32 top US cities to have a dog

Dog against New York backdrop
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You’ve seen the picturesque ads with dogs frolicking in wide-open fields, mud-splashing adventures, and dreamy prairie views. But, let’s be real – most of our furry friends are city dwellers, navigating the urban jungle like true canine sophisticates.

Happily, for all of us dog aficionados, some cities pride themselves on being great places for dogs to stay – whether on vacation or for permanent residence. What’s on our checklist, you ask? Well, a surplus of pup-approved parks, trendy restaurants where your dog can be your dinner date, hiking trails that welcome wagging tails sporting the best dog leashes, and a sprinkle of canine-centric charm. It’s a win-win – Fido has a blast, and you get to explore the wonders of America’s finest cities, hand-in-paw.

In the US, 44.6% of households own a dog, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. This is in a land where 83% of the population lives in cities, according to research from the University of Michigan.  If you do the math – a huge number of the roughly 90 million American dogs live in cities. Not only that, many of us dog lovers want to take city breaks with our pooch in tow.

Some locations are undoubtedly more dog-friendly than others. Let’s take a look at the top US cities where they roll out the red carpet for man’s best friend.

32 top US cities to have a dog

1. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Dog in Sandia Mountains

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Whether you’re on vacation or set to stay, New Mexico’s largest city is not only
culturally diverse but wonderfully dog-friendly. There’s even a pet-friendly airport, shopping mall, and the Three Dog Bakery, which provides natural, fresh-baked gourmet dog pastries, famous Pupcakes, and personalized birthday cakes. 

An average of 310 days of sunshine a year makes it the ideal place for those who love being outside with their pets. We recommend sticking to the cool of the mornings and evenings when it's not super hot.

According to BringFido, the world’s leading pet travel site, there are 326 dog-friendly hotels, 207 restaurants where you can eat with a pooch in tow, 14 designated dog parks, and scores of outdoor activities, incorporating beaches, parks, and canyon trails, including 10 hiking trails within the 20 miles of Sandia Park.  It’s no surprise that Albuquerque has won several awards for its dog-friendliness.

2. Arlington, Texas 

Dog walked at Bark in the Park day in Arlington Texas

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This large metropolitan city covers nearly 100 square miles. In a big city, it’s a massive bonus to let your (well-behaved, well-trained) dog run free now and again. Arlington has three off-leash dog parks, as well as many other dog-friendly parks. The Tails ‘N Trails park is a great option, with 5.7 acres of wooded and open areas for you to explore with your pooch. It is fully fenced with drinking water, lighting, pet, waste stations, seating, and shade. 

There are also plenty of trails along the banks of Trinity River where you can enjoy a wander and watch the Texan wildlife together.

A massive thumbs-up goes to the baseball scene, which clearly has dog-loving organizers. Texas Rangers fans are invited to bring their dogs to Bark in the Park events at Globe Life Field before games’ opening parades allowing them to circle the bases and energize the crowd. These events raise funds for animal welfare charities. 

There are 93 dog-friendly hotels, and 75 restaurants where pups are welcome – including Mutts Canine Cantina, which is a dog-friendly bar and grill with an off-leash dog park. Crucially, the city is blessed with superb animal hospitals and medical centers. Plus, you can even take your dog to the movies – at the Coyote Drive-In Theater, just be sure to pack some of the best dog treats for your pup to snack on while you watch a movie.

3. Asheville, North Carolina

Couple with boxer dog on sidewalk

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The welcoming and vibrant city of Asheville is best known as an art colony and healing resort to which both statesmen and bohemians flock. And happily, for them, their dogs will love it too. Asheville prides itself on being one of the most pet-friendly cities in America, according to the Explore Asheville tourist site. 

As well as doggy boutiques, dog parks, and mountain trails (aside from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where dogs are not permitted), there are also pet-friendly breweries, great doggy day care options, and The Dog City USA Asheville Welcome Center, to helps dog owners get the most out of their visit.

Asheville has some 401 dog-friendly hotels, and 174 restaurants, and even welcomes dogs into the 434-acre natural treasure that is the North Carolina Arboretum. Dogs must be leashed but can enjoy a range of ten miles of trails graded from easy to difficult. This would be perfect if you have one of the best dogs for hiking.

4. Aurora, Colorado

Dogs and owners flock to Cherry Creek State Park

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Known as the City of Sunshine and enjoying a mild climate, Aurora is a fantastic city for dogs, being blessed with more than 100 parks. Some, such as the 107-acre Cherry Creek State Park which has an off-leash area where your pooch will love to explore, run, and splash around in the creek. This vibrant city, situated as the gateway to the Rocky Mountains, offers plenty of rugged trails for doggy adventures. 

There are 43 dog-friendly hotels and 69 restaurants where you can dine out with your dog.

5. Austin, Texas

Dogs enjoy the off leash Zilker Park in Austin Texas

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The capital of the state of Texas is famed for its music – the “Live Music Capital of the World” – and while it is a cultural city, with superb museums, historic homes, and ballet, it also features fabulous outdoor spaces, including scenic trails and crystal-clear lakes. 

Dozens of parks welcome dogs, including the 350-acre Zilker Park, the largest off-leash park in the city. Dogs are catered for in numerous establishments, such as The Pitch, a sports, dining, and entertainment complex, while the Yard Bar is the very first dog park and bar in the city. You can enjoy a meal, do dog agility, or let your pooch play off-leash.

Austin is the 10th largest city in the US and is home to a whopping 989 dog-friendly hotels, and 518 restaurants. 

6. Bakersfield, California

two dogs play in a park with their owners

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This Californian city has a high ratio of dog parks per resident, including seven with off-leash areas. A highlight is Kroll Dog Park, a well-maintained, fenced dog park, with both sandy and grassy areas. 

Bakersfield also features plenty of dog-friendly hiking trails, such as the stunning Kern River Parkway Trail, which has rich and varied scenery.

Bakersfield has 75 dog-friendly hotels and 77 restaurants, with the Crest Bar & Grill getting a big thumbs-up from dog-owners.

7. Boston, Massachusetts

Two dogs being walked in Boston snowstorm

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This historic, influential city that gave rise to the popular Boston Terrier is appropriately welcoming to all breeds of dog and not just its namesake.

Dogs are welcome in many tourist hotspots, such as Boston Public Garden, a pet-friendly botanical garden, the Apple Store, and even some of the beaches, including Castle Island Beach (leashed, and from September to April). The medieval Stump (St Botolph's Church) is renowned for being dog-friendly and even has a resident dog to greet visitors.

Boston has 190 dog-friendly hotels and 143 restaurants – dog owners flock to the outdoor tables at Italian restaurant Coppa when the weather is fine.

8. Chattanooga, Tennessee

dog being walked over Walnut Street Bridge

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Once a Civil War battleground, Chattanooga is a breathtaking city tucked between the mountains of southeast Tennessee and the Tennessee River. Several of its many attractions welcome dogs, including the famous Walnut Street Bridge, the longest pedestrian bridge in the world, which you can stroll along with your dog. There are also a variety of dog-friendly hiking trails on Lookout Mountain.

There are 211 dog-friendly hotels in Chattanooga, and 122 restaurants, several of which are near Renaissance Park, a great location for a walk with beautiful views on the north shore of the Tennessee River.

9. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Pikes peak walking dog

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Sitting at the foot of Pikes Peak in the Southern Rocky Mountains, the high-altitude city of Colorado Springs is a popular tourist destination.

Great parks with off-leash areas and loops include Red Rock Canyon Open Space, Fox Run Dog, and Palmer Park. But topping the bill is the 25-acre fenced-in Bear Creek Dog Park, which has an agility course, a creek with swimming areas, and a special area for small dogs. Plus, you’ll enjoy stunning views of the foothills of the Rockies.

Nor do you have to skimp on enjoying the attractions of the area. The Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad permits dogs on the train, and the Pikes Peak tourist site lists exactly where your dog is allowed. 

There are 325 dog-friendly hotels, and 183 restaurants, including Pub Dog, where you can even take your pet indoors and has a dog play area.

10. Denver, Colorado

Downtown denver dog crossing road on leash

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The state of Colorado is known for being a dog-friendly state, and its capital, Denver, lives up to expectations.

Several of the city’s hotels don’t simply permit dogs to stay, they positively pamper. The Crawford Hotel offers dogs their own beds, matching food and water bowls, treats, chews, and waste bags, while The Curtis Doubletree Gotel gives your pet a shout-out on the board in the lobby, and provides “Scooby Snacks” in the form of all-natural doggy ice cream and other treats. 

Dog owners will love the provision of dog-friendly parks, with the highlight being the nearby Cherry Creek State Park. It features a 107-acre off-leash, fenced area, while there are also miles of trails through the park for you and Fido to enjoy. 

There are 366 dog-friendly hotels, and 281 restaurants, several of which allow your dog to join you inside and offer them treats and water.

11. Greensboro, North Carolina

Aerial view of Greensboro

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The sporty city of Greensboro is nicknamed “Tournament Town” on account of its many athletic venues, and if you’re in town to watch a match, your dog will be welcome too. It’s a beautiful and verdant city – the clue is in the name, though it’s actually in tribute to General Nathanael Greene for his role in the 18th-century Revolutionary War. 

Dog owners can enjoy the delightful greenery as there are plenty of dog-friendly walking trails and parks. The Arboretum is a pet-friendly 17-acre manicured garden that you can visit with your dog on a leash. Country Park has trails, picnic shelters, a duck pond, and the Stephen M Hussey BarkPark for off-leash play with separate areas for large and small dogs. 

The Doggos Dog Park & Pub is a fantastic place for both dogs and humans, with 10,000 sq. ft of space for off-leash play while the owners enjoy a drink. Plus, you can celebrate your dog’s birthday with their Pawty Pack, including a party table and special gift.

In Greensboro, there are 106 dog-friendly hotels and 107 restaurants, including the Boxcar Bar + Arcade where dogs are welcome both inside and outside. 

12. Henderson, Nevada

Lake Mead, Nevada

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Situated in the Las Vegas Valley, Henderson is the second most populous city in Nevada. It makes a perfect basecamp for touring the popular tourist attraction of Lake Mead, where dogs are allowed along many of the trails. If you know how to have a fabulous time while camping with a dog, there are campgrounds in the vast area following the Colorado River. Just be aware of the desert heat and avoid the heat of the day.

Inside the city, the Bark Park at Heritage Park gets rave reviews from dog owners, thanks to its walking paths, shade, splash pads, agility, and fenced areas specific to different dog sizes. 

There are 106 dog-friendly hotels and 51 restaurants, including the In-N-Out Burger where you can order a Pup Patty off the “secret menu” for your dog to enjoy a patty minus the bun (and no salt).


13. Houston, Texas

Agility course in bark park in Houston Texas

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The “Space City” of Houston has the largest number of dogs per capita in the US, according to a survey by insurance company Protect My Paws. Accordingly, the city is well set up for dogs and their owners. There are some 708 hotels and 540 restaurants that welcome pooches through their doors, including Barnabys Cafe, which offers an exclusive canine menu with beef or chicken over rice or eggs, and doggie ice cream. The culinary fare is great for humans, too. 

Many parks are well set up for pooches, including Congressman Bill Archer Bark Park, which has vast grassy areas, separate play areas for large and small dogs, and features dog bone-shaped ponds for splashing around in. The Danny Jackson Bark Park also comes highly recommended, with a giant pool (treated to ensure no algae or disease) in case you need another way your dog benefits from swimming.

If you want to sightsee with your dog in tow, the Arboretum & Nature Center offers a dog-friendly, 155-acre nature sanctuary with five miles of walking trails through forest, meadow, and wetland habitats. Your dog should be on a leash and kept out of the ponds for the sake of the wildlife, but the trails are top-notch. 

14. Lexington, Kentucky

aerial view of Lexington

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Lexington may be known as the Horse Capital of the World, and while other four-legged creatures have to play second fiddle, they are more than welcome in this city of over 100 parks. 

Dogs can even visit the Kentucky Horse Park, one of the state’s crown jewels, and stay in its campground, as long as they are kept on a leash. However, they’ll have more fun at Masterson Station Dog Park, a huge city park with shady trees, benches, and water fountains, which often plays host to canine events. 

There are 179 dog-friendly hotels and 152 restaurants, including Double Dogs, a dog-friendly eatery where much of the menu has canine references. The waiters often bring your pooch iced water and treats. 

15. Lincoln City, Oregon

Lincoln City Beach, dog walking

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A great option for those pups that hate the heat, as Lincoln’s average temperature in midsummer is below 70ºF. 

Situated on the Oregon Coast, Lincoln has seven miles of beach, more than any other coastal town. Unlike many other beaches in the US, dogs are permitted in most areas of Lincoln City Beach if leashed or under strict voice control, and there are parts where they can be unleashed. There are several beaches on other parts of the Oregon Coast where your dog is allowed to roam freely, such as Pacific City Beach, Manzanita Beach, and Cannon Beach. 

Dogs are allowed on nearly all trails in Lincoln City bar Cascade Head, due to endangered wildlife protection. If you and Fido enjoy an adventurous hike, check out the Drift Creek Falls, which features a suspension bridge and stunning waterfalls.

There are 293 dog-friendly hotels and 11 restaurants – dogs tend to be welcome outside in most eateries. 

16. Long Beach, California

Rosies Beach California

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As befits a city on the coast, pups can also enjoy the sound of the waves and the spray of the sea, at just one of the best dog-friendly beaches in the US. Rosie’s Dog Beach features four acres of sand and is packed with happy dogs enjoying their day at the seaside, as the only legal, off-leash beach in Los Angeles county. For corgi lovers, look out for the biannual Corgi Beach Day – the location varies. 

There are also 11 off-leash dog parks, supplying almost every neighborhood in the city.

There are 92 hotels and 150 restaurants that welcome dogs. The Hilton Long Beach goes out of its way to create a dog-friendly culture, and you can order a puppucino for your pet. Many of the eateries not only allow dogs on to their patios but offer special menu items exclusively for pooches, such as Ubuntu Cafe, where they will grill up a chicken breast or burger patty on request. The nearby Colorado Lagoon is a popular dog-friendly trail to work off your brunch!

17. Madison, Wisconsin

Madison Wisconsin skyline at sunset

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The lakeside city of Madison scores highly when it comes to dog-friendly parks. Clifty Falls offers ten hiking trails in this beautiful state park in the heart of the city, while Token Creek County Park is a permit-only, 38-acred dog park where Fido can play off-leash. It includes a five-acre area for small dogs, walking trails, and agility equipment. 

There are 57 hotels, and 93 restaurants that welcome dogs, a high proportion for the size of the city. 

18. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee skyline

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Milwaukee, the largest city in Wisconsin, is famous for its festivals, with some 900,000 people flocking to its Summerfest every year. 

Dogs, as well as music junkies, are welcomed with open arms to this city, which sits on the shorefront of Lake Michigan. 

There are several off-leash dog parks, including Granville Dog Park, which features grassy hills, wooded areas, and narrow walking trails along the Menomonee River. There aren’t masses of open space, but your dog will love sniffing around in the woods and having a bit of a workout on the hills, plus there’s an agility course. 

Even downtown, you and your leashed pup can enjoy the 3.7-mile Riverwalk which winds through the heart of the city.

For swimming pups, the 223-acre Fox Brook Park is paradise. There’s a fenced-in lake and beach, while dog owners can enjoy the 24 different draft beers on offer at the park’s Tap Yard beer garden. There are also two indoor swimming pools just for dogs, offering 30-minute swims – Dog Paddle and Aqua Therapups.

Milwaukee has 93 hotels and 125 restaurants that welcome dogs. 

19. New York City, New York

Rockaway beach, dog walker

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The most populated city in the US is also home to hundreds of thousands of dogs. A study from the New York City Development Council put the canine population at around 600,000. And so you’ll find it’s a city with plenty of outdoor space, the camaraderie of fellow dog lovers, and plenty of sights to see with dogs in tow.

Dogs are even allowed on the subway! (Admittedly, the rules state it needs to be in a carrier bag, but all sizes seem to fit in bags if you follow the lead of resident New Yorkers).

Central Park is a great option for walks in the heart of the city. As in other New York City parks, between 9pm and 9am are the off-leash hours, and there are over 15 dog fountains, plenty of shade, walking trails, and grassy areas. 

If you want a trip to the seaside, Rockaway Beach – New York’s only legal surfing beach – welcomes dogs in the off-season and there is a pet-friendly boardwalk. 

As you might expect from such a large city, there are some 365 hotels and 540 restaurants listed as dog-friendly. 

20. Portland, Oregon

Dog playing in water

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Portland is said to have the most dog parks per capita of any city in the US – 33 altogether. Plus, dogs are welcome in most bars – which is handy when the average temperature in winter drops to a chilly 41ºF. So, if you have one of the best dog breeds for cold climates this could be the place for you. 

For swimming pooches, the Sellwood Riverfront Park has a sandy beach and off-leash area. Those who love sniffing about in woodland will enjoy exploring the 70-plus miles of trails in Forest Park, on a leash.

Portland lists 207 hotels and 453 restaurants that open their doors to dogs. 

And if you want any more evidence of Portland’s passion for pooches, they host an annual Pug Crawl, a fashion show for pugs that attracts hundreds of fans of the popular wrinkly-nosed breed.

21. Provincetown, Massachusetts

Herring Cove beach

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Known for its beautiful beaches, art galleries, and overall charm, Provincetown is a beacon for tourists and bohemian artists – and their dogs. The city’s beaches at Herring Cove are dog-friendly (sometimes there are time restrictions for off-leash play), while there are plenty of “bark parks” where your dog can indulge in some free running. 

The highly rated Pilgrim Bark Park consists of a securely fenced acre of land, with plenty of space, shaded areas, and water fountains. 

There are 142 hotels and 21 restaurants are listed as dog-friendly. 

22. Raleigh, North Carolina 

Couple with dog in museum park north carolina

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Raleigh may be famous for its splendid oak trees, but it also has plenty of dog-friendly parks, trails, and activities to make you and your pup feel right at home. Dorothea Dix Park’s dog park has an unleashed area where your pup can let off steam. 

If you want to tour the city, the Raleigh Scavenger Hunt guides you from landmark to landmark to discover art, culture, and history – and you can do so with your leashed pup in tow. The North Carolina Museum of Art even has a 2.2-mile trail which is ideal for a walk for any of the high energy dog breeds.

There are 168 hotels and 247 restaurants listed as dog-friendly in Raleigh, including the Raleigh Beer Garden, which offers a Pup Menu with treats such as puppy patties, and bacon.

23. Sacramento, California

Puppy training to be guide dog in park

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Sacramento is blessed with dozens of dog-friendly trails which make it a hotspot for dog lovers. Parks, picnic areas, and river beaches abound, as well as patios at eateries and bars that welcome pups.

The highlight for dog walkers is the 32-mile American River Parkway, featuring shady trails – some off-leash – with river access points from the historic district of Old Sacramento to the Folsom Lake Recreation Area. Just outside the city is the Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park, with miles of stunning hiking trails where leashed dogs are welcome.

In the heart of Sacramento is the William Land Park, which offers open space, trails, picnic areas, and a pond. This park also hosts the annual Doggy Dash, an event that has been running for 31 years to raise money for the Sacramento SPCA

There are 109 hotels and 193 restaurants that welcome pooches. 

24. Salt Lake City, Utah

Memory Grove Memorial Park in Salt Lake City

(Image credit: Alamy)

Dogs are welcome in this verdant city which is stuffed full of dog-friendly parks. Memory Grove Park has a popular off-leash area with a shallow creek, ponds, and scenic views, while Tanner Park also has a gully and a sense of the big outdoors – users say “it’s like hiking in the wilderness” so suits the more intrepid dog walkers.

For those wishing for pavement under their feet, the Gateway is a multi-use complex featuring art, food, and shopping, and your dog can join in the experience. The main plaza features a splash pad, creek, and fountain, perfect for cooling off from the summer heat. City Creek Center shopping mall, too, allows dogs and has a refreshing creek running through the middle, and many stores don’t mind dogs stepping inside their doors.

A bonus specialty store is Ma & Paws Bakery, which provides natural, organic, and raw foods and bakery treats. So if you are all about the benefits of raw dog food, it's worth stopping in here.

There are 219 hotels and 107 restaurants that welcome dogs. 

25. San Diego, California

French bulldog at Dog Beach San Diego

(Image credit: Getty Images)

With its sunny weather and outdoor vibes, San Diego is a perfect destination for dogs and their owners. We should note California, in general, is one of the best places to take your pet on vacation

It’s a blast for a vacation, as dogs can join in many of the fun activities on offer. At Mission Bay you can fit a life jacket on your pooch, rent a hydro bike, and head out for some exercise together – dogs go free! Or you could take Fido on a kayak or paddleboard in the bay.

There are plenty of beach areas where dogs can roam free, such as Dog Beach, one of the first off-leash beaches in the country, or the dunes at Fiesta Island.

Most of the trails welcome dogs, including the Coast to Crest Trail at the San Dieguito Lagoon, while there are dozens of dog parks. Balboa Park alone has three dog parks, including the five-acre Grape Street Dog Park, which features open fields surrounded by eucalyptus groves, plus water fountains for dogs and has certain times when your pup can have a blast off-leash. 

There are a massive 959 dog-friendly hotels and 657 restaurants for you to enjoy together. 

26. San Francisco, California

Dogs running along Baker Beach, San Francisco

(Image credit: Getty Images)

A visit to San Francisco wouldn’t be complete without seeing the Golden Gate Bridge, and the dog-friendly Baker Beach provides the perfect vantage point to see the famous landmark shimmering in the background. Dogs are permitted off-leash in some areas. 

The Golden Gate Park in the center of the city has undergone a $2.4million renovation and offers four separate off-leash areas, including a training zone. So if you're looking for quick and easy tricks to teach your dog, check this area out.

On the outskirts of the city, Fort Funston beach permits dogs in most areas off leash, if they are under voice control. There is plenty of room for your pup to have a blast, as well as loads of trails, with stunning views and cliffs to savor. Described as “A beach for dogs, and not just a beach where dogs are allowed”. 

San Francisco has 197 hotels and 374 restaurants listed as pet-friendly. 

27. Savannah, Georgia

Man with two dogs in park in Savannah

(Image credit: Getty Images)

The beautiful and historic city of Savannah welcomes dogs nearly everywhere but has a “leash law” that requires them to be leashed in city parks, squares, and businesses – plus obligatory poop-scooping (amen to that!). There are plenty of dog-friendly tours, including the Oliver Bentleys Historic Dog Walk Tour, exploring the city’s amazing history through its 22 iconic squares. This is specifically designed for tourists with their dogs and provides oven-baked treats for the canine visitors. 

The Skidaway Island State Park, part of Georgia’s intercoastal waterway, is just outside the city and features well-marked hiking trails if you want a longer exercise session. If you’re after a beach and sightseeing, the Fort Pulaski National Monument permits dogs both inside the fort, on the hiking trails, and on the shoreline. 

If you want to let your dog off-leash, the Mother Matilda Beasley Dog Park has an off-leash area.

There are 404 dog-friendly hotels and 160 restaurants, including J. Christopher’s in the historic district of the city, which not only welcomes woofers but offers them a dog menu with puppy chow.  

28. St Louis, Missouri

Dog agility at Purina Farms

(Image credit: Alamy)

This frontier city is famous for its iconic Gateway Arch, marking its status as the “Gateway to the West”. Although the visitor center and historic courthouse are out of bounds for pooches, you can take them on a leash on the extensive grounds of the Gateway Arch National Park. Another interesting site where well-behaved, leashed dogs are welcome is Citygarden, a downtown sculpture garden.

But what really makes St. Louis tick the box for dog lovers is Purina Farms. Animal food company Purina was founded in St. Louis back in 1894, and the farm is open to the public. Your dog will love exploring the 300-plus acres of rolling hills, and you can pick up a welcome pack with treats, poop bags, a water bowl, and a bandana in the visitor center. You can also watch shows in the dog arena where the Purina dog team demonstrates their incredible athletic skills. There is also a is a pet training and enrichment center, barn, and play area. 

There are 297 dog-friendly hotels and 194 restaurants in St. Louis, including Bar K which is ideal for our furry friends. It features a bar, restaurant, and event space, plus a two-acre outdoor dog park and a 10,000 sq. foot indoor dog park, manned by trained dog handlers. 

29. St Petersburg, Florida

German Shepherd dog in the sea

(Image credit: Getty Images)

While many of Florida’s famous beaches are off-limits to dogs, St. Petersburg doesn’t disappoint, with provision for our furry friends to enjoy the ocean.

Fort De Soto is a 1,136-acre park that permits pooches anywhere in the park or the beaches providing they’re on a 6ft leash. Dogs have their own bit of shoreline, a fenced Paw Playground, which is separated into large and small dog sections. 

There are 284 hotels and 152 restaurants, including The Dog Bar, which is a blend of an off-leash dog park and sports bar. Your dog needs to be a member to be entitled to use the 5,000 sq. ft of indoor and outdoor space, including turf, misting fans, and heaters dependent on the season.

30. Tampa, Florida

Couple walking dog near lake

(Image credit: Alamy)

Although many beaches in Florida are not dog-friendly, there are large parks within striking distance of the vibrant city of Tampa such as Honeymoon Island, with soft sand, stunning views, and plenty of space. There are more than four miles of beach and three miles of trails.

Picnic Island Park Dog Beach provides an area where your pup can play in the sand off-leash; there are doggy water fountains and plenty of shaded areas with picnic tables. 

Tampa has 543 hotels and 301 restaurants listed as dog-friendly, including Mad Dogs & Englishmen, where waiters will bring your pooch an iced bowl of water to help them cool off from the hot Florida sun, and a special doggy meal if desired. 

31. Tucson, Arizona  

Walking dogs among cacti in Tucson Arizona

(Image credit: Getty Images)

The desert city of Tucson is blessed with breathtaking and stunning panoramas which make it a tourist hotspot. Its highlights are the rugged mountains, skyscraper cacti, and the extraordinary flora and fauna of the Saguaro Desert.  If you are a dog parent to one of the best dog breeds for warm climates this is the place for you. 

Dogs are welcomed with open arms in this city. They can dine on doggie donuts and cookies from canine bakery Dogs–N–Donuts, or cool off with a dog-safe ice cream at Cones For Bones (you can even host a doggie birthday party here). If retail’s your thing, dogs are welcome at the La Encantada shopping mall. 

Hiking trails abound, with plenty of variety in difficulty levels, from the taxing Agua Caliente Loop Trail to a range of trails in the Catalina State Park. Further afield lies the Madera Canyon, an enjoyable spot to take a picnic and explore. 

There are 688 hotels and 260 restaurants listed as welcoming dogs, including Boca which treats dogs in style on their shaded patio. They even offer a bowl of carne asada, free from spice and salt, to satisfy a hungry dog’s appetite. 

32. Washington DC

King Charles Cavalier spaniel in Washington DC

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Appropriately, for a nation of dog lovers, the capital has canine-centric amenities, including excellent pet clinics, great city walking options, and a high ratio of dog-friendly restaurants per capita. 

Rock Creek Park provides 1,800 acres of nature in the center of the city, with more than four miles of trails for dogs, while Theodore Roosevelt Island offers two miles of trails along the Potomac River. Both places require dogs to be leashed.

For off-leash sessions, try Shaw Dog Park, a large graveled space with sections for large and small dogs. Montrose Park features 16 acres overlooking Georgetown with mature canopy trees, streams, bridges, and little trails.

There are 276 hotels and 358 restaurants listed as accommodating dogs, including the appealingly named Wet Dog Tavern, a dog-friendly beer garden offering a great drinks selection and burgers. They host community events to raise funds for the Humane Rescue Alliance. 

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