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Running late and worried that your fur baby is going to go hungry? Sick of those early-morning licks and purrs that have you stumbling out of bed and searching through the pantry blurry-eyed in search of that box of cat biscuits? Well, the best automatic cat feeders are about to make your life a whole lot easier by taking the stress out of moggie mealtimes.

Top pick

Automatic cat feeder

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AmazonBasics Self-Dispensing Gravity Pet Feeder

A simple solution for the kitty who likes to graze

If your cat loves to graze and has a good grasp of portion control, then this cheap feeder is the perfect solution. Fill up the 6-pound capacity screw-top hopper with dry food, and gravity will take care of the rest, allowing food to slowly trickle down. Simple to assemble and a breeze to clean, it comes with handy cutouts on the bottom to make it easy to lift.

Best budget buy

Automatic cat feeder

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Cat Mate C20

Keep your pennies in your pocket with this simple and affordable feeder

This battery-powered pet feeder can hold two full portions of wet or dry food, securely tucked away beneath the two lids. Each portion comes with its own timer, which you simply twist to set to the time you want it dispensed. The lids open quietly when the timer goes off, which is great if you have a timid cat who may scare easily. The included ice pack is a nice touch that ensures food stays chilled and fresh longer.

Best for precise portions

Automatic cat feeder

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PetSafe Cat Food Dispenser

A precise five-meal feeder for ultimate control

If you’re looking for a feeder that will dispense at precisely the time you set it for, then this one has your name all over it. The five removable trays hold up to 1 cup of dry or semi-moist food and can also be used to dish out treats in between meals. It’s a great option for weight management as you can schedule small meals throughout the day, and the feed now option enables you to give your cat an extra portion without disrupting future scheduling.

Best customizable feeder

Automatic cat feeder

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PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder

Set and forget with perfect portions every time

With flexible timed feeding, you can say goodbye to those early morning wake-up calls by scheduling between one and four meals a day to a maximum of nine portions per meal. Input your cat’s age, weight, and activity levels into the LCD screen, and the feeder will even customize your kitty’s portions for you. This 4-liter feeder will hold just shy of 17 cups, and the food tank and tray are removable for easy cleaning.

Best 4-meal feeder

Automatic cat feeder

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Roffie Automatic Cat Feeder

Our top pick of the automatic cat feeders out there

This 7-liter large capacity wall and battery-powered cat feeder can hold a whopping 29 cups of dry food and can be programmed for up to four meals a day with a variety of different portion settings. With a well-sealed see-through lid and concealed buttons, there’s no chance your kitty will be able to steal any extra kibble. You can also use the nifty voice recorder to call your cat to the dinner table every time a meal is dispensed.

Best for wet food

Automatic cat feeder

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Cat Mate C300

Keep food fresh for longer

If your cat is happy with the standard three meals a day, then this timed feeder will do the job nicely. The close-fitting lid and included ice pack help keep both wet and dry food fresh, and the LCD screen is easy to program. With three large food compartments that can each hold 0.75 pounds of food, it’s great for two-cat households, and the batteries provide 12 months of operation. It’s also tamper-resistant and dishwasher safe.

How to choose the best automatic cat feeder

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The best automatic pet feeders are designed to take the hassle out of furkid feeding time by dispensing perfectly portioned meals at a time of your choosing. Our top pick is the AmazonBasics Self-Dispensing Gravity Pet Feeder, which is a cheap option that’s great for cats who love to graze and don’t require portion control. Another great budget buy is the battery-powered Cat Mate C20; it's another wallet-friendly option that lets you chill your kitty's food to keep it fresh.

For those willing to splash a bit more cash, the PetSafe Cat Food Dispenser comes highly recommended because it does everything a standout feeder should. It dispenses precisely timed meals of dry or semi-moist food or treats 5 times a day, and it's tamper-resistant.


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