Putting a voice to the woof! The smart dog collar that tells you how your pet feels

A labrador wearing the Petpuls Smart Dog Collar
(Image credit: Petpuls)

A smart dog collar that will change the way we communicate with animals is the latest pet tech taking the market by storm. Don’t you sometimes wish that your dog could simply tell you how they feel?  Are they hungry? Are they tired? Are they anxious? What did that sound mean? Well, with the latest gadget from South Korean start-up, Petpuls, now you can!

This smart dog collar could change the way we interact with our pets by using Artificial Intelligence to detect and then communicate how they are feeling. As well as having all the features of the best pet trackers, monitoring their activity levels etc, it can also determine your dog’s mood. Many smartwatches for humans can determine stress levels, and this is very similar, reporting whether your dog is happy, relaxed, angry or sad.

It can be frustrating, and sometimes heartbreaking, when we can’t understand what our pet is thinking or feeling, and this can be particularly tricky during their early stages when they themselves haven’t yet learned how to communicate what they want or need.

Corgi wearing a smart dog collar

(Image credit: Petpuls)

If you’re a new dog owner or have recently got a puppy, then this smart collar for dogs could make training your dog easier and help you to bond with them.

The smart dog collar works with a corresponding app on both iOS and android, and provides insight into your dog’s emotional status and their physical activity, helping you to better understand their health and wellbeing.

Petpuls describes the smart dog collar as a way to ‘manage your dog’s lifespan’ through learning their language and analysing the meaning of particular barks and woofs. It works using an algorithm with a database of over 10,000 different barks from around 50 different breeds of dogs to determine which emotional state your dog is in at that particular time.

In doing so, dog owners can begin to spot trends in their pooch’s behaviour and needs, in order to tailor their lifestyle to suit them. The app’s detailed graphs will show you their sleep quality and a breakdown of their emotional changes throughout the day.

A game-changer for dog owners

This isn’t the first smart pet accessory or piece of tech on the market. We’ve seen an Apple watch for dogs, state of the art dog kennels, smart beds and more. It's also not the first time technology has been used to assist with communication between us and our four-legged friends (remember the dogs communicating to their owners through a soundboard?).

There are many products on the market, but this smart collar for dogs could be a game-changer when it comes to effectively caring for our pets, particularly those who suffer from separation anxiety, behavioral issues, and more.

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