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PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Toy review

The PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Toy offers plenty of unpredictable fun, but it may not be the right choice for every feline

PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Toy review
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Our Verdict

The PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Toy offers plenty of mental and physical stimulation with fast and rapid movements for challenging and unpredictable fun. While it may not appeal to all cats, its affordable price, versatility, and compact design make it well worth the purchase.


  • Choice of play modes
  • Scheduled rest modes to avoid over-stimulation
  • Encourages a healthy lifestyle


  • Single laser
  • Short battery life

The PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Toy will let your cat pounce and play the hours away, busting boredom and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. With two settings that let you choose between one-time-play and play-all-day mode, you can keep your kitty engaged no matter how long you’re away from home. 

One of the best laser toys for cats, the PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Toy can be placed on any elevated surface or hung from a doorknob for wide and fast laser movements. The rest mode allows for downtime between sessions to help your kitty avoid overstimulation, and like all the best automated cat toys, the random movements will keep your cat challenged and tap into their instincts to chase, stalk, and pounce. 

Let’s get up close and personal with the PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Toy to see if it has got enough bells and whistles to keep your kitty on their paws. 

PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Toy: Features

Providing hours of mental and physical enrichment, the PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Toy features a certified Class 1 laser with customizable play modes. Choose between the one-time-play mode, which switches the laser on for one 15-minute session, or the play-all-day mode, which turns the laser on at 15-minute intervals every two hours for up to six hours, offering three play sessions spread over the day.

Completely safe for cats, the PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Toy comes with fast and rapid movements, and can be placed on an elevated surface or hung on a doorknob to increase the play area. While it may not offer the dual-laser system of its big brother, the PetSafe FroliCat Dart Duo Interactive Dual Laser Cat Toy, it has an attractive design and is less likely to be knocked over during play.

We love that this laser toy comes with scheduled rest modes between sessions, so your kitty won’t become overstimulated, and the random patterns and movements keep things unpredictable and exciting. The PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Toy is a fun way to keep your furkid fit and healthy, and stimulate their instinctual need to stalk, chase, and pounce. 

PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Toy: User reviews

Averaging 4.2 stars across over 600 reviews, the PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Toy has garnered plenty of fans and a few detractors too. Those who love it praise its versatility, compact design, and affordability with one pet parent saying, “GREAT product! Finally, a Lazer that can go anywhere and will entertain my 9-month-old kitten! He will play with this for the entire 15 min. And when he here's the button pushed he comes running! The ability for this to be hung or sat on a surface makes this toy PERFECT! the higher u place it the harder it is to catch the dot. The lower, the easier. I do wish it had more lazer movement variety but the price is affordable and the cat doesn't seem to mind the predictability at all.”

It’s also proving to be one of the best cat toys for kitties who love to chew and scratch furniture, with several reviewers noting that it acts as a great distraction. “This is the best pet toy I’ve ever purchased. We have a high-energy Weimaraner and a cat that loves to claw the furniture and they both go crazy chasing this laser. I turn it on for 15 minutes and by the end, all of their pent up energy and anxiety are drained so they will finally chill and stop destroying our things”

As with most products though, the PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Toy has a few unhappy customers, with the short battery life being among the chief complaints. “I bought one and thought it was defective because of the short battery life (3-4 days tops with minimal use)

So I sent it back and got another. Same thing. I am guessing that is a problem with these. Cats love it, but I'm going through batteries like crazy. Within a couple of months, I'll have spent more on batteries than I did on the toy. Very disappointing.”

A few pet parents also note that while they loved the laser toy, their cat either wasn’t keen or found the laser made them dizzy, so if you find yourself in that position we recommend giving the Catit Senses 2.0 Ball Dome a try. It taps into the same hunting instincts as the PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Toy, but uses a ball instead.

Should you buy the PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Toy?

The PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Toy is a fun and affordable interactive toy that will keep your kitty on their paws. With unpredictable and fast movements, it taps into a cat’s love of stalking, chasing, and pouncing, and is great for encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle.

While senior cats might not be keen, it’s ideal for younger cats who love a challenge, and the play-all-day mode is great if you’re out of the house a lot and want to make sure your furkid has something to keep them entertained. The scheduled rest mode is a bonus too as you won’t have to worry about coming home to an over-stimulated kitty.