thrive on human companionship often love accompanying their owners on outdoor adventures. If you notice your cat is anxious or stressed, don’t continue with this activity, but if they enjoy it, the world’s your oyster! 

7. Leave out boxes

Cat in box

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Why do cats like to be in boxes? Well, alongside the fact that concealed spaces make our fur friends feel safe, playing in boxes is also something that cats find super fun. A cardboard box satisfies a number of instincts our cats have, including the desire to scratch, hide and chew. So next time you get a delivery, try leaving the empty box out for your kitty to play with.

8. Create an agility course

Cat in tunnel

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Looking for new ways to bond with your cat? Why not set up an agility course. Not only is it a wonderful way to deepen the connection you share, it’s also brilliant for improving their physical and mental health and wellbeing. You can create an obstacle course by purchasing tunnels and poles or save money by using household items. 

9. Grow some cat-friendly plants

Cat and plants

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Have you ever considered creating a cat-friendly garden? Cats love to nibble on plants, so having some safe, non-toxic ones that you grow indoors or outdoors is a wonderful way to provide your kitty with an enriching space. Our favorites include cat grass, catmint, catnip and valerian.

10. Brush them

Cat being brushed

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If you’re looking for ways to be the best cat owner, brushing your kitty each day is sure to earn you some serious brownie points! While not all of our feline friends enjoy being groomed, most enjoy the sensation of being brushed and on top of helping to prevent mats and tangles and remove debris, it’s a lovely way to strengthen your bond. 

11. Provide plenty of places to scratch

Cat scratching on post

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Scratching is a natural instinct for cats. Not only does it allow them to sharpen their claws, but it also provides them with a lovely stretch. Be sure to pop a few of the best cat scratching posts around the house for your cat to use when they get the urge to scratch. Trust us, your couch will thank you for it! 

12. Set up a window perch

Persian cat sitting on perch by window

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There are some things you only know if you’re a cat owner, and how much our feline friends love watching the world go by is one of them! For free entertainment that will keep your kitty occupied for hours, we highly recommend investing in a window perch or placing a cat tree near a window where your fur friend can get a clear view of what’s going on outside. 

13. Consider a catio

Cat using outdoor enclosure

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There are a lot of cat breeds that prefer being outdoors, but if that’s not an option for your kitty, why not consider a catio or outdoor cat enclosure? The best outdoor cat enclosures or catios will provide your feline friend with a safe and secure way to access nature’s backyard, granting them hours of fun entertainment without you having to worry. 

14. Use food puzzles

Cat eating

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There are so many reasons to use a cat puzzle feeder toy and fun is definitely one of them. But aside from that, they’re also a brilliant way to provide your cat’s brain with a good workout, and they can help reduce stress and anxiety, too. The best cat puzzle feeders are available in varying levels of difficulty, so you’re sure to find the right one for your beloved bundle of fluff. 

15. Put your cat’s nose to the test 

Cat nose

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Nosework is a form of scent detection where your kitty’s tasked with finding something using their sense of smell. This is a hugely fun enrichment activity for cats and all you need is a few cat treats or your kitty’s favorite food. To do scentwork with your kitty, simply pop them in another room while you set up an obstacle course then hide a piece of food in a particular location (such as underneath a box, behind a couch cushion or behind a piece of furniture) and then release them to find it. 

16. Blow some bubbles

Scottish fold cat surrounded by bubbles

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Who doesn’t love bubbles?! Cats, just like children (and let’s face it, us adults too), are enthralled by bubbles and most adore chasing and popping them. So next time the sun is shining, why not unleash your inner kid and go have some fun blowing bubbles with your kitty? 

17. Try a lickmat

Cat licking food off a spoon

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If you’ve never tried a lickmat with your cat, we highly recommend it. Lickmats are flat silicone or rubber mats that have ridges designed to slow down the pace at which your cat eats. While they’re great for preventing the digestive issues that can come from eating too quickly and making mealtimes more fun, the act of slowly licking the mat is also wonderfully calming for cats. If you have one of the cat breeds most likely to suffer from separation anxiety in your family, leaving them with a lickmat when you pop out can be a great way of soothing their stress, too. So it's a win-win. 

18. Buy some catnip toys

Kitten playing with toy mouse

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While not all cats respond to the active compound found in catnip, around 60% of them do. So if your kitty is one of those who gets the catnip crazies, why not invest in a few of the best catnip toys? Catnip is harmless and the behaviors associated with smelling it tend to start wearing off after 10 minutes.

19. Set up an outdoor bird feeder by the window

Robin bird

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If you have an indoor cat who doesn’t have access to the great outdoors, why not bring nature’s backyard to them? Setting up a bird feeder by a window that your cat has good access to can be a great way of providing them with some fun enrichment.

20. Do some clicker training

Cat giving owner high five

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Is clicker training for cats recommended? Absolutely! Clicker training is a wonderful way to boost your cat’s confidence by encouraging them to try new things and rewarding them for desirable behaviors also increases the chances that they’ll continue to repeat these. Plus, engaging in a shared activity like clicker training isn’t just fun for your cat, it’s also a brilliant way to strengthen the connection you share. 

21. Put food in a kitty Kong

Cat using slow feeder ball

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You may be familiar with dog owners using Kongs to make mealtimes more interesting for their pups, but did you know you can buy kitty Kongs too? It’s true! Whether you choose a Kong or a slow feeder ball, finding new ways to feed your cat doesn’t just make eating more fun for them, it gives their brain a good workout too. 

22. Teach your cat to play fetch

Kitten with toy in mouth

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Can cats play fetch? Some of them most definitely can! While not all felines enjoy this sort of activity, certain breeds behave in almost dog-like ways and will be more than happy to learn this fun game. Every cat is different but breeds like the Siamese and the Bengal are particularly well known for their love of fetch. 

23. Take them on a magic carpet ride

Cat on rug

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Magic carpet rides are one of our favorite ways to build more fun into your cat’s routine — and it couldn’t be simpler. Just grab an old towel or blanket, let your kitty jump on and pull it around the house. Your cat will soon let you know if they don’t enjoy this one, but many cats get a real thrill out of being taken on this sort of adventure.

24. Make foil balls

Tin foil

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Have you ever purchased expensive cat toys only to find that your kitty prefers playing with a crumpled-up piece of paper? If so, you’re not alone! Sometimes less really is more, so why not save yourself some money and roll aluminum foil into balls that you can toss around the house for your cat to run after? Trust us when we say: it's guaranteed to provide hours of fun! 

25. Create a cat tower

Ginger cat sitting on cat tower looking outside

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Whether you choose to invest in one of the best cat trees or build your own DIY creation using a wooden chest or boxes, we highly recommend having at least one cat tower in your home which your feline friend can sit atop to survey their kingdom. You might also want to include enclosed areas that your cat can hide away in when they’re in need of some peace and quiet. 

26. Make a cat fort or tent

Cat hiding in tent

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Our fur friends love having warm and cozy spaces that they can snuggle up in, so why not make your kitty a fort or tent? This is a particularly great idea for shy cats who may require more solo time than their outgoing brothers and sisters. But social and extroverted breeds will love hiding in their new fort and pouncing on you when you least expect it! 

27. Give your cat a massage

Cat getting facial massage

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While we often associate massage as something we humans seek out to help ease our aches and pains and relieve stress, it turns out massage can be wonderfully soothing and beneficial for our feline friends, too. From improving circulation and mobility to lowering blood pressure and reducing anxiety, flexing your fingers is sure to have your kitty purring with joy.

28. Play a nature video

Cat watching TV

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If you’ve ever found yourself asking the question, ‘why does my cat watch TV?’, it’s likely because they find it fun and stimulating. Now and again, it can be great to find a nature video featuring birds, squirrels, mice or other wildlife and playing it for your cat to provide them with that all-important mental enrichment. 

29. Have a party for your cat

Sphynx cat

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We know, it might sound a bit out there. But why not mix things up and throw your cat a party? You can do this any time of year but it’s particularly great when it’s their birthday. Grab a feline-friendly cake, some of their favorite treats and maybe splurge on one of the best automated cat toys. A party in their honor is sure to win you some serious brownie points!

30. Watch a movie together

Man and cat watching TV

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Curling up on the couch and watching a movie with your feline friend isn’t just a great way to have fun — spending quality time together is also a wonderful bonding activity and can help strengthen the relationship the two of you share. 

31. Hire a pet sitter to keep them company when you’re away

Person walking cat in park

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While we often think of things like stress and anxiety as being something that affects just us humans, separation anxiety in cats is very real. Although cats can seem very independent, they bond deeply with their humans and can feel bored and lonely when we’re away. If you plan on taking a trip and you can’t take your kitty with you, consider hiring a pet sitter or having a friend pop in once or twice a day to feed and play with them. 

32. Use music therapy

Cat with headphones

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Did you know that classical music has a calming effect on cats? It’s true! Soothing piano sonatas have been shown to calm cats down — but that’s not where the story ends. Researchers have also found that lively classical pieces, like Bach’s flute sonata encourage cats to play. So next time you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your cat, why not pop the radio on and get dancing?

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