Lily’s Kitchen Grain Free Multipack review

If you’re considering Lily’s Kitchen Grain Free Multipack wet dog food for your pet, be sure to take a look at our dedicated review

Lily’s kitchen grain free multipack wet dog food
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PetsRadar Verdict

Though it’s impossible to recommend just one food that will suit all dogs, Lily’s Kitchen offers wet dog food that’s developed with nutritional value in mind, comprising wholesome and natural ingredients. Ideal for dogs of most ages and sizes!


  • +

    Entirely grain-free recipes

  • +

    Created only with fresh meat, vegetables and herbs

  • +

    Multipack offers up four flavor options


  • -

    Use of fine ingredients increases cost

  • -

    Doesn’t offer added nutrition as with dry dog food

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Lily’s Kitchen Grain Free Multipack is a fantastic one-size-(almost)-fits-all dog food. Featuring four flavors – ’Cottage Pie’, ‘Sunday Lunch’, ‘Fishy Fish Pie’ and ‘Wild Campfire Stew’ – this wet dog food is well-known for only using fresh ingredients, never fillers like wheat, soya or corn grain. For more tinned-food choices head to our buying guide on the best wet dog food.

Not only does this offer a more nutritious meal for your dog, it means that digestion is easier for them too.

The tinned Lily’s Kitchen Grain Free Multipack offers value for money on an item that’s typically a little more expensive due to the nature of the fine ingredients used in the recipes – and gives an even selection of options for hungry dogs to dive into!

Lily’s Kitchen Grain Free Multipack: Features

One of the main reasons to pick Lily’s Kitchen Grain Free dog food is, without a doubt, the grain free recipes. Grain is often used as a filler, designed to bulk out the weight of the food – offering more food for less money, but at a poorer quality. 

While this serves dog food manufacturers well, it’s not a solution that’s problem free… 

In fact, many owners of dogs with food allergies and intolerances have chosen to opt for dog food products that are wheat free – and this Lily’s Kitchen selection offers a great variety of dog meals without the wheat grain bulk. 

Not only is this great for dogs that have shown signs of wheat allergies and intolerances, it means that all dogs that eat Lily’s Kitchen food are able to better digest what they’re eating!

Within the tins of dog food, pet owners can expect to only find servings made using fresh meat – never meat meal, bone meal or rendered meat. They’re also full of vegetables, fruits and herbs, many of which are organically grown. 

The flavors themselves are almost enviable, with ‘Cottage Pie’, ‘Sunday Lunch’, ‘Fishy Fish Pie’ and ‘Wild Campfire Stew’ featuring as the options within this 12 tin multipack.

It is worth noting that several of these Lily’s Kitchen dog food flavors are also available in grain free dry kibble form, with the added benefits of glucosamine and chondroitin built into the recipe to help your pet’s bone and joint support. 

However, it’s highly likely that a dog will always opt for wet food over dry, simply because the smell and taste experience is heightened for them. It tastes better! 

Lily’s Kitchen Grain Free Multipack: User reviews

On the whole, the Lily’s Kitchen dog food range is received very well by its customers –  both dogs and their owners!

Many customers unite under the common thread that it’s really helped dogs that have been suffering with gastric issues. As the ingredients in Lily’s Kitchen dog food recipes are so clear, they’re able to check exactly what their dog is consuming. 

In many cases, this has meant that the owners have worked with their vet to identify wheat or soya intolerances, and the Lily’s Kitchen Grain Free Multipack has helped them get their dog’s weight and digestive system back on track.

Additionally, many have noted just how much their dogs enjoy this dog food! From dogs that wouldn’t touch wet food to ones that now gobble it down, it seems that our four-legged friends truly do enjoy the recipes presented in this multipack. 

Some owners have commented that it took them a while to transition their dogs onto Lily’s Kitchen food, not least because the high-quality ingredients and protein-rich recipes were so unlike the food they’d been giving their dogs previously. 

However, by slowly introducing the Lily’s Kitchen food into their meals, gradually swapping the ratio from less to more, they were able to move past the unfortunate upset stomach issues and began to thrive on the new diet.

There are some recipe sceptics amongst dog owners though, as some claim that there has been a quality drop since the Lily’s Kitchen brand was acquired by Nestle in April 2020. 

The company is quick to quell these claims, reassuring reviewers that they are, “still sourcing the same combination of high quality ingredients. We use fresh meat and real ingredients in our recipes, which means seasonal changes can cause them to vary in look and smell across the year.”

The deliciously named flavors are almost enviable…

The deliciously named flavors are almost enviable… (Image credit: Lily's Kitchen)

Should you buy Lily’s Kitchen Grain Free Multipack?

If you’re a conscientious pet owner, perhaps with multiple dogs that would like a pet food that can satisfy all their different needs, then yes. 

While Lily’s Kitchen is not a budget pet food brand, the quality of the ingredients used means that you know exactly what your dog is consuming at meal times, and can really help to regulate any grain-based gastric issues that you’re working through with your veterinary team.

Though it’s not a prescription pet food, the grain free status of the food is met with great approval by many dog owners, and the range of recipes in this wet food multipack is sure to be a tasty treat for your pup!

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