EliteField 3-door Folding Soft Dog Crate Review

The EliteField 3-door Folding Soft Dog Crate is a useful dog crate for home and away

EliteField 3-door Folding Soft Dog Crate
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PetsRadar Verdict

The EliteField 3-door Folding Soft Dog Crate is ideal if you’re travelling and need a handy, fold-down crate for your dog. Available in a range of sizes – and colours – you should be able to find one to suit the needs of most dogs. The fully washable bed and wipe-clean interior makes it easy to clean up any mess, while the carry handles and cover make it super easy to transport.


  • +

    Folds down for easy transportation

  • +

    Well ventilated

  • +

    Ideal for travel


  • -

    Can be destroyed by destructive dogs

  • -

    Less secure than a metal crate

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The EliteField 3-door Folding Soft Dog Crate is useful for a number of different reasons, but is particularly suited for travel and trips. It could also be helpful for transporting your sick dog to the vet should they be having any trouble with mobility, or need to be kept away from other animals. You can find more choices for the best dog crate, by checking our comprehensive list.

Being fully foldable, it’s ideal for packing in the car when you take your pooch with you on your next vacation, or it could also be used as a car crate itself, being easy to remove and store when not travelling with your dog.

EliteField 3-door Folding Soft Dog Crate: Features

Available in a range of different sizes, you should be able to find a version of the EliteField 3-door Folding Soft Dog Crate to suit your dog’s particular size. Remember that you may also want to be able to fit the crate in your vehicle, so make sure that it will fit properly in any tight spaces you need before you buy. 

When not in use, the crate can fold down flat and even comes with a lightweight cover for easy carrying. This makes it ideal for packing with you for use as a home-from-home crate/bed when you are on a trip or vacation – simply set up the crate when you get to the destination, without having to transport a larger and heavier fully metal crate. 

The crate has three mesh doors, on the top front and side, giving the dog a variety of exit and entry points. This is particularly useful when travelling in the car – you can position it so that you have best access to the dog no matter which door you’re using (as well as having top access if your dog is small/light enough to lift out).

The doors can be zipped up to keep your dog secure in the crate, whether that’s when you’re in transit or at the final destination. When not needing the crate to be secure, the doors can be held in place out of the way using handy velcro strips.

At the base of the crate is a soft bed, which is fully machine washable, meaning you can easily keep it clean. The rest of the crate can be sprayed down/ wiped as and when necessary. Accessory pockets on the top and rear of the crate come in useful for storing other necessities such as toys, waste bags, leads and so on.

Assembling the crate is both quick and easy, with the sturdy fabric becoming secure when fully taut. However, due to its design, it’s not as secure or as durable as a fully metal crate, so it’s advised not to leave dogs, especially nervous or destructive ones, alone in the crate unsupervised for long periods of time.

EliteField 3-door Folding Soft Dog Crate: User Reviews

The EliteField 3-door Folding Soft Dog Crate has overwhelmingly positive reviews. 

Many users praise how sturdy the crate is, giving them peace of mind that it will be a secure container for their dog. Many also praise how easy it is to set up and take down for easy transport in and out of accommodation while on trips and the like. 

The fact that all four sides of the crate are mesh, allowing a dog to see out, has been praised by several users – especially for those who have nervous dogs while travelling. However, it is also worth noting that some who have destructive dogs or clever dogs who can figure out how to escape find it doesn’t stand up to intensive chewing or burrowing. 

Being able to go in and out of the crate easily and freely thanks to the folding mesh doors is something else which many users have commented on, as well as how quickly doors can be opened, folded up, and the whole unit collapsed again. Having a door at the top of the crate is praised for letting the dog stick their head out if necessary, or being a handy way to give treats and praise to the dog. 

The variety of sizes means that most users have been able to find a crate to match their dog – even those with larger species such as Huskies and Great Danes.

There are some slightly less than positive comments to note – some users note a strong smell of vinyl when first opening the crate, while others note that it doesn’t withstand anything heavy being placed on or near it.

Should you buy the EliteField 3-door Folding Soft Dog Crate?

A crate like this comes in very handy for a number of different reasons. Whether you need an emergency crate at home if your pet becomes unwell, whether you want to transport your dog in comfort and safety in the car, or whether you need somewhere for them to sleep while you’re away on a trip or holiday, the EliteField 3-door Folding Soft Dog Crate is very useful. 

It's well-constructed, easy to assemble, comes in a variety of colours and sizes and folds down for easy transportation and storage. A fantastic alternative to a more cumbersome all-metal crate, it comes highly recommended. 

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