PawHut Portable Indoor Wooden Small Animal Cage review

The PawHut Portable Indoor Wooden Small Animal Cage is the practical little home for rabbits, guinea pigs or small furry friends to live and roam in

PawHut Portable Indoor Wooden Small Animal Cage
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PetsRadar Verdict

If you’re after a compact yet cosy rabbit hutch with ample space for your furry friends to move around in, the PawHut Portable Indoor Wooden Small Animal Cage is the ideal haven. Designed to be portable and convenient, it’s suitable for indoors and outdoors, offering your small pets the best of both worlds!


  • +

    Elevated design on wheels for easy movement

  • +

    Built-in slide out dropping trays

  • +

    Easy access opening roof

  • +

    Three inner areas for more space


  • -

    Too small for larger pets to roam

  • -

    Ramp inside can be shaky for larger pets

  • -

    Requires assembly

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The PawHut Portable Indoor Wooden Small Animal Cage is a compact and stylish wooden hutch that's perfect for housing your pocket pets and small furry friends. The small footprint makes it ideal for tight spaces and the four wheels and two breaks makes it a breeze to move around and lock into place.

One of the best indoor rabbit hutches, we love the classy design of this little home with it's easy-to-open roof, lockable doors and built-in slide-out trays that make feeding and cleaning a piece of cake. It also has three inner areas for your little ones to roam about in, including a private room, a spacious bottom level, and a rooftop.

Made from solid fir with a protective paint, this cage is incredibly durable and secure, and the mesh window allows for plenty of air to circulate through the hutch. The non-slip ramp offers great peace of mind too, allowing your pocket pets to safely move from one level to the next.

There's a lot to love about the PawHut Portable Indoor Wooden Small Animal Cage, but are there any drawbacks you need to be aware of? Let's have a poke around inside and find out!

PawHut Portable Indoor Wooden Small Animal Cage: Features

The PawHut Portable Indoor Wooden Small Animal Cage cat has a few notable features to make it an ideal hutch for your small pets. Perhaps the stand-out feature are its three inner levels for your furry friends to move around in. The bottom level is spacious and leads into a little private room for your pet to tuck away and snuggle in. And the handy ramp allows your pet to access the rooftop area for a change of scenery, and a great form of exercise! This is also designed to be non-slip to avoid any potential accidents. 

The hutch itself is very easy to assemble, taking around 15-minutes to set up, and it’s compact size and wheels makes it portable to freely move around the home. This also keeps furry friends keep nice and warm as they are away from the ground. More importantly, it’s handy for owners to often move from outdoors to indoors without breaking a sweat!

Other features include its opening roof and pull-out trays for easy access to your pets and making it more easy to clean. In addition, all doors are lockable so your small pets are extra secure while the solid mesh protects them from predators when out in the garden. 

The best feature about the hutch is that it can be used indoors and outdoors, making it much more versatile. The hutch is covered in weather-resistant paint to protect against liquids and daily wear-and-tear, so it should last long.  What’s more, this hutch is ideal for owners who wish to bring their pets indoors out of the cold during winter months.

With its attractive white frame and contemporary design, it can even work well inside the home as a permanent feature. 

Do bear in mind that the compact design may not be suitable for multiple guinea pigs or larger sized pets.  So it’s important for the owner to determine the number and size of their pets to fit inside before purchasing. 

PawHut Portable Indoor Wooden Small Animal Cage User reviews 

The majority of users were pleased with the overall product, stating how much their rabbits or guinea pigs loved their new home. The hutch offered plenty of room for small pets to move around in, and owners stated that it was well-built and easy to use. Many mentioned how easy it is to clean with its easy-access openable roof, slide-out trays and removable parts. 

Owners loved the idea of the hutch being portable, providing the option of being able to easily move their pets indoors in the winter months. The attractive design was another plus, with one customer even deciding that it looked, “nice in the living room.”

Although the compact size was designed to make it easy to move, a common complaint  was that the structure was maybe too small and not sufficient to accommodate multiple or larger pets at once. So it may not be ideal for a couple of adult rabbits but great for bunnies or guinea pigs. A couple of users also mentioned that the latches were fairly weak for rabbits, and the wood was prone to being chewed on. However, this didn’t seem to be a major issue for customers who were generally happy with the hutch.

Should you buy the PawHut Portable Indoor Wooden Small Animal Cage?

If you’re looking for an easy to use, portable hutch that is comfortable for your small pets, the PawHut Portable Indoor Wooden Small Animal Cage is versatile. The three inner areas and ramp offers plenty of room (and fun!) for your rabbits or guinea pigs. While the openable roof and slide-out trays offers easy-access for owners to either drop food in or thoroughly clean it. 

For owners who often move their small pets from indoors to the garden, the secure wheels makes it more convenient to get around the home. And with its attractive design it also makes a great permanent fixture in the home if you wanted your small pets to remain indoors.  

Bear in mind though, this may not be suitable for adult rabbits or larger pets due to its compact size and weight. However, if you do need something bigger to accommodate your pets it might be worthwhile looking at the Pets at Home Foxglove Guinea Pig and Rabbit Hutch

Overall, the PawHut Portable Indoor Wooden Small Animal Cage is a great investment to keep your small furry friends cosy and happy for every season! 

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