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dog rescue week
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To celebrate National Pet Month and National Rescue Dog Day, PetsRadar is supporting the #AdoptDontShop campaign and raising awareness about adopting rescue dogs who all need loving homes. 

From 17-23 May, we'll be bringing you a whole host of exciting features, including real adoption stories, advice on dog adoption, practical tips on training and dealing with common behavior issues.

If you've been thinking about bringing a new canine pal home, and are not sure where to start, we'll be kicking off with dog adoption tips from a vet.

Along the way you can discover what the differences are between buying a dog from a breeder and adopting, finding out about the celebrities with their own rescue dogs and meeting some extraordinary dogs who each have their own tail

Deciding to adopt, not shop is more than just about getting a new puppy; you can also find out about giving an older dog a loving home with our rescue for senior dogs guide, packed full of handy tips on adopting a mature mutt.

Have any questions? You can follow Dog Rescue Week over on our social channels; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #DogRescueWeek?

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