Blue Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat Food review

Blue Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat Food will nourish your kitty the way nature intended

Blue Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat Food
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PetsRadar Verdict

Blue Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat Food is a healthy and balanced formula that has everything your feline needs to fly through their day. Nutritious and delicious, this high-quality formula will nourish your kitty from the inside out.


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    Made from high-quality ingredients

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    Specially formulated for the needs of indoor cats

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    More expensive than other brands

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Blue Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat food is one of the most popular kibbles on the market, and it’s not hard to see why. Packed full of natural and high-quality ingredients that mimic the diet of cats living in the wild, this nutritious crunchy kibble makes a regular appearance in our guide to the best dry cat food

What we love about the Blue Wilderness brand is its ability to take the diet a wild cat evolved to eat and make it suitable for the needs of indoor cats. This protein-rich and grain-free formula will give your kitty everything they need to develop and maintain strong and lean muscles while limiting their exposure to potential allergens. 

As one of the makers of the best cat food around, Blue Wilderness doesn’t come as cheap as some of the other kibbles lining the supermarket shelves, but is the quality worth the higher price tag? Let’s take a closer look to find out...

Blue Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat Food: Features

Blue Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat Food comes crammed full of natural ingredients to meet the changing needs of adult cats. High in protein and with real chicken as the first ingredient, the wholesome and balanced ingredient list has everything your cat needs to thrive.

Featuring Blue’s exclusive LifeSource Bits, a special blend of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins that have been selected by nutritionists and veterinarians, this is a balanced kibble that supports a healthy diet and immune system. We love the impressive array of fruits and vegetables in this blend, including cranberries for urinary health and potassium-rich sweet potatoes to aid the removal of toxins from the body.

The inclusion of unique ingredients not found in many other brands also piqued our interest and are worth noting here. While specially designed kibbles, such as Royal Canin Hairball Care, do a great job of helping to sweep accumulated hair through the stomach and into the bowel for elimination, Blue Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat Food features barley grass and flaxseed, natural digestive aids that help prevent hairballs.

You’ll also find plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids in this blend, great for maintaining a healthy heart and shiny coat, and Taurine for vision. It can also give the best wet cat food a run for its money with a high moisture content of 75% that makes it ideal if you have a feline who doesn’t frequent their water bowl as often as you’d like. 

If you have a cat with allergies, food sensitivities, or one who is prone to stomach upsets, you’ll be pleased to know that this kibble is free from grains, wheat, soy, and corn. There are also no animal by-products, and the single source of protein makes it far gentler and easier to digest than some of the more ingredient-heavy offerings on the market. 

While Blue Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat Food is undeniably more expensive than the more affordable Whiskas 1+ Dry Cat Food, we feel that the quality of the ingredient list and the holistic health protection this kibble offers is worth the extra money if your budget allows for it. 

Blue Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat Food: User reviews 

Blue Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat Food is a favorite among pet parents, receiving highly positive reviews across all major stockists. With an average of 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon and a close to perfect 4.8 over at Petco, it’s clear that this brand has a strong fan base, but what exactly is it about this kibble that’s attracting so much praise?

Most importantly, pet parents highlight how much their cats seem to enjoy the food, regularly going back for second helpings. They also report welcome side effects, such as more regular bowel movements, shinier and healthier coats, and less vomiting in those cats who are usually prone to digestive disturbances. As one reviewer notes “My cats have sensitive stomachs and this is the only cat food they can eat without throwing up. AND THEY LOVE IT! Their coats are noticeably softer too”

While the complaints about this product are few and far between, one downside seems to be that some pet parents have found that feeding their cats this kibble caused them to put on more weight than they’d like them to. It’s worth noting that his formula is relatively high in fat and has around 433 calories per cup, and while it is listed as being suitable for indoor cats we don’t recommend it for those who are particularly sedentary. For a weight management kibble that’s low on calories but high on flavor, Hill’s Science Plan Perfect Weight Adult is hard to beat. 

Should you buy the Blue Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat Food?

While there are a lot of popular kibbles out there, Blue Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat Food stands out for several reasons. With a single source of animal protein and all-natural ingredients, it's gentle on even the most sensitive of stomachs, and the grain-free formula makes it ideal for cats with allergies.

We love the unique and high-quality ingredients and the holistic way this brand approaches feline health and wellbeing. While it's not the cheapest dry cat food product on the market, this nutritious and delicious formula will nourish your kitty from head to tail, making it well worth the investment if your budget can stretch to it.

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